South Park

Season 17 Episode 6

Ginger Cow

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 06, 2013 on Comedy Central

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  • EP - 1706

    This episode had a hilarious intro. I didn't even need to know what the whole episode was about. I was already laughing.

    This episode reminds me of The List (though not as great), because of how it perfectly describes how cause and effect works, one event leading in the next scene.

    I thought the eating farts seemed to be overdone by the time to the episode was over. Which reminds me of how annoying it is that Cartman hasn't been getting what he deserved lately.

    But the episode was alright.
  • One of the "ups" in an upa nd down season

    This season has been so bad that my expectations may have been lowered. I'd probably have given this episode a 5 or a 6 once. Still, this episode was a breath of fresh air after the truly awful episode before it.
  • GINGER Is My Favorite Color

    Fairly brilliant episode. Quite funny. Finally hit a homerun with Ginger in scope than the other Good episode this season "World War Zimmerman". This shows the stupidity of all religious superstitions and beliefs. The EPIC part is the Van halen tribute and the killer end. I wish all episodes could be this good. Took a week to post the info on this they dont want anymore negative reviews although this episode is going to be on my all time favorite list. I loe Ginger episodes.