South Park

Season 15 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 04, 2011 on Comedy Central

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  • Classic South Park.

    Just having Jimmy and Timmy in the previews I knew this was going to be a good episode, and boy was I right. I'm glad there giving screen time to more people they've been forgetting about so far this season, such as the Token, who might I add was hilarious in this episode. This episode has tons of funny moments, such as them making fun of Tyler Perry, Funnybot and his random sense of humor, and even quick things that might go over your head such as "Do you know what happened the last time the German's were mad, tell them Kyle." I also love how they are getting back to Cartman's old sense of humor, that has been getting lost in recent seasons, such as making fun of kyle for being a jew, which happened quite a few times in this episode. The plot was also great, reminded me of something I would see in the earlier seasons, and I'm also glad this was a more south park kids centric episode, along with the last episode, which I should also add was great. I also thought this episode was going to be a two parter, but I'm glad they wrapped it up quickly and nicely, we don't need any more of those. One complaint would be that the Tyler Perry jokes were slightly overused. Very nice, funny, solid episode though. Season 15 is going strong, I have high hopes for this season, it's looking good so far.