South Park

Season 9 Episode 11

Ginger Kids

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 09, 2005 on Comedy Central

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  • Dawn of the Redheads

    Of all Cartman’s racial moments, this one is definitely hysterical. He said that ginger kids are hideous, evil, disgusting creatures that have ever walked the Earth. Some who are half-ginger are also known as daywalkers. Kyle wanted to teach the fat ass a lesson Cartman will never forget. By completely disguising him as a ginger kid, Cartman assumes he is suffering from gingervitus. The fat ass has decided to form a huge band of redheads to stand up against the crimination. He starts by sending the gingers after the non-gingers. After the capture, he was about to exterminate Kyle first, but the Jewish boy told Cartman the truth. And then he realizes now it was a big joke just to teach him a lesson. So Cartman has chosen to tell the ginger kids to get along with the non-gingers. Once again, he’s being such a manipulative a**hole.

    This is one of the funniest Cartman episodes of South Park ever. I’m glad that I’m not a ginger or half-ginger. The part where someone said that some guy dated a Asian women. I’m also Asian, and I’m proud to be one, too.
  • cartman tries to basically destroy the gingers until he becomes one

    this was one of the fuinniest things i have ever seen cartman is so funny and because of him i am kinda scared of gingers now i know its just a tv show but what matt and trey have done is great and they should win awesoemness awards for what they do. I mean gingervitis how the hell do you come up with something that funny i just love matt and trey and they hopefully can make it to 15 seasons + that would be great. I still laugh at that episode and i have seen it countless numbers of times i can never get sick of it
  • By far my favourite episode

    In 'Ginger Kids' episode Cartman makes a presentation on Ginger Kids which influences other kids to admit there secret resentment for Ginger Kids. This then encourages the children to take action against the Ginger Kids and shun them from activities around the school. Cartman is then horrified the next morning to discover that he has become a Ginger kid (a secret prank pulled by Stan, Kyle and Kenny). This episode of South Park was one definitely the funniest episodes ever. My favourite part being Cartmans presentation on Ginger Kids, I can't help but quote it all the time. I encourage anyone who is a fan of South Park to watch it or just anyone whose up for a laugh.
  • Cartman shows his leadership skills again!

    I thought this episode had some allusions to race relations with its talk of race supremacy and domination but in reality this is just a plain silly episode. On the DVD commentary, I waited for some inspired political commentary from Matt Stone and Trey Parker, but then just found that Trey Parker was just really freaked out by Ginger Kids! In fact he puts in a line about Asians not having ginger children which he believes in (or so he said on the commentary). It is well-written and funny esp. at the end when Cartman is told that he is not ginger but somehow still turns it around. Kyle's pissed-off reaction is genius as once again Cartman gets away with it.
  • Cartman at his best (or worst)

    This episode was the difinitive reason why I watch Cartman in South Park, along with the episode where he tries to get back at Scott Tenerman. He is the most conniving and manipulating person that I know. If not in real life then at least in South Park. It wasn't drop-to-the-ground funny but it was just such a fantastic story line that I loved the entire episode.
  • It is hilarious when cartman gets turned into a ginger and his mom wants to put him down.

    This episode is one of my favorite episodes. I am afraid of ginger kids just as much as cartman and I also think they have no souls.I am really suprised that they had cartman rally up all the gingers in south park and capture all the regular kids then put them in cages at the Holiday inn. I thought it was funny that he was trying to be Hitler with all the gingers. But its not like it was a suprise or anything. He is a mentally disturbed little kid. I think they should have him go into counciling or something. He is really sick. I guess somewhere along the line cartman's mom should have blocked all the world war 2 shows.
  • funny

    kyle, stan and kenny play a prank on cartman by dying his hair ginger in the middle of the night because he made fun of ginger people. this is a hilarious episode that shows cartman turning things around for the ginger kids. they all ( the ginger kids) end up having meetings so they can kill every other non ginger kid so the ginger kids wont be made fun of. this episode is well written and at the end has an amusing song. its one of the funniest episodes of south park ever. overall: brilliant. i could watch it again and again.
  • Gingervitis?

    Cartman does a report in class about "ginger kids". Ginger kids are kids with red hair and who have freckles all about their face. Cartman hates the gingers and plans to get rid of them all. After Kyle learns of it, Kyle decides to pull a prank on Cartman. While Cartman sleeps, Kyle dyes his hair and puts "freckles" on his face. Cartman wakes up and is stunned and scared because now he is a ginger. Now a ginger, he forms a sort of cult of ginger kids where he now plans to kill all kids who are not ginger. Great episode displaying Cartman's personality.
  • all the gingers are gonna get u!

    Ok so Cartman gives this racist speech on how gingers or red heads have no souls and that they are gonna get us when were sleeping and it has an effect on the whole school so know they are making the gingers sit outside for lunch and bassicly making it seem like red heads are jews and everybody else are nazis so since kyle is a red head he get really pissed and plays a joke on him to teach him a lesson so he puts dye in his hair and makes a red head so when cartman wakes up he goes in the bathroom and screams when he see his hair so his mother takes him to the doctor and gets him checked out the doctor says he has a diesease called gingervitas so now cartman goes to school and then goes to lunch and they treat him the same way they treated the other gingers and and then cartman gets mad even thoe he started this and he starts and uprising of a sort and joins all gingers up at an airport hotel and has a meeting and gets all the gingers hyped and has them on a mission to kill all non gingers so they go to peoples houses and take all the non gingers and takes them to this hotel and puts them in cage over this lava and are about to kill all of them but then kyle escapes somehow and tells him in his ear about the prank and cartman gets this look on his face and tells all of his " followers " to be more peaceful and crap and then they al start singing some song and the episode ends w/ them letting everybody go. this is on of my personal favorite episode.
  • Cartman becomes racist again...

    Kyle, sick of Cartman's feeling of ginger kids (kids with pale skin, red hair, and freckles), paints Cartman up while he's sleeping to make him look like a ginger. He takes this very seriously, and thus leads a rally of gingers to cleanse the world of non-ginger kids, and he does so by making them into his own personal army and having them round the other kids up. Cartman, before trying this, does several other things, which gains him power and favor among his "people". And before tossing Kyle and all of the other kids into the pool of lava, Kyle tells Cartman the truth, and he tries to weasel his way out of not killing the non-gingers.

    I've seen better, but this is by far one of the best. It shows how Cartman can easily become racist and takes things way too seriously. Apparently, the creators mock gingers with several kinds of stereotypes (which are always funny). 9.8/10
  • 136th Episode

    Cartman catches gingervitis and turns into a ginger kid (who knew it was contagious?) or did he? This episode is a very well written episode as it has great scenes such as Kyle's prank and Cartman's vow to kill all non-gingers, when pre-ginger Cartman thought all ginger kids should die.

    Kyle continuously hitting Cartman after he was knocked out shows his true hatred to the jew hating, ginger hating fourth grader.

    The gingers rampage was very creepy and cool and towards the end where the one ginger was wondering, with good reason, why Cartman changed his mind suddenly.

    A decent episode with good jokes, Ginger Kids is a great Cartman plot.
  • Creepy gingers

    Another great episode from South Park. This was a really funny episode. Cartman gives a hate speach about creepy ginger kids, and ends up becoming one. Cartman's slide show was hilarious.
    eww! gross! disgusting, so funny. In the end Cartman was right about the ginger kids, the gingers did try to kill the norml kids at night. The ginger's had some creepy stares and smiles.
    At the end Cartman stages a hat rally to kill all normal kids, just before he kills Kyle, Kyle tells him it was all a prank, and Cartman calls it off without much explanation to the gingers, funny episode.
  • Very Spooky Stuff.

    Those scenes when the ginger kids were hunting down the non-ginger kids were great! It was hilarious but kind of spooky at the same time because of the freaky looks on their faces.

    I reckon kids can make the scariest characters - Like the little girl in The Ring.

    Back to the episode - Cartman makes fun of Ginger Kids and when the other boys try to teach him a lesson, by making him look like a ginger kid while he was sleeping.

    Thats where things really got interesting. Cartman who was once paying out and hating the gingers, turned them into a group not too disimilar to the Nazis.

    The gingers round up all the non-ginger kids and once Kyle tells Cartman the full story about how he hasn't become a ginger, he manages to unconivingly change their minds and let the non-gingers go!

    Hilarious episode after a pretty bad previous episode!
  • It's okay, but there have been better in Season 9

    Pretty decent episode about Cartman's horrible views on red haired kids and, after the tables are turned on him, his horrible, horrible red-haired revolution (just a horrible, horrible kid, heh heh). The scenes where the 'ginger kids' begin rounding up the other children, especially the George Romero homage with Stan and Kyle, were really funny. They did a great job of parodying all those old zombie movies and were pulled off well. The rest of the episode was pretty average, though, with most of the material in one form or another present in other episodes. Cartman's parallel with Hitler has already been done, and Trey and Matt are starting to show evidence of staleness. I dont believe this to be true, and know they can do better than this episode. An okay 20 minutes, but nowhere near the league of the better installments in Season 9.
  • Very funny stuff.

    Ah yes, an episode that revolves around how much of a hateful scumbag Eric Cartman is. That is always a recipe for success. I lauged quite a bit at this one and I was glad to see Trey and Matt getting back to some pure stupidity. I like the social commentary they use in a lot of more recent episodes, but it's always good to get a break from it. Cartman gives a report on ginger kids (red haired, pale skinned, freckle faced children), and causes the kids at school to ostracize them. Stan, Kyle, and Kenny are fed up with Cartman's intolerance and decide to make him a ginger kid in his sleep. This leads to one particularly funny segment when they sneak into Cartman's room while he's asleep. Stan says, "Ok, he's asleep. Now, knock him out." Kyle hits him in the face once and realizes he likes it. He hits him over and over until Stan finally stops him. They dye his hair red, bleach his skin and draw freckles on his face. Cartman wakes up and to his horror, he's a ginger kid. When the kids won't let him eat in the lunch room with them, he starts a movement for ginger kids ultimately deciding that all non-gingers should be killed. This was a very good episode and I consider it to be the best so far in the second half of the ninth season. Classic Cartman moment: after Cartman realizes he's not really a ginger kid and that he has convinced the other ginger kids to kill all non-gingers, he is successful in changing their minds back and gets them all to sing a song about togetherness. Kyle looks at Cartman angrily and says, "Cartman, you're such a manipulative asshole." As the singing continues, Cartman replies out of the corner of his mouth, "Yes, but at least I'm not going to die."
  • It was funny, but not one of the best episodes of the series...

    It was funny, but not one of the best episodes of the series... I liked how Cartman became the leader of the Ginger kids and how he wanted to kill off everyone else. I'd love to steal that lava pit to tell the truth... actually, I'd storm into the hotel and take that room for my own personal uses, cages, lava pit, buffet and all. XD
  • After cartman does a hate speech on "ginger kids" stan, kyle and kenny turn him ginger in the middle of the night to teach him a lesson.

    This episode is pretty good, and reminds me of older episodes, but at the same time, I found no humor in it.

    I am surprised he never mentioned Scott Tenorman in his speech on ginger kids.

    In his rally to bring justice to all Gingers, he reminds me of Rev. Al Sharpton. Where in fact, he is making Gingers into exactly what the others feared and giving them good reason to not like them.

    The part where the gingers are trying to get all the non gingers is like a horror film where they surround the kids, and sing eery songs while they bust down barns to get to the kids.
  • Cartman Makes fun of GInger Kids and ends up paying. Instead he gathers up Gingers and ries to kill all non-ginger kids!

    MAn this was soooo funy! an\\\' wait for the next one! You an really tell what a manipulated asshole cartman is and eah ime it gets funnier and funnier! You have to watch it! Cartan is like the next Hiler exept he wans to eliminate all nnon-ginger kids H Ha!
  • Cartman rallies a group of people to fight discrimination so they could kill people different from them. Déjà vu?

    Cartman makes his school presentation on ginger kids. Ginger kids, as you might know, are children with red hair, freckles, and light skin. Cartman's presentation states that those people are evil, and naturally Kyle gets mad. To get back at him, Kyle (with Stan & Kenny) use makeup to make Cartman look like a ginger kid. The tables turn as Cartman now tries to fight the discrimination of ginger kids which he caused.

    In this episode, Cartman is back to his normal fat evil self, last seen in "Passion of the Jew" in Season 8. I can't help but feel that this episode is sort of ripped off from it. Cartman rallies people together, he starts sounding like Hitler and the people who follow him sound like Nazis. The group goes out to destroy another group of people. Kyle is involved in the whole thing. This makes it sound similar. The episode is based off some African American guy who wanted to destroy all white people so I guess Matt Stone and Trey Parker were just a little early. This episode wasn't fully terrible and it had its high moments. Clyde's comment about being scared of ginger kids, the ginger kids' rampage through the streets of South Park, and the best one: the guy who kept interupting Cartman's meetings. That was was probably the best part of the episode.

    I am not saying this is a treerible episode. Not at all. I find this episode much more enjoyable than the last Cartman episode, "Die Hippie, Die". However, I still believe that the episode could have been better. 7.6/10
  • May have been researched from this blog - Ginger Kids

    Check out this blog on Ginger Kids;

    You can also get there from; - see the right column links.

    This blog posting has been going for nearly two years and has over 200 comments. It\'s crazy. Some people can\'t get the joke.

    A lively debate about the pros and cons of being Ginger and how to wipe out the entire Ginger \'race\'.

    Feel free to drop by and say hello or give us your tips on how to live as a brunette.

    Sorry for this spamish posting, but hey, it\'s relevant. I\'ll blog back to this for karma sakes.

    I hate to say it but ther are some ginger kids that are creepy and seeing cartman go hitler on
    us is always a treat this episode was creepy and yet it taught us to never tease other races or groups
    they may raise up aginst you and take you down somday>
  • Could of been better

    Yes it could of been better. Dont get me wrong it was funny. The whole thing about ginger kids having no souls was perfect for the South Park show. Cartman wanting to exterminate them all...with LAVA...was also funny. We get to see Kenny die at the hands of the ginger kids, that too is funny. Last but not least Cartman becomes what he dislikes. (Kyle, Stan, and Kenny break into his house and try to teach him a lesson by making him become what he dislikes).

    My point is it takes more than comedy to make a good episode and I just didnt like the plot and storyline of it. The ending didnt go over so well either. The ending didnt even make me laugh. I was left wanting more. Im still a devoted fan but bottom line is it could of been much better.
  • Ginger kids rule the world!

    Extremely funny episode. They should have known that Cartman wouldn't learn his lesson. I'm surprised in the reviews so far that no one has mentioned probably one of the funnier moments in the show. When Stan, Kyle and Kenny go to Cartman's house, Kyle knocks him out. Then hits him again. And again. And again. Stan: "I think he's out, Kyle." Kyle hits him again, and again... Too funny!
  • Another Great Episode, Exept Why... Why would they do this?

    What was Trey and Matt thinking. This was the weirdist mixture that they have done all season. They combined Children of the Corn, Nazis, and Cults. The weird thing is all of these have been takled before on this show, but they did it again with out any problems. Now of course, it would not of been a South Park episode, without its controversy, and this one i believe was alot. They ripped on everyone with red hair, and frekles. The greatest part was when they showed Carret Top as the last slide of Eric's slide show. They still got it!

    "Quote Nevermore"

    This episode was extremely histerical. Cartman, as his own racist self, presents a slide show about the evilness of gingers. Stan, Kyle, and Kenny don't like how he treats them. So, they knock him out and change him into a ginger.

    Cartman, after being rejected from the lunch room, gathers all the gingers for a meeting and they plan to take action against non-gingers and beat the crap out of Annie. But after Cartman hears what Stan, Kyle, and Kenny did to him, he stops and declares peace. They start singing and Kyle calls Cartman an asshole. This was, without a doubt, one of the greatest episodes ever aired.
  • Cartman wakes up a redhead.

    Cartman comes up with a new label (or classification) for Kyle which is hilarious. It will be interesting to see if it carries into more episodes.

    Also, remember Scott Tenorman from season 5? He was a ginger!! Now it all makes sense!

    This episode was another entertaining installment of Cartman being taught a lesson. We see Cartman totally being Cartman--a portly little wannabe dictator with an uncanny ability to influence and control the masses.

    I have to say that I was a little shocked at how harsh the episode was on people with red hair and freckles. I can't say that I am a "ginger" but I almost felt a bit offended for the gingers when Cartman had his MOST humbling moment in south park after waking up a ginger.
  • Wasn't too crazy about this one.

    This episode was a little formulistic. We've seen it so many times before in one form or another of a person being different, often because of race, and how he's discriminated against. I like the comment Mr. Garrison makes about Kyle's presentation being a little too scientific for him. I like the "putting him down" comment and the fact that the doctor was such a dimwit, he misdiagnosed Cartman. Most of the humor wasn't up to par with the hilarity found in other episodes, but this could have stemmed from the concept. The kids did look creepy when they were out to get the non-reds.
  • Red Alert!!! This Episode Was Hot!

    Cartman's antics are by far the funniest aspect of this show, and this episode proved it. I love all of the racial references they have made this season, -- lol not that I'm racist, it's just hysterical how Cartman plots and schemes is way into such ridicolous predicaments. Absolutely a series classic.
  • Cartman gives a hate speech against kids with pale skin, red hair, and freckles. To teach him a lesson, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny turn him into one while he sleeps. Ostracized by his peers, Cartman leads an attack with the "Ginger Kids".

    Though Cartman has been in this position of authority so many teams, Red Badge of Gayness, Cartmanland, Free Hat, and The Passion of the Jew to name a few, it is hilarious every time. Before this episode came out, I have always been afraid of kids with pale skin, red hair, and freckles. I could not imagine being surrounded by groups of them at night. Cartman is the funniest character on South Park, and at least for the time being, any episode where he leads a hate march is hilarious.
  • let cartman rage on. he hates everyone and everything sometimes. he hates red hair and freckles until he becomes one of them and then he wants to exterminate everyone else like hitler in germany until kyle tells him they did it to him then its oh lets lov

    ginger kids is one of the finest of south park i have seen in a long time. welcome back south park. cartman is a hate and he hates red hair and freckles. so stan and kyle get back at him and make him a ginger kid and becomes a matyr.
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