South Park

Season 6 Episode 4

Fun With Veal

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 27, 2002 on Comedy Central

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  • Another great episode.

    It starts with the boys going to the ranch while at the ranch Stan sees the baby calfs tied up he wants to save them so him and the boys take the calfs back to Stan's house. A intense stand off between the parents and kids starts. The boys stay in Stan's room for over 100hours. After lots of negotiations the boys finally let the calfs out but it was a double cross.
    Stan develops vaginatise a rare condition that spouts little vaginas all over Stan's face. After Stan finds out that calfs are safe he goes back to eating meat and his vaginatise is cured.
  • One of my favorite episodes. I really loved it.

    I really loved this episode. It shows how Stan is a kind and caring person rescuing those baby cows. The episode almost made me not want to eat meat, but it didn't. I still feel sorry for all of those real cows out there. The ending was really funny that Stan had a bunch of vaginas on his face. I liked Cartman in this episode too how he helped out by telling the negotiator to change the name for veal to torchured baby cows and by having that name no one wanted to eat veal and they saved the baby cows.
  • I want a torured little baby cow It's so suculent and juicy!

    This was a good episode, mainly it dealt with the mistreatment of Veal Calfs, and the boys tried to take them to saftey after seeing them at the farm. Also the boys became "no good ******** hippies" which I enjoyed, likewise with Stan's... feminity. And the Mr Worf Klingon jokes. I liked this episode.
  • Another of my all-time favorites. The boys capture and save baby cows, not wanting them to be made into veal.

    The boys learn where veal comes from, baby cows. They kidnap a bucnh of cows and hold them in Stan's room. Cartmans mom sneaks them food. While Butters, Kyle, and Cartman are doing ok, Stan is getting sick from not eating meat. They negociate with a guy that they will come out if the guy who played Warf on Star Wars brings a van and takes them to a plane. The police get everything the boys want and then capture the boys. The word veal is changed to tortured baby cow, and no one wants to eat it any more. The farmer says he is going to raise the cows until they are healthy. At the end, Stan is in the hospital. He almost died from not eating meat. He says it is ok to eat meat, but not to much.
  • This is my favorite epsiode of South Park

    Yes along side Teen Titans, South Park is also one of my favorite shows to be obsessed about. I ultimately end up feeling bad for either Kyle,Stan, (mostly) Kenny. Yes, I am that pathetic! But this episode has to be at the top of my list as far as South Park goes. I like the fact that Stan stands up for what he believes in and sticks to it and when Butters tells his parents off.I'm so proud of Butters-he said to his parents what I could never say to mine. This episode did not make me want to stop eating meat though ( sorry to all those who are vegetarians). With that said, I have to give this show a ten.
  • A good one

    The boys go on a field trip to a farm and discover some baby cows are being tortured and will be killed the next day to be made into "delicious veal sandwiches." They decide to save the baby cows, that is, except for Cartman who just wants to eat a veal sandwich. Soon, it becomes a battle of wits between the boys (who lock themselves in Stan's room with the veal as a protest to stop the killings of the baby cows) and their parents and FBI who are plotting against them and trying to "negotiate" with them in a particularly funny scene where Cartman tricks the negotiator into giving him guns and a missile. This is another funny, well-plotted episode from the South Park series.
  • Typical fun humor that makes South Park famous.

    Great plot, lots of jokes. I like Cartman outmaneuvering the negotiator into giving him weapons and a missle, or the news crew reporting on the boys' protest, but still saying it was uninteresting news. The insistence of calling menu items "tortured baby calves" causing people to not order the item was funny, or the repurcussions that 60, maybe 70 people will be without veal if they don't put an end to the standoff right away. I really like that Stan has his cap off and I can see what he really looks like. This one keeps you wanting to know what comes next throughout the entire episode.