South Park

Season 10 Episode 13

Go, God. Go! Part II

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 08, 2006 on Comedy Central
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Last week, in an attempt to make his wait for the Wii instantaneous, Cartman froze himself. Through a bizarre twist of fate, he woke up 500 years in the future, where there are warring factions, some angry sea otters, and worst of all: No Nintendo Wii! Will Cartman get out of this crazy future? Or will he be doomed to never get his hands on the Wii?moreless

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  • all cartman wants is a wii!

    Cartman has awoken 500 years into the future, where he is in an all out war against Atheist groups. But, all he wants throughout this war is a chance to go to the past, and to play the Nintendo Wii. Will he accomplish this?

    Good episode. I loved how Cartman in the future kept saying how he hated himself in the past. And the ending was funny. This was an absurd episode but it was also pretty hilarious, and so because of all of this my final grade for this episode is an A+. Completely absurd but a brilliant episode.moreless
  • This episode has really got me thinking.

    I find very few episodes of South Park that can provoke thought, but this one has really do so for me. Not only did Eric Cartman learn his lession for once in his life by learning the value of patience, but we also learned from the three way war in the future that society is better off living with religion in general than without it. The world-wide war between Atheists has proven that man will continue to hate and persecute each other with or without religion. The ideaologies may change, but we will still be there under one flag or another committing the actroities of war, terrorism, and predjudice. In short, God didn\'t create those responsible for the Inquestition, the Crusades, 9-11, and all the rest. They created the need for him.moreless
  • awesome episode !!!!!!!!!!!

    Cartman gets the Wii but it won't work in the flot sceen so Cartman try to get a phone that can call into the past I wish they had one of theso so I can call myself in the past then I like the part when Cartman K-10 try to rob one then Cartman calls his past self and I like that part then he call Butters and I like the part when Cartman to tell Butters to tell past Cartman to go Screw himself then Future Cartman told past Cartman the things he did before he got to Butter's house and that past Cartman thinks he was spying on him I like that part LOL and the part when Future Cartman Broke up Ms.Garrison and her boyfriend then it's mess up when Cartman has to wait 2 months for the Wii that's mess upmoreless
  • People who hate episodes like this are complete dolts.

    Episodes and two parters like this are exactly what make this show so spectacular: the point of this entire set of episodes was to point out the ridiculousness of various arguing religious groups. Why do we insist upon fighting over which religion is right when what we should really be focusing on is being better people? South Park brilliantly uses silly plot devices to point out the problems with religious ideology that misinforms laypeople and faithful members of religious communities into hating others simply because they are different. I don't understand what people hate about these messages in South Park--if you want to sit, laugh, and not have a theme pointed out to you, watch Family Guy and let your brain rot. For those intelligent people out there that like taut, subtle humor, watch South Park, and watch this episode.moreless
  • Cartman continues his quest to own a Wii whilst still trapped in the future, with the opposing wars continuing around him.

    Throughout the entire series of South Park the creators are able to give two things, a well written story with humor and great character development and a moral. Not only does this episode give us those things, the message that we take home is one of great importance to many people as it deals with something very personal. I wont reveal it here (although the title may give a few clues) as I may accidentally offended someone. However the episode does it with class and good will and, like most South Park episodes, you just have to give it some room. Overall an excellent episode that truly opens your eyes to the realities of the world. Set beside Cartman's Wii antics the picture is completed. The .2 that I had taken off was because of the unfortunate scene with Mrs Garrison.moreless
Matt Stone

Matt Stone

Voice of Kyle Broflovski; Kenny McKormick; Gerald Broflovski; Pip Pirrup; Jesus; Jimbo Kearn; Phillip; Saddam; Various Others

Mona Marshall

Mona Marshall

Voice of Sheila Broflovski; Linda Stotch; Various Others

Trey Parker

Trey Parker

Voice of Stan Marsh; Eric Theodore Cartman; Herbert Garrison; Officer Barbrady; Terrance; Timmy; Ned Gerblanski; Satan; Randy Ma

Juan Kimmelini

Juan Kimmelini

Voice of Unknown

Guest Star

Kyle McCulloch

Kyle McCulloch

Voice of Unknown

Recurring Role

April Stewart

April Stewart

Voice of Unknown

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (14)

    • In the previous episode, the Otters were known as the United Atheist Allegiance, but in this episode, they call themselves the United Atheist ALLIANCE.

    • The Nintendo Wii came out 11 Days after this Episode was released.

    • The funny looking hats that the future people wear form what looks like as someone "giving the finger". The middle one is up and the side hats are the fingers on either side.

    • Kit 9 and K 10's names are switched around. K-9 is a dog whereas the other robots name should be Kit 10 or Kitten. Also, Cocka 3 should be Cocka 2 or Cockatoo.

      Response: Matt and Trey probably purposely did that so the audience would be able to tell that they were named for numbers, not the actual words themselves (canine, kitten, cockatoo).

    • The Wii-mote that Cartman takes is is not to scale, the Wii-mote portrayed is too big compared to the size of his hand.

    • Continuity: When Cartman first gets the Wii from the display case he's holding the Console in his left hand and a Wiimote in his right hand. In the following shot just before he teleports away the Console is now in his Right hand and the Wiimote has disappeared.

    • Even in the original, atheist timeline, it is never explicitly explained why Cartman was unfrozen; though it was presumably because he knew Mrs. Garrison and Richard Dawkins, he doesn't even find out about their role in worldwide atheism until near the end of the episode. It is possible that everyone knew that Cartman would alter the timeline until peace was achieved, and was unfrozen for that reason.

    • This is the third episode this season to feature neither Stan nor Kenny the others are "Cartoon Wars Part II" and "A Million Little Fibers". It is the fifth episode not to feature Kenny.

    • Cartman's knowledge of the future changed when he affected the future (as evidenced by how he was unaware of his robotic dog turning into a cat). However, later on, when he changes it by revealing the truth about Mr(s) Garrison, he has no knowledge of that future.

    • Some of the items seen at the Museum of Technology include a Gamecube (Nintendo's console before the Wii) a PC, an iPod, an arcade machine, and a microwave oven.

    • Apparently some time has passed between the first part of Go God Go and the second part, and Cartman has spent some time in the future. We see clips of various adventures he has while in the future and he seems well versed in the vernacular (common language) of the future.

    • In the last scene at the game store the games Okami, Warcraft III, Starcraft and Diablo 2 can be seen.

    • At the very end of this episode, several real games can be seen, including Diablo 2 and Starcraft, which were made by Blizzard, the makers of World of Warcraft (which was featured in an earlier episode).

    • This is the 5th direct multi-part episode of South Park, with the first being "Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut" and "Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut". The second being "Cat Orgy", "Two Guys Naked In A Hot Tub", and "Jewbilee". The third being "Do the Handicapped go to Hell?" and "Probably". And most recently "Cartoon Wars Parts 1 & 2."

  • QUOTES (34)

    • Cartman: So there is no war now in the future?
      Blavius: Of course there's war. The stupid French-Chinese think they have a right to Hawaii.

    • Blavius: The United Atheist Alliance has taken the bait! Soon they will send their ships out to destroy our decoy clam fields! And while their ships are away, the United Atheist League intends to attack them! Our plan has worked perfectly! For when the United Atheist League attacks the United Atheist Alliance, we will charge in and kill them all! Our Science, our answer to the Great Question shall prevail!

    • Shvek: Our answer to the Great Question is the only logical one. Our Science is great. Let us not forget the great Richard Dawkins who finally freed the world of religion long ago. Dawkins knew that logic and reason were the way of the future. But it wasn't until he met his beautiful wife that he learned using logic and reason isn't enough. You have to be a dick to everyone who doesn't think like you. Prepare all the troops! We will level the United Atheist Alliance to the ground!

    • UAA Leader: Fellow atheists: the time child has returned with information on our sworn enemies, the Allied Atheist Alliance. They have started digging for clams in sector J7. If we mount an all-out attack, we can wipe out their food supply!
      UAA Member #1: But, those are civilian otters.
      UAA Leader: We cannot tolerate the otters! Their Science is flawed! Their answer to the Great Question is different from ours.
      UAA Member #2: Yes, but… sending out all our ships at the same time… it would leave our city exposed!
      UAA Leader: …That's why we have to be super-duper sure that nobody finds out we're doing it.

    • UAA Woman: Well, we're all glad you're back. I know somebody who's missed you very much. Come on in, K-10.
      K-10: Bark bark. Hello, Eric. I have missed you.
      Cartman: Suck my balls, K-10. I'm not in the mood.

    • Cartman: Come on! Come on! Dude, what is taking so long! I wanna play!
      Maintenance Guy: Uhh, what kind of output does this have? This is some ancient Super-VHS output or somethin'. I can't connect it to your float screen.
      Cartman: There's gotta be some way to hook it up! It's the freakin' future!
      Maintenance Guy: It may be the future for you, but I can't hook up anything to a float screen without at least a laser-7 output.
      Cartman: You've gotta be s******' me! Science-dammit! I am so f****** sick of the future!

    • Cartman: I got it! I got the Wii!
      UAA Leader: Time Child! You've returned!
      UAA Member: We thought for sure you had died in the in the Phobart plant.
      Cartman: Yeah. Lucky for me the otters believed I was on their side. Do me a favor: next time I'm in a recessed biocave, don't send me a level 2 homing call.

    • Otter Leader: Something is spooking the ostriches.
      Cartman: Sure. This is Monarch land now. Probably Jarvis probes everywhere.

    • (Talking about past Cartman)
      Future Cartman: God, I hate that guy!

    • (Talking about past Cartman)
      Future Cartman: What an asshole!

    • COCKA-3: Goodbye Eric, I will miss you. Squawk squawk.
      Cartman: I'll miss you too COCKA-3.

    • UAL Leader: You can't agree with us, prepare to die.

    • (K-10 changes into KIT-9)
      KIT-9: Eric, I really think you should stop calling the past. You could change the present.
      Cartman: Well I don't notice anything different KIT-9, do you?
      KIT-9: I guess not, meow meow.
      Cartman: Hmm. I see…

    • Blavius: Kill the table eaters! In the name of almighty science!

    • Otter: The great Dawkins said we cannot tolerate those who don't use reason. How reasonable is it to eat off wood instead of your tummy?

    • Head Otter: Our answer to the Great Question is the only one that is based on good science!

    • Head Otter: They go around chopping down trees for tables when they have perfectly good tummies to eat on.

    • Cartman: I've been waiting for 500 years to play Nintendo Wii, and if I don't play soon, I'm going to bust a nut!

    • Atheist man: You gained the otters' trust? Were you wearing an information crystal?

    • Head Otter: Something is spooking the ostriches.

    • Head Otter: This is it: New New Hampshire. We have risked much bringing you here time-child.

    • Zeebot: Now I am required by the state to make sure that you only use the time-phone to crank call people.

    • Cartman: Why didn't anyone tell me there was a time-phone?

    • Otter: No! It was a trick!
      Head Otter: Science damn you time-child!

    • Cartman: What is the Great Question?
      KIT-9: What atheists should call themselves.

    • Future Cartman: I know what you're thinking! Do not do it! You just need to be patient, and wait the two months! Do you hear me?
      Cartman: Aw, suck my balls, Kyle.

    • Boy: Science H. Logic, what a jerk!

    • Mrs. Garrison: Well go ahead and leave you atheist faggot! Have fun mocking God in hell! Queer!

    • Kyle: Suck my balls fat ass.
      Cartman: I will. I will suck your balls Kyle. Stop me from freezing myself, and I will get on my knees, and I will suck your balls. I will suck em' dry Kyle.

    • Cartman: Go screw yourself.
      Future Cartman: You go screw yourself!

    • Wise Otter: Perhaps believing in God makes him exist.
      Head Otter: KILL THE WISE ONE!
      Otters: KILL THE WISE ONE!

    • Cartman: Haha! Stupid assholes! I got your time-phone!

    • Atheist Otter: I will personally kill the time-child and eat his entrails on my tummy!

    • Cartman: No, I have to have one.
      Zeebot: Oh, well then I have to have 6000 credits.

  • NOTES (2)

  • ALLUSIONS (15)

    • Frequency:

      The Crank Prank Timephone, and the radio interference heard during its use, is a reference to the film, Frequency.

    • Brave New World:

      The atheists referring to science as a religious entity (Oh, Science!)is an allusion to Aldous Huxley's novel Brave New World, where people honored Henry Ford, and said "Oh, Ford." instead of Oh Lord.

    • Battlestar Galactica:

      The New New Hampshire Museum of Technology resembles the ruined Delphi Museum in the Battlestar Galactica episode "Kobol's Last Gleaming".

    • Current Events:

      The ultimate question posed in this episode - what should atheists call themselves - is a take on a real movement wanting to call atheists 'Brights' see:

    • Hasbro:

      The Crank Prank Timephone is made by a company called "Zazbro", a play on Hasbro.

    • Seaquest DSV:

      The background sound used in the future after Cartman breaks up Mrs. Garrison and Richard Dawkins is the background ambience from the holographics room on the old series SeaQuest DSV.

    • Brazil:

      The cap Eric Cartman is wearing while stealing the prank calling device resembles the hat worn by the engineers in the futuristic 1985 film, Brazil.

    • Planet of the Apes:

      The army of ostrich-riding otters, along with the horn-blast music, references the ape calvary in the 1968 film, Planet of the Apes.

    • Future Weapons:

      One of the weapons carried by the sea otters looks like a cross of the Brute Shot from the game Halo 2 and the M41A Pulse Rifle from the 1986 film Aliens.

    • Halo 2:

      A few of the evolved sea otters are seen in hovering thrones resembling those of the Halo series' Covenant High Prophets, the Wise One's headdress also resembles that of the High Prophets in Halo 2.

    • A Sound of Thunder:

      The plant growth over city of New New Hampshire may be a reference to the 2005 movie version of Ray Bradbury's novel, "A Sound of Thunder."

    • Life of Brian:

      The fighting among the atheists is akin to the disputes between the religious factions shown in Monty Python's 1979 film Life of Brian.

    • New New!!:

      New New Hampshire was shown similar to Washington D.C. from the dystopian film Logan's Run. Also, the name is similar to "New New York" used in Futurama, Doctor Who and any sci-fi/fantasy show that wants some future place grounded in a current viewer's reality. It could also be a reference to the Free State Project.

    • Buck Rogers:

      As it happened in the last episode, this episode also alludes to Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, with both the opening sequence of the episode and other elements. The animators do an excellent job replicating the old Buck Rogers opening credit sequence, duplicating a number of short scenes perfectly, such as the shot of Buck/Cartman looking out of the window with Twikki/K-10 half obscured by it.

    • Doctor Who:

      The robot dog K-10 is a reference to the mechanical dog (K-9) on Doctor Who.