South Park

Season 10 Episode 12

Go God Go (1)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 01, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • perfect

    What i liked- the cliffhanger ending, the sea otters in the future, the animation as well as the music playing when cartman is frozen and the years keep going by, Ms. Garrison's explanation for what evolution is, cartman in bed trying to make the time pass and the time only passes like 3 minutes in total, amongst other things. Really funny episode and a great start to a 2-parter. A+
  • One of my absolute favorites ever!

    I LOVE this episode; this is one of my favorites in the entire series. Again, it has the A/B plot that all ties in together at the end.

    I think a lot of people can relate to this episode. For one, there are plenty of people out there who don't like the thought of evolution; Mrs. Garrison goes to the extreme to prove that point, with the throwing of the feces. Also, Cartman symbolizes how video games can pretty much consume you. No one I've ever known is stupid enough to try and freeze themselves, however.

    This episode left me in tears... I mean, the way Garrison explains evolution, the flying spaghetti monster.... wow.

    Plus, the music when Cartman is "traveling" into the future is awesome.
  • Seeing this episode is what got me to go buy the Wii Awesome episode

    Cartman wants to speed up time so he can get the new Wii it's so awesome then Cartman tries to freeze himself. Then Cartman just freeze himself but Butters didn't go back to get him out and Cartman was in ice for 500 years and all that Cartman cares about is the Wii. But no wants to see Ms. Garrison having sex or see her freakin' guy/woman boobs what the hell is what with that they don't had to show that on tv that has werid. And in the future otter can talk and something about Atheist at every has that reigon in the future but thats not going to happen
  • Awsome episode!!

    I love this episode, its one of the most funniest episodes in South Park....its about when Cartman is unable to wait three weeks until the Wii console is released..and he gets Butters to bury him in the snow in the nearby mountains. He tells Butters not to unfreeze him until the day that the Wii is released.
    But unfortunately Buters was to stupid and he forgot about him and Cartman ended up in the Future.. And yea he did some funny things in the future, like when he calls himself in the past they both argue ..but i wont write it couse you can get it on Wikipedia... anyway its a great episode and a really funny one..
  • In this first of a two-parter, Eric is having trouble waiting for the release of the Nintendo Wii and decides to freeze himself, while Mr(s) Garrison falls in love with an evolution teacher...

    There haven't been any two-part stories for a few seasons, and now we get two in one season.

    This is a quite well written episode. I wouldn't say it is amongst the show's best offerings, but it's good in it's own way.

    I enjoyed seeing Mr(s) Garrison getting the stoplight, as he / she is one of my favourite characters, and always has a few great lines.

    But the undoubted highlight of the episode is the 'Buck Rogers In The 25th Century' theme as Eric is frozen and goes into the future. I couldn't wait to see what happened in part two.
  • 151st Episode

    I'm not a fan of Ms Garrison since her sex change but she was actually alright in this episode, especially her evolution speech and her snap decision towards atheism, not exactly getting the concept at first.

    Cartman's plot to freeze himself is very entertaining, and since I'm sick of the video game episodes of SP, I'm glad that it was the wait killing Cartman rather than a Wii episode itself. Butters, as usual is hilarious combined with Cartman, and of course, Eric comes up with a random racist remark by calling the naive white fourth grader black.

    Overall, this episode is great and hopefully we get shown Part 2 next week, however as unreliable as the episode order has been so far, we'll probably see an earlier episode, since we've skipped at least eight in Australia so far. Anyway, as they are finally attacking atheism, my own belief, the second part should be quite interesting indeed.
  • As said for the classification, this is a fine example of how the creators of South Park are well, on crack

    This episode was one of the weirdest episodes of South Park I've ever seen. It starts off with Cartman waiting for the Nintendo Wii to finally come out in stores. This quickly shifts off to Mrs. Garrison saying that she absolutely does not want to teach the children evolution because she thinks that it's a hair brain idea that says that everyone is a monkey.

    As Mrs. Garrison comes in to the classroom, we quickly see Cartman starting to get on Stans nerves with his constant asking of how long until the Nintendo Wii comes out. This quickly switches back to Mrs. Garrison who starts teaching about her idea of what evolution is. I found this part to be so disturbing that i just had to type it up just so that you can understand what i mean:

    Mrs. Garrison: Now I for one think that evolution is a bunch of bull crap. But I've been told I have to teach it anyway. It was thought up by Charles Darwin and it goes something like this. In the beginning, we were all fish, okay, swimming around in the water. And then one day a couple of fish had a retard baby. And the retard baby was different so it got to live. So retard fish goes on to make more retard babies, and then one day a retard baby fish crawled out of the ocean with its mutant fish hands, and it had butt sex with a squirrel or something, and made this retard-frog-squirrel and then that had a retard baby which was a monkey-fish-frog, and then this monkey-fish-frog had butt sex with that monkey and that monkey had a mutant retard baby that screwed another monkey and that made you. So there you go. You're the retarded offspring of five monkeys having butt sex with a fish-squirrel. Congratulations.

    Yeah....anyway, the rest of the story switches of from Cartman getting desperate and trying to find a way to make the Nintendo Wii come faster. He then thinks of freezing himself up in the mountains and then in 3 weeks Butters should come up and unfreeze him. Butters agrees and Cartman finally dies....(yes!)

    Anyway, the principal thinks that because of Mrs. Garrisons remark towards evolution that they should hire a scientist that knows what evolution really is. This leads to Mrs. Garrison throwing her feces or poop at the scientist for saying that evolution means that she is a monkey. They somehow end up going out though and having sex.....Yeah, on a side note, we get to see Mrs. Garrisons boobs and let me just say that they are some of the most disgusting things that i have ever seen. Anyway, Mrs. Garrison after having sex with the scientist now thinks that evolution is the only thing that can explain the facts of life and convinces the scientist to launch a war against all believers of god...

    Back to Cartman, Butters as it turns out thinks that Cartman is now dead and does not unfreeze him. So Cartman is left frozen for over 500 years and is thawed in the year 2546. As it turns out, Mrs. Garrison and the scientist succeed in creating a world without religion. But, sadly, this also created a world without video games. This causes Cartman to think that he may never be able to play his precious Nintendo Wii. The group of people that unfroze him then come to him and say that they may have found a Nintendo Wii in a historic science museum. But before they will take him there they have to discuss something with Cartman. They say that he was unfrozen for a reason but before they can tell him, a group of resistance kills everyone in the building except Cartman.

    As they take Cartman away, they put out a message to the Allied Atheist Alligence, which turns out to be a group of super powered sea otters.....yeah....right.....

    Anyway i thought that this episode shows why the creators of South Park are on some sort of illegal drug. But, be that as it may, this was a spectacular episode with some very funny moments in it. I give this episode a 9/10. I would give it a 10/10, but the episode had some moments that were just plain creepy and disgusting. I know that there is always going to be something like that in South Park, but Mrs. Garrisons boobs just took that way way way to far.
  • it was awewsom

    it was a awesome episode. it had everything that i wanted .that is pretty much wat kid would do so it was,t just good it was true and that was awsom and it was funny and how southpark makes it funny and it had the right syestem the wii and it had the charcter cartman was always the one that did everything crazy and it was good when cartman made butters do it that was funnny and he never got the wii that was the best part and the beaver things ad everyone was atheist that was mest up and thats it.
  • Another Bad Epsiode

    This is another one that sounded good but sucked as this show has been sucking anymore. This is just a episode where cartman wants a wii and cant wait so hell freeze himself. Which was pretty stupid as it was only three weeks away. Not that long away. So he does and ends up in the year 2546 and where its all weird and there are no wii systems and he goes nuts. The other plot was Mrs. garrison not wanting to teach evolution. Also stupid as saying we were retarted fish or something really stupid and kinda insulting. I use to not be insulted by the show but lately i have been. So garrison and the other teacher hook. Making it so their is no religion left in the future. The end of it is to be continued. I have to say this episode was pretty bad simply cause it was rude and unfunny.
  • Even thought I really liked this episode, I could have lived without seeing Mrs. Garrison going on her date with Mr. Dawkins.

    In this episode, we get to see the storylines revolve around two of the funnier characters of South Park: Mrs. Garrison and the beloved Eric Cartman.

    What I found to be funny with Mrs. Garrison’s storyline was the way she refused to teach evolution to her class. One would think that given her history, Mrs. Garrison wouldn’t have a problem with the curriculum, yet she gives a completely incorrect and funny take on the subject. As a result, we are introduced to Mr. Dawkins, the science teacher hired to take her place. While his take on life and religion was interesting, you could tell right off the bat that he has bad taste in women, since he is attracted to Mrs. Garrison. While I could have lived without their night together, it was nice to see Mrs. Garrison as a love sick weird teacher instead of her usual weird self.

    Moving onto Cartman, when is he going to realize that his time travel schemes rarely work out? While it was funny to see the lengths he was going to get the Nintendo Wii faster, it was also painful to watch because of his actions. At least is was nice to see Mrs. Cartman putting her foot down on his loitering in front of the video game store when she went to see why he wasn’t in school. What else that was funny was the way he reacted to finding out he was in the future and there were no video games, it was priceless the way he blamed Butters instead of taking responsibility for his own actions.

    In the end, I found “Go God Go” to be pretty funny. While there were some parts that I didn’t like, the funny parts of the storylines made up for those particular parts.
  • This is the best episode of season 10.Well no, second Next to the world of warcraft one of course. You gotta love Cartman's brilliant retarded ideas.

    First of all, I would like to say that I am psyched about the nintendo wii. I'm no Cartman about it, but still. Now, I noticed some of these reviews said this was a ripoff of the psp episode and that it was completely unoriginal...? What?!!! It is nothing like the psp episode. Well except the fact that it has to do with a real videogame system. First, the wii part was only a subplot to get to the main story. Second, the wii didn't even come out. No one played it. No Kenny. No Keanu Reeves. The plot was COMPLETELY different. you guys are ignorant

    Onto the evolution part of the show. It was funny. There I'm done.
  • meh...

    wow when I watched this I was wondering what, they where thinking. I mean c'mon could this get any worse. Som interesting things of this episode is the scene with mr(or mrs which ever you perfer) Garrison, and that other person in bed reminds me ver much of the new Battlestar Galactica series. Mainly there refernceing, the movie. Or mini series whatever it was. The scene from BSG where Baltar and number six (I think shes six...), are in bed and talking to each other. Very similar right down to the music. Other then that this episode was a waste. But they cant all be good right! Although it sucked, its still better then my reviews!
  • The funniest episode of the season! You'll want even more and more as you keep watching!

    In this first part of a two-part "Go God Go" episode, Cartman becomes impatient for the release of the Nintendo Wii videogame system, while the scientist Richard Dawkins visits South Park Elementary to teach evolution at the request of Principal Victoria, as Ms. Garrison just can't teach it right. Cartman freezes himself in the mountains because he's too impateint, and he discovers a war between allainces of atheists in the year 2546 C.E.

    If you thought the tenth season of South Park was gonna be disappointing with boring episodes like "Return of Chef" and "Smug Wars", watch this episode and you'll be dead wrong. In fact, south park has been improving since "Tsst" in May 2006! Ms. Garrison's hilarious evolution lesson got me laughing so hard I couldn't focus on watching the episode, so I had to rewind just to get it right. South Park has proven it can still be funny after ten seasons - with a couple and a half bad ones - and it can weave two otherwise unrelated sub-stories into one good episode, unlike Family Guy, which is so random you can hardly understand it! When the season ends this Wednesday, I'll be wanting funnier and funnier episodes, and I hope that the season finale will be so funny it'll get a 10.1/10 from me!
  • Great episode!

    The theory of evolution, Ms. Garrison hates it, doesn't believe in it, so he/she hangs up a story with retarded fish babies having buttsex with one and another.

    The Nintendo Wii, Cartman's dream, is coming, but when? Cartman freezes himself to skip the weeks to the release but it happened to be that he was unfrozen 500 years later in a future-like world where everyone believes in science rather then God.

    Finally an episode where Ms. Garrison uses her 'beging a Ms'. Great part with the retarded fish-babies having buttsex with a silly monkey.

    Different storylines in the episode made it funnier and a little more 'serious'.

    In one word: Great!
  • Evolution debate in school....Cartman travels in time....but a little too much to get his Nintendo Wii

    This was a great episode! Looking forward to the next episode!!! I love it when cartman travels in time. Really well written and funny. I love this show!! It's the funniest show ever! Although I have to say..."Simpsons did it" to the part about the evolution debate in school versus creationism....
  • Nothing Special

    Go God!Go!PartII was an okay epsside it was nothing special or anything. well newayz I dont think these are one of the episodes you should go out of your way and see so I mean it was whatever and its mainly about Cartman trying to freeze him self so he could go to the exact date of when the new game, Ninteno Wii comes out.Mrs.Garrison talks about evolution and how she doesnt believe in it and stuff.Some parts were NASTY though like if you see it theres this one part where Mrs.Garrison and that new dont want to know... well basically thats the whole concept of Go God!Go!PartII
  • Miss Garrison involuntarily teaches evolution to the kids. Cartman freezes himself and ends up 534 years into the future.

    I really like this week's episode. Season 10 has been good so far, and this episode was one of the funnier ones. My favorite quote: "So there you go, you are the retarded offspring of five monkeys having buttsex with a fish-squirrel, congratulations! That's just priceless! I almost lost it when Miss Garrison laid a doody in class and hurled it at the evolution teacher. Of course, what i didn't need to see was Miss Garrison getting pounded from behind by the same man. Sick! Cartman is at it again with his ingenious ideas. Trying to freeze himself so he can wake up 3 weeks into the future...what can go wrong!? I loved it when he called Butters a black a*hole after he realized he wasn't unfrozen. Cracked me up. Speaking of Butters, it's good to see Professor Chaos and General Disarray again. Now that Cartman is in the future, what kind of crazy adventure is he going to have? Will he finally gets his hands on the Nintendo WII? I can't wait till next week.
  • Mrs. Garrison is at it again.

    Cartman is waiting for the Nintendo Wii to come out. As usual, he freezes himself to not wait for weeks. Of course, it ends up being a few hundred years. In the future, atheists and atheist sea otters are at war with each other. Don't ask why. Apparently, the sea otters have replaced the crab people in a stupid idea for a plot. Meanwhile, Mrs. Garrison is attracted to Richard Dawkins. Dawkins led him to believe in atheism and in Garrison fashion, she persuades Dawkins to destroy religion, which explains the future of atheism (but it doesn't explain sea otters being the dominant species).
  • Really bad, but has its hilarious highlight

    Yeah, so this is pretty much your average Season 10 episode... forgettable and unfunny, for the most part. Ms. Garrison's explanation of evolution was the only funny part of the episode, and it was actually really hilarious. Otherwise, the main plot was boring and pretty pointless; it's a premise that's been done so many times before so much more effectively. Cartman's sub-plot was okay, I was enjoying it until the whole future thing with flying army beavers (don't ask ANYBODY). Making this a two-parter was completely unecessary, yay to filler episodes (*sigh*).
  • Definitely the high point of the season so far. Nice job.

    So far this season, there's been a lot of blood, a lot of feces, and a lot of video games.

    I am in geek heaven.

    South Park's tenth season has been stellar. But nothing had prepared me for "Go, God, Go!! Part II."

    This episode is filled to the brim with delicious absurdity, something that this season has lacked so far. It seems that every episode has had some kind of social comment or "purpose." This episode is not lacking in purpose, as the overall message is clear, but it's been a long time since we've seen an episode with something on par with athiest sea otters. In fact, I haven't seen anything like this since the classic Crab People back in "South Park is Gay!"

    Overall, I am very pleased by the way this season has been going, and I can't wait to see how this episode continues.
  • It was pretty funny but they have had better episodes!!!!

    This show is about average i guess and stuff but you know that the part Mrs. Garrison said about evolution was really funny LOL! But i didnt like the part where Mrs Garrison and that other dude were u know (gettin it on) and Mrs. Garrisons fake boobs that was just the most ugly thing that i have ever seen lol. I really like this episode because it is making fun of evolution.....and Mrs Garrison gets all mad about it and then starts to act like she believes in it just so he could get into bed with the Atheist dude who started to teach Evoulution to those kids and stuff.

    Then Mrs. garrison is the one that made everyone atheist in the future when cart men un freezes and stuff and he finds out that the whole world is rasits and stuff!!!
    And that he finds out that theres no video games and he like freaks out and stuff lol.
  • Arguably the best episode ever! Better than "Scott Tenorman Must Die"! Cartman is genius!!! Brings up an important issues about natural methods of body preservation for future reanimation vs. unnatural methods (ie; cryogenics)

    This episode brings up a very important issue that Cartman addresses. The whole decision some people make to be frozen in animation and unfrozen in the future is a major question millions have had. Think about it... I'm not talking about the through artifical means such as the cryogenics -- rather Cartman takes a natural approach and freezes himself the only natural way --> this is similar to someone being naturally frozen in a glacier for several centuries. The body would be preserved. Since everyone is going to die anyways... perhaps preping your body for death is a good idea. You could either die in this age, or as Cartman did, freeze oneself in a remote location and be lost for centuries. Who says that in 400/500 years there will not be technology to reanimate a person/animal found frozen in an iceberg. I'm not talking about artificial means through cryogenics though -- that requires specific technology and chemicals that may exist now but not necessarily in the future. However, if you were to freeze yourself naturally in ice and be forgotten about in a remote location --- the possibility is high that if found in several centuries your body (which had been relatively preserved -- compared to everyone else who decided to die and decay in the past) could be revived.

    Thought-prevocking stuff if you really think about it. Perhaps the writers did not even intend the concept to be so deep -- or maybe they did.

    And the whole -- "Your the smartest man alive, with my love you can be unstoppable" concept with Mrs. Garrison & Richard Dawkins -----> Pure Genius! Good show lads!!!

    p.s.: "Let me see those beautiful breasts -- oh yeah!" ----> funniest thing ever!!!
  • WOW this was a odd episode, i like the constent reminder of the Nintendo Wii, and the Mrs Garrison storyline was just outright gross and laughable. Kinda feels like the XBox episode at the end.

    WOW this was a odd episode, i like the constent reminder of the Nintendo Wii, and the Mrs Garrison storyline was just outright gross and laughable. The only problem i had at one time with this episode was it evenutly feels like the XBox episode with the war at the end, had a little amniouse with it. But all and all it was a great episode kept me laughing and even made me want to buy a Nintendo Wii lol. There was no part one so im wondering if there will be a part 3 or its just something they did to turture us. Either way this is definetly a worth while episode to watch.
  • matt and trey do their thing again, mixing up their brutal brand of satirical social commentary with traditional potty humor. the battle between both religion and evolution, and of course, a great pop culture reference to the upcoming nintendo wii.

    this was a great episode, crab people is all that i can say. at least they found a way to put cartman and butters together in an episode, and it will be cool to see how the episode turns out. south park is of course notorious for cliffhangers and are no doubt up to something. i thought it was, pound for pound, a solid episode. i am very satisfied with the direction that south park is taking with their plot developments and overall writing style in the last few seasons. they have done a great job of breaking themselves apart from other animated shows due to the nature of the universe they have created for themselves. though there have been some duds so far this season, it hasn't been anything terrible, and if nothing else they pay great homage to nintendo (as they have almost every gaming system released since south park has aired) and it works as a funny plot mechanism to get cartman frozen in the first place. now just deliver next week guys.

    and crab people!
    crab people!
    crab people!
  • Just one of the best South Park episodes in a long while.

    Usually you get one of two episodes with good South Parks: very topical, or some crazy Cartman plot. This one manages both, and does them very well.

    Cartman freezing himself to get to the Wii release date was great, and I loved how he ended up getting unfrozen in over 500 years where there is no religion, but there is still sectarian violence (contradicting Stephen Dawkins' philosophy). Not to mention giant sea otters. Like we saw that coming.

    The evolution thing was funny, especially with Mrs. Garrison's explanation of how evolution works. Personally, I've really hated Mrs. Garrison since the sex change, and usually if an episode centers around Mrs. Garrison, I tend to hate it. But there's just something about this episode, how it was handled, that I actually liked some of the things Mrs. Garrison said. The sex scenes were really disturbing, and frankly, I could have done without them, but everything else was just so damn funny that I guess I could overlook that.

    The last 10 minutes was probably the best part of the episode. I found it all to be really creative and unanticipated stuff, and I can't wait for part two (part three?). I hope they finish this episode. It was just getting going when it said, "To Be Continued." Not to say the rest of it wasn't great. But this episode drops a good point or so if they don't conclude the story, since it's just got so much more potential untapped in this half hour. But if they finish it, it's surely the best episode since probably Woodland Critter Christmas two years ago (though the Warcraft episode was pretty damn good too).

    We need more episodes like this. And more shows like South Park (and less Mind of Mencia and Drawn Together. Please.)
  • Wii!!

    This episode has to be one of the best episodes of South Park that I have seen in a while, in fact, it is now tied with "Helen Keller the Musical" as my favorite. With Cartman freaking out about the Wii, Mrs. Garrison accepting God as a spaghetti monster just so that she can get with the new teacher, and also getting to see Mrs. Garrison's beautiful breasts it's just to crazy for me not to love. Did I mention the Sea Otters? This episode is beyond weird, and nothing really tops a line like, "I will crush your skull like a clam on my stomach." I hope that Trey and Matt decide to finish this episode, it's too wonderful not to!
  • unfunny, not clevar at all. I created an account here just to say how disappointed i am in this particular episode.

    stupid storyline. I just hate how they destroyed mr. garrisons character. I\'d like to say this episode \"stupidly creative.\" perhaps funny to 10 year olds. filler episode - but at least the past couple episodes have been surprisingly very hilarious and well done after a period of some pretty lackluster episodes. this is one of those episodes.
  • Part 2? when was part 1 ??

    I have to say this episode was great, the evolution storyline was fantastic, Mrs Garrisions take on the whole subject was great but was not too sure about her english lover, did he finally realise that she had a sex change, come on look at those breasts they screamed sex change!!

    Anyhow Cartmans unhealthy obsession with the Nintendo WII, never seen Cartman so impatient about something really in any episode, plus it was for the Wii, ok, ok I will admit I will be buying one when it comes out in a couple weeks but I am in no eager hurry to get my hands on it. My gripe is as first line of my summary, when was part one? did I miss something and was Hell on earth part 1 or something??
    Also it's not often you get to see an angry beaver! annoyed now that I have to wait for ages for the next episode!!
  • Cartman freezes himself so he won't have to wait for the Nintendo Wii to come out, but things go wrong and he's sent 500 years into the future where every one is Athiest.

    Cartman has to wait three weeks for the new Nintendo Wii to come out, and it's killing him. Meanwhile, Mrs. Garrison has to teach Evolution to the class, which she hates. Cartman decides to freeze himself and have Butters un freeze him three weeks later when the Wii comes out. Mrs. Garrison soon is attracted to the guy that is teaching evolution to the class. She gives up on God, and becomes Athiest. Things go wrong for Cartman when a avalanch accures, and Butters can't find him. He is un frozen 500 years later. He doesn't care about anything except playing the Wii. He learns everyone on Earth is now Athiest thanks to someone Cartman knew. Two groups of Athiests are battling it out. The second group captures Cartman. The end of the episode shows the leader of one of the groups, a sea otter, preparing to attack the other team.
  • Awesome episode . I can see where it's leading to. Religeon just caused war and athiests are peacful, then in the future athiests are at war with each other and otters. Awesome

    This would have to be one of my new favs. I would just want to know why it is part 2 and not part one but other than that sheer brilliant. Like come on. Mrs Garrison throws crap and says im a #$%@#!& monkey. If you did not laugh at this. Im sorry where\\\'s your soul. Well i\\\'ll tell you. It left to find a person with better humor.
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