South Park

Season 6 Episode 10

Free Hat

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 10, 2002 on Comedy Central
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The boys go out to see the new edition of Star Wars: Episode V and during the previews they find out that the movie studios are planning on re-releasing more movies with digitally enhanced effects. In an effort to stop this injustice, they go off to find Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.moreless

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  • great

    What I liked: Matt and Trey appearing and talking about remaking the first South Park, Ted Koppel asking Tweek difficult questions about why Hat should be let out of prison, the fact that Hat killed babies 'out of self-defense', amongst other things.

    Pretty good episode. Not one of their best episodes but it did have a nice plot with some good jokes. B- or so as my final grade, I think is fairmoreless
  • It was pretty good.

    The boys go out to see the new edition of Star Wars: Episode V and during the previews they find out that the movie studios are planning on re-releasing more movies with digitally enhanced effects. In an effort to stop this injustice, they go off to find Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. This episode was alright. It wasn't the best it wasnt the worst. Its not exactly in my top episodes of South Park but I guess its just in the average catergory. It was really funny. Free Hat! Free Hat! It was funny when Tweek was freaking out too. I like him.moreless
  • Not bad!

    The thing I like about this episode are the parts with Tweek. I think in this episode, he got his second most amount of lines. Without his parts, I think this episode would be quite dull. Anyway, this episode is about the boy's protesting remakes of classic films. But to bring more attention to their cause, on the advertisement for the meeting, free hats are offered. The turnout for the event is huge, but nobody has interest in stopping remakes of movies, everyone is interested in the free hat deal. But they don't really want a free hat, they want to free a man named Hat from jail! An odd storyline, but enjoyable. Worth watching!moreless
  • The boys start their own campaign against movie directors trying to improve the original versions, with surprising consequences.

    After watching the Empire Strikes Back at their local cinema, the boys discover that the movie has had several changes, so they decide to form their own club to campaign against directors who want to "improve" them. But the townspeople become consumed with their own campaign to free a convicted baby killer. Tweek really stands out in this episode, especially when he tries to blow up the new Raiders of the Lost Ark film with a bazooka, but chickens out. A very funny episode, with humourous digs at Spielberg and Lucas.moreless
Trey Parker

Trey Parker

Voice of Stan Marsh; Eric Theodore Cartman; Herbert Garrison; Officer Barbrady; Terrance; Timmy; Ned Gerblanski; Satan; Randy Ma

Matt Stone

Matt Stone

Voice of Kyle Broflovski; Kenny McKormick; Gerald Broflovski; Pip Pirrup; Jesus; Jimbo Kearn; Phillip; Saddam; Various Others

Isaac Hayes

Isaac Hayes

Voice of Jerome "Chef" McElroy

Eliza Schneider

Eliza Schneider

Voice of Mayor McDaniels; Liane Cartman; Mrs. McKormick; Wendy Testaburger; Shelly Marsh; Sharon Marsh; Various Others

Mona Marshall

Mona Marshall

Voice of Sheila Broflovski; Linda Stotch; Various Others

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Before the boys open the door to George Lucas' room with all the original movie prints, Tweek's shirt is buttoned with the left side of the shirt up but once they enter, Tweek's shirt is buttoned poorly the way it's been since he appeared on the show.

    • The scene where the kids break into George Lucas' house, you see a cabinet filled with 4 Oscars and 4 Golden Globes. George Lucas never actually won a Golden Globe, nor an Oscar on a competitive category, except for the Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award.

    • This is one of the 3 episodes in season 6 that Kenny appears in.

    • In the preview for Saving Private Ryan, it says that the word, "Nazi" has been changed to "Person with politcal differences." However in the movie, the word "Nazi" is actually never used.

    • According to a VH1 special on South Park, Matt and Trey discussed how George Lucas was considering Re-vamping Raiders of the Lost Ark, but after this episode aired any further movements toward the project was abandoned. Matt and Trey credit George Lucas' decision not to re-vamp to themselves.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • (George Lucas on the phone)
      George Lucas: Yes, thank you officer.
      (Hangs up phone)
      The police are on their way boys, soon you'll be in jail getting rammed!
      Tweek: Ahhh!
      Stan: Those rams can do to us what they will Mr. Lucas, but we'll never stop trying to protect films.

    • Ted Koppel: So tell me boys, what do you see as an advantage of toddler-killing?
      Tweek: Uhhhh. It's easy?
      Ted Koppel: (pause) Yes. It is easy.

    • Kyle: When an artist creates, whatever he creates belongs to society.

    • Stan: Movies are art and art shouldn't be modified.

    • (Tweek escaped Spielberg)
      Guard: The one with the cocaine-problem escaped, mein director!

    • Cartman: Never underestimate the power of a free hat.

    • Announcer: Coming, this summer! It's the digitally-enhanced re-release of the very first pilot episode of South Park! Yes, the classic, rough, hand-made first episode is getting a make-over for 2002! The simple, funny aliens are now super-badass and cool! Flying saucer? No longer cheap construction paper, but a 4.0 megapixel constructed through a masterpiece of technology! Everything's new! New is better!
      Trey Parker: When we first made South Park, we didn't want to use construction paper. We just had to because it was cheap.
      Matt Stone: And now with new technology we can finally remaster South Park, make it look sharp, clean and focused.
      Trey Parker: Expensive.
      Announcer: Yes, all the charm of a simple little cartoon will melt before your eyes as it is replaced by newer and more standardized animation!
      Trey Parker: For instance, in the scene at the bus stop, we always meant to have Imperial walkers and giant dewback lizards in the background, but simply couldn't afford it.
      Announcer: Get this special enhanced version quick, because another enhanced version will likely be coming out for 2003!

    • Announcer: Coming this summer, it's the classic film that changed America. E.T.: The Extraterrestrial, the new, redone version for 2002. All the E.T. effects have been digitally upgraded. All the guns have been digitally changed to walkie-talkies. And the word "terrorist" has been changed to "hippie."
      Stan: Aw, dude, why would they do that?
      Cartman: Yeah, hippies and terrorists are the same thing.

    • Tweek: (Aiming Rocket Launcher at Ark) All I want are my friends.
      Cartman: Wow.
      Tweek: Except for Cartman. You can keep him.
      Cartman: Ay!

    • Cartman: (about Spielberg & Lucas) Yeah, these guys are only motivated by money, Ted.
      Ted Koppel: How so?
      Cartman: Think about it. Spielberg? Jew. Lucas? Jew. Kyle? Jew. Coincidence?

    • Stan: I thought we were gonna cool his hot heart with a cool island song.
      Cartman: No, he has an icy heart.
      Kyle: But you can't melt ice with a cool song, r-tard.
      Stan: So we have to warm his icy heart with a hot island song
      Cartman: It's a cool island song.
      Kyle: Well then we're gonna end up freezing his hellish heart with a cool island song.
      Cartman: Oh, do we wanna do that?

    • Cartman: Okay, Tweek, let me tell you something. You've been our new friend now for two weeks, okay? And I've gotta be honest with you, it isn't going well. People aren't that into you, Tweek. They find you kind of annoying. Now, I say you've got one last shot here, and I don't want you to blow it, okay? Does that help take the stress off?

  • NOTES (2)

    • Trey Parker and Matt Stone appear live in this episode.

    • Considering the basis of the show (Lucas/Spielberg making special editions of old movies). There are numerous "reenactments" of Lucas/Spielberg Movies. For instance when Tweek is going to destroy the new version of "Raiders of the Lost Ark", it is almost an exact reenactment of a similar scene involving the Ark of the Covenant in the original "Raiders."


    • Access Hollywood:

      Excess Hollywood is a direct parody of the show Access Hollywood.

    • George Lucas:

      George Lucas: It is too late for me boys..

      Without a doubt, a nod to Star Wars Return of the Jedi. In ROTJ, Luke tells Vader that there is good in him, and Vader replies that it's too late for him to turn back.

      Also, during the re-release of Raiders of the Lost Ark, there is a scene that shows Indiana Jones being pursued by Ewoks, the furry creatures from Return of the Jedi. This alludes to earlier in the episode when the re-re-re-release of The Empire Strikes Back features the entire cast replaced by Ewoks.

    • Current Events/ Re-Releases:

      George Lucas famously decided to 'update' his Star Wars trilogy with modern CGI effects and alternate scenes, much to the disdain of fans around the world. Steven Spielberg also released a 20th Anniversary edition of E.T. where he added and 'enhanced' scenes and he did indeed replace guns with walkie-talkies and changed the word 'terrorist' to 'hippie'.

    • BASEketball:

      When the boys, and later the Free Hat group, dress up to sing and attempt to cool George Lucas' and the mayors' icy heart with a cool island song... or something like that-- They are dressed up in the same costumes that Trey Parker and Matt Stone wore in their 1998 film BASEketball.

    • Current Events/ Mumia abu-Jamal:

      "Hat McCullough" is most likely a reference to Mumia abu-Jamal, a man who murdered police officer Daniel Faulkner back in 1982. He was convicted for the crime over two decades ago and has also lost several appeals, but his connections as a former Black Panther and radio show host have earned him a celebrity status.

      On a daily basis thousands of college students and the like across the U.S. protest for the release of this "political prisoner", despite the overwhelming evidence of his guilt. He remains on death row.