South Park

Season 6 Episode 3

Freak Strike

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 20, 2002 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Butters refuses to be a replacement for Kenny. The boys start watching The Maury Povich Show, which is featuring disfigured people. When they learn that these freaks can get prizes for appearing on the show they hit upon the idea to create their own freak. Cartman calls the show and get Butters an appearance for his strange condition "chinballalitis." Butters' is against it, but they tell him that Kenny would have done it, because "Kenny was cool." They go to visit the Star Trek dorks to get a set of prosthetic balls made for Butters' face. The boys then send Butters to New York on his own, to appear on the show. At the studio he meets the other freaks in the green room and finds out about the freak circuit, which is how they make their living. The freaks tell him how they treated a freak who turned out to be a fraud.

Butters as "Napoleon Bonaparte" makes his appearance on Maury's show. As his prize, Butters is sent directly to the world's largest putt-putt golf course in the world, which means that the other boys can't share the prize. Cartman calls the Povich show to see if he can get on the show with balls on his face. The show isn't planning on doing anymore freaks shows for a while, so Cartman jumps at the opportunity to appear on a segment called "Please Help My out of Control Child." He convinces his mother to go to New York and lie for him. Butters returns from New York and his parents ground him and then he finds out that the freaks are looking for him. He thinks they are going to find out he is a fraud, but they really want to invite him to participate in their freak strike. Cartman and his mother are set to appear on the show but after the first guest has made her appearance he realizes that he is going to have to change his image if he is going to win a prize.

At the freak strike "Freak Out 2K2," Butters is reluctant to participate. Cartman and his mother appear on the show and Cartman is dressed as a total slut. He and the first guest try to out-skank each other. Meanwhile, at the freak strike, the police arrive telling them they must disband, the freaks plan to respond by breaking out the big guns and they prepare a video sabotage.

The third guest appears on Maury's show and starts stealing the show, when some video sabotage occurs and the true freaks (with Butters) break into the broadcast. Their message to the viewers is that they need to look for the true freaks, with the union label. The audience realizes they are right and starts leaving. The ratings start to plummet and Maury agrees to a negotiation. Cartman confronts Butters and rips the fake balls from his chin. The freak crowd sees this and goes after Cartman. Just when Butters' thinks he is in the clear, his parent's arrive.