South Park

Season 15 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 04, 2011 on Comedy Central

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  • One of my least favorite South Park episodes

    I never really like jimmy and this was kind of weak
  • What's Going On.

    First The Simpsons, Family Guy and now South Park has lost all its edge and dark humor. Is Trey Parker and Matt Stone turned over the reins or they no longer care? So far this season there has not been one funny episode or a memorable one. I don't mind giving secondary characters such a Jimmy Valmer or Token airtime but at least make it funny. True the Germans isn't funny but they are not relevant right now and how could they miss the opportunity in using Cartman as Adolf Hitler teaming up with Funnybot. As for Tyler Perry he's a one joke pony and having Token laugh every time wears thin fast. To Trey and Matt if you guys have run out of steam then end South Park now.
  • This episode of south park just feels annoying.

    This episode of south park just feels annoying. This episode was a spoof on the comedy awards and a very poor attempt at it. Theres so much more different topics they couldve done instead of this like osama bin laden or charly sheen or something not on the news.
    This episode of south park just feels annoying. This episode was a spoof on the comedy awards and a very poor attempt at it. Theres so much more different topics they couldve done instead of this like osama bin laden or charly sheen or something not on the news. . .
  • south park has lost intelligence.

    What happened with the thought trough characters of south park, what happened with the plots which were no copies of bad Hollywood movies, what happened with "I learned something today!" What happened with Cartman's traumas?

    What just happened with Trey Parker? I think he must be tired of writing, a guy with such a sense of humour cannot be writing this kind of poopy episodes. I know it's easy money like this, but don't do that to a cartoon which had such a power! After season 10 there's only one good episode a season, why?

    The Biggest Southpark Fan (before season 11 started)
  • DIDn't Work guys..Sorry.

    Uh yeah..this one SUCKED. We only get SIX new episodes each half Season and you guys wasted it on a ONE JOKE HORSE. We get it--GERMANS ARE NOT FUNNY. I think that has been established for about 500 years. JIMMY, the disabled comedian, holds an annual Comedy Awards, in which we get to see a RARE appearance by TIMMY!! as a singer (Livin a Lie, TIMMAH!) But apart from a Timmy appearance and a Tyler Perry is ONLY funny to Black people joke, the rest of this episode was completely LAME.

    One would think with the killing of OSAMA and the recent Charlie Sheen adventures SOUTH PARK would have had much more bite this season. But they have turned away it seems from topical news to more simple and less offensive episodes. Last weeks show was passable but not great. This week, forget it, it SUCKED big time!

    Now--I want to amend my review by adding I DO get the "inside Joke" of this episode. It is based, yet, on another Star Trek (TOS) episodem "The Ultimate Computer" (look it up). This time the "Fiunnybot" uses the keyword "AWKWARD!" as his catch phrase.
    I watched this a second time and SOME of the dialogue Funnybot spouted was actually funny but the whole "robot" things is still repetitive of other South park's (AWE-SOME-O). Please no more robots.
  • Pretty Dull

    This episode had some laughs but this is a really low quality episode as far as creativity goes. Was Funnybot even supposed to funny or was it just a pun on comedians or Family Guy? A lot of the jokes weren't fleshed out and ended up falling flat. Too much pop-culture, I prefer older South Park because you can still watch it today and it's just as good as it was back then when they did pop-culture but did it in a more timeless and creative way.

    Some of the Funnybot jokes were funny but really this episode is nothing special, not terrible though.
  • Classic South Park.

    Just having Jimmy and Timmy in the previews I knew this was going to be a good episode, and boy was I right. I'm glad there giving screen time to more people they've been forgetting about so far this season, such as the Token, who might I add was hilarious in this episode. This episode has tons of funny moments, such as them making fun of Tyler Perry, Funnybot and his random sense of humor, and even quick things that might go over your head such as "Do you know what happened the last time the German's were mad, tell them Kyle." I also love how they are getting back to Cartman's old sense of humor, that has been getting lost in recent seasons, such as making fun of kyle for being a jew, which happened quite a few times in this episode. The plot was also great, reminded me of something I would see in the earlier seasons, and I'm also glad this was a more south park kids centric episode, along with the last episode, which I should also add was great. I also thought this episode was going to be a two parter, but I'm glad they wrapped it up quickly and nicely, we don't need any more of those. One complaint would be that the Tyler Perry jokes were slightly overused. Very nice, funny, solid episode though. Season 15 is going strong, I have high hopes for this season, it's looking good so far.
  • Germans don't take the title of "Least funny people" lightly, and retaliate with "Funnybot"

    Before I even get into the recap/review, I just want to point out that chances are I'll be the one giving this episode the highest rating. From what I've seen and gathered, the general consensus for this episode is that it was bad. However, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode.

    The first annual comedy awards are held at South Park Elementary, and Jimmy declares Germans are the least funny people ever. The Germans retaliate and build, Funnybot, a robot designed to tell jokes, and then exterminate the Earth. Meanwhile Tyler Perry will not go away because people keep giving him money. Clever.

    It is revealed that it was a big elaborate plan to rid of Tyler Perry once and for all, which was awesome. I laughed plenty during this episode. Nowadays, it seems nearly impossible to cater to everyone's demands in this episode. Sometimes people want original storylines, then they want parodies. It seems to be a trend that South Park these days can't find a medium. I still do not understand why this episode is getting universal hate. At the very worst, I could see people thinking it's mediocre, but some of the worst South Park they've ever seen? Come on now...
  • fair

    The Germans are voted the least funny people in the world, and they retaliate by making a 'Funnybot', a robot that tells jokes. He is wildly popular, but soon it is revealed he is putting other comedians out of work. It is also revealed he plans on killing every human being on Earth. Will Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Jimmy be able to stop it?

    Good-ish episode. I liked the German guys' jokes, as well as the first couple jokes Funnybot told, and I liked the first appearance of Tyler Perry, but other then that, the episode was kind of boring and seemed kind of rushed, to me at least. Tyler Perry started off funny but it got run into the ground and pretty much everything else was boring. C- or so as a grade