South Park

Season 15 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 04, 2011 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Jimmy is handing out ballots for the school's first annual Comedy Awards, presented by the Special Ed Department. Jimmy is the emcee, and he is the recipient of the first award and there are still over 50 awards to hand out. The award for the least funny people in the world is given to Germany. The Kathy Griffin award is given to the person most likely to show up and Tyler Perry is on hand to accept; Token is the only one who seems to find him funny. The awards drag on and everyone Jimmy is bummed that no one seemed to like his comedy awards, but then he finds out that they are being talked about on the national news. It seems that Germany was outraged that they aren't found to be funny. At school the next day, Tyler Perry is still hanging around and the students are worried by Germany's potential for retaliation. In fact, the Germans arrive, with their guns drawn. They gather all the students in the gymnasium; Cartman tries to negotiate with them, and even offers them Kyle. The Germans don't buy it and take this opportunity to reveal their greatest feat of engineering. They unveil Funnybot, which actually makes some jokes that the kids like. The Germans demand that the kids vote again. Two weeks later Sandy Cervix, of the Hollywood Minute, reports on Funnybot, which is now selling out standup theatres around the world and making movies. In the cafeteria, that kids are talking about Funnybot. Jimmy is bummed, he thinks that Funnybot has taken the humanity out of comedy. Tyler Perry is still on hand, because Token keeps giving him money every time he makes Token laugh. Stan is glad the Germans are gone and no one is pissed off at them anymore. That comment is short-lived as they are invaded by out of work comedians, led by Adam Sandler and Jay Leno. They are all taken to the gymnasium. At Funnybot's latest show, he opens fire on his audience, killing near all of them, which surprisingly people are finding "pretty goddamned funny". To get their fellow students released Jimmy, Stan, Kyle and Cartman go to see Funnybot. Funnybot has written what he calls the "last joke ever". He plans to "exterminate" all of humanity. Funnybot is taking comedy to its ultimate conclusion. Funnybot accesses all the nuclear missiles around the world and prepares to launch them. Funnybot addresses the world. Barack Obama addresses the nation and tells of his plan to watch Tyler Perry's latest movie with his loved ones as his last act on Earth. The boys scramble for a plan, Kyle suggests they try getting Funnybot trapped in logic loop. Jimmy has an idea, he needs a Ken doll and some Scotch tape. Jimmy gives Funnybot a comdey award, which throws it into a logic loop. Funnybot is disabled and the boys move quickly to get gain control of Funnyboty. Out in the desert the boys are bringing a box along with them, which workers quickly encased in several protective layers. The assembly is dropped into the bottom of a huge hole that is filled with concrete. Everyone is relieved that the crisis is finally over; even Funnybot is on the scene thanking the boys for teaching him that logic and comedy don't mix. Meanwhile, encased in numerous protective layers buried beneath the ground, Tyler Perry is still doing his shtick. And above ground, Jimmy promises to not hold any Comedy Awards next year.
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