South Park

Season 9 Episode 11

Ginger Kids

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 09, 2005 on Comedy Central



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    • Reporter: Tom, I'm standing outside the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, where the new production of 'Annie' has just premiered to cries of outrage! A rapidly growing organization, called the Ginger Separatist Movement, is furious that the lead role of Annie is being played by a girl who isn't actually red-haired and freckled. Joining me now is the gingers' head spokesperson, Eric Cartman.
      Cartman: That's right. This is bullshit! We true gingers are fearless that the role of Annie is being minimalized!
      Reporter: What harm do you believe this actress is doing to the true red-haired community?
      Cartman: The bitch isn't ginger. She's just using makeup to look ginger. And pretending to be ginger with makeup is the worst thing anybody can do!

    • Cartman: Ginger people go on to do amazing things in society. We need to let everyone in this school know that we are not inferior. That we are, in fact, beautiful, totally awesome, and super smart. It's time for us to take back our pride!

    • Cartman: Hey dudes, what's going on? (coughs) How's everything with you guys?
      Kyle: Wow, Cartman, you look... different.
      Cartman: Yes, well, it's interesting you should point that out, Kyle. I went to the doctor yesterday, and apparently I suffer from a small skin pigment deficciency.
      Stan: You mean, you're a ginger?
      Cartman: Actually, Ginger-vitis is the medical term.
      Kyle: Is that an umbrella you're using?
      Cartman: Yes, Kyle. The sun's rays are bad for my skin, so I need to be protected when I'm outside. Well, I'm glad we've gotten all that out of the way, and now we can just go on with our lives as normal.
      Kyle: Wow, that's a little ironic, isn't it?
      Cartman: What do you mean, Kyle?
      Kyle: Well, I mean, all last week you were ripping on ginger kids and now you are one.
      Cartman: Hm. I don't really see the irony in that, Kyle.

    • Doctor: Ms. Cartman, I know this must be very difficult for you. I, for one, can't stand red-haired freckled kids. But you need to understand, there is no cure. Your son will be ginger his whole life. You might want to just... put him down.

    • Cartman: (over a megaphone) We gingers are proud people. We are the decendants of great Americans such as Ron Howard and others. We will not be discriminated against any longer, for we are a great race.

    • Cartman: Because their skin is so light, ginger kids must avoid the sun, not unlike... (changes slides) vampires.

    • Cartman: One night, when you're all sleeping in your rooms…the gingers are gonna getcha! They're gonna getcha!

    • Butters: That was a very informative speech Kyle!
      Cartman: Informative if you want to die.

    • Mrs. Garrison: Very nice Kyle. A little dry and science-y for my taste, but there ya go.

    • (Cartman shows the slide of the ginger kid)
      Cartman: Aw, sick! Gross! Ginger kids are born with a disease which causes very light skin, red hair, and freckles.
      (The slide changes to a another ginger kid)
      Cartman: Aw, nasty! Yuck! This disease is called Ginger-vitis and it occurs because ginger kids have no souls.

    • Cartman: We've all seen them, on the playground, at the store, walking in the streets. They creep us out, and make us feel sick to our stomachs. I am talking of course about ginger kids.

    • Cartman: I don't think I need to tell you there's a lot of hate out there. Hate for awesome people like us. And if there's one thing I've learned it's that the only way to fight hate is with more hate. We're not the freaks of society. Everyone else is!

    • Kyle: You are such a manipulative asshole, Cartman.
      Cartman: Yes, but I'm not going to die.

    • Gary: You guys got everything you need in here? Need more coffee, buffet items?
      Cartman: No, we're fine! Thank you!
      Gary: How about lava? You got enough lava?
      Cartman: Yes, we're good!
      Gary: Okay. Hey, thanks for choosin' the Airport Hilton, guys.
      Cartman: You're welcome! Now leave us alone!

    • Gary: (interrupts the ginger meeting) Hello there! Gary Nelson with Hilton Guest Relations. Just making sure you guys have everything you need.
      Cartman: We're fine, thanks.
      Gary: Need any buffet items restocked? Everyone okay on coffee?
      Cartman: We're fine!
      Gary: Great. Oh, and hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for choosing the Airport Hilton for your conference.
      Cartman: You're welcome! Now leave us alone!

    • Cartman: Think about all the great people in history who were ginger. People like... Like, uh, like...
      Ginger Kid #1: Ron Howard?
      Cartman: Right! Ron Howard! And, uh, and...
      Ginger Kid #2: Ron Howard?
      Cartman: Right! We already had him, but right.

    • Cartman: Make no mistake. Ginger kids are evil. You know who was ginger? Judas. And what did Judas do? Oh, he just got Jesus killed, that's all.

    • Mrs. Garrison: We'll pick up with Clyde's speech about lesbian cheerleaders after recess.

    • Father: Look, boys, if you really don't wanna have ginger kids, marry an Asian woman. Asians don't carry the recessive gene. I know a guy who's marrying a Japanese woman very soon for just that reason.

    • Kyle: But it's, it's not true they have no souls?
      Father: No, no, I'm sure they do.

    • Cartman: There are some Gingers without light skin or freckles. They are called 'Daywalkers.' (switches to a slide of Kyle)

    • Cartman: Agh, excuse me, doctor, but it just so happens my mom loves me, no matter what I look like! Right, Mom? [pause] Mom?
      Liane: Oh, y-yes, of course, sweetie.

    • Ginger Kid: My dad says that each one of my freckles is a kiss from an angel.
      Cartman: ...Right, exactly!

    • Kyle: It's not a presentation, it's a hate speech! People aren't creeped out by gingers!
      Clyde: (looks around) I am.

    • (talking about Cartman)
      Kyle: Stupid supremist asswipe!

  • Notes

    • In November 2008, this episode gained some controversy after a Facebook account named "National kick a Ginger Day" surfaced on the web where hundreds of redheads were bullied because of their hair color. This episode is often considered the influence for the event.

    • A man in this episode said that he knew someone who is marrying an Asian woman so they wouldn't have ginger kids. This is a little inside joke about Trey Parker who is marrying an Asian woman.

  • Allusions

    • Salem's Lot:

      The ginger kids appearing at a window is a reference to the TV adaptation to the Stephen King novel, Salem's Lot.

    • Nightmare on Elm Street:

      The scene where the ginger girl is outside the others house singing is a reference to Freddy Krueger, who is a murder movie killer. In the 1984 film A Nightmare On Elm Street, he sings a creepy song similiar to this.

      One two: Freddy's coming for you. Three four: Better lock the door. Five six: Grab your crucifix. Seven eight: Better stay up late. Nine ten: He's back again.

    • The Witches:

      The Ginger Kids meeting which they will secretly exterminate non-ginger kids is similar to the Roald Dahl book and 1990 movie The Witches.

      In The Witches, witches who were in fancy disguises were in a hotel where they had a meeting in which they planned to secretly turn little kids into mice and then eliminate them with mouse traps.

    • Miss Saigon: The Ginger Kids protesting the production of Annie reflects the controversy that surrounded the casting of Jonathan Prices in the leading role of an Asian character in the Original Broadway production of the musical Miss Saigon.

    • Dominant Species: Cartman says people with red hair and freckles are the dominant species, just like Adolf Hitler said about people with blonde hair and blues eyes. Also, the scene where Cartman is marching across the playground with the other ginger kids is also a reference to this infamous leader of Germany.

    • Night of the Living Dead:

      The scene with Stan and Kyle in the barn is an homage to the 1968 George A. Romero film Night of the Living Dead, in which seven people barricade themselves in a house against a wave of attacking zombies. The "breaking-in" scene has since become a staple of zombie films.

    • Daywalkers:

      This a reference to the 1998 film Blade, in which the title character is a half vampire who can walk in sun, he is called "The Daywalker."

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