South Park

Season 10 Episode 13

Go, God. Go! Part II

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 08, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • all cartman wants is a wii!

    Cartman has awoken 500 years into the future, where he is in an all out war against Atheist groups. But, all he wants throughout this war is a chance to go to the past, and to play the Nintendo Wii. Will he accomplish this?

    Good episode. I loved how Cartman in the future kept saying how he hated himself in the past. And the ending was funny. This was an absurd episode but it was also pretty hilarious, and so because of all of this my final grade for this episode is an A+. Completely absurd but a brilliant episode.
  • This episode has really got me thinking.

    I find very few episodes of South Park that can provoke thought, but this one has really do so for me. Not only did Eric Cartman learn his lession for once in his life by learning the value of patience, but we also learned from the three way war in the future that society is better off living with religion in general than without it. The world-wide war between Atheists has proven that man will continue to hate and persecute each other with or without religion. The ideaologies may change, but we will still be there under one flag or another committing the actroities of war, terrorism, and predjudice. In short, God didn\'t create those responsible for the Inquestition, the Crusades, 9-11, and all the rest. They created the need for him.
  • awesome episode !!!!!!!!!!!

    Cartman gets the Wii but it won't work in the flot sceen so Cartman try to get a phone that can call into the past I wish they had one of theso so I can call myself in the past then I like the part when Cartman K-10 try to rob one then Cartman calls his past self and I like that part then he call Butters and I like the part when Cartman to tell Butters to tell past Cartman to go Screw himself then Future Cartman told past Cartman the things he did before he got to Butter's house and that past Cartman thinks he was spying on him I like that part LOL and the part when Future Cartman Broke up Ms.Garrison and her boyfriend then it's mess up when Cartman has to wait 2 months for the Wii that's mess up
  • People who hate episodes like this are complete dolts.

    Episodes and two parters like this are exactly what make this show so spectacular: the point of this entire set of episodes was to point out the ridiculousness of various arguing religious groups. Why do we insist upon fighting over which religion is right when what we should really be focusing on is being better people? South Park brilliantly uses silly plot devices to point out the problems with religious ideology that misinforms laypeople and faithful members of religious communities into hating others simply because they are different. I don't understand what people hate about these messages in South Park--if you want to sit, laugh, and not have a theme pointed out to you, watch Family Guy and let your brain rot. For those intelligent people out there that like taut, subtle humor, watch South Park, and watch this episode.
  • Cartman continues his quest to own a Wii whilst still trapped in the future, with the opposing wars continuing around him.

    Throughout the entire series of South Park the creators are able to give two things, a well written story with humor and great character development and a moral. Not only does this episode give us those things, the message that we take home is one of great importance to many people as it deals with something very personal. I wont reveal it here (although the title may give a few clues) as I may accidentally offended someone. However the episode does it with class and good will and, like most South Park episodes, you just have to give it some room. Overall an excellent episode that truly opens your eyes to the realities of the world. Set beside Cartman's Wii antics the picture is completed. The .2 that I had taken off was because of the unfortunate scene with Mrs Garrison.
  • Better than part one!

    In the previous episode, Cartman froze himself in an attempt to make three weeks pass faster, and Mrs. Garrison falls in love and changes the future.

    Cartman finally gets his hands on a Wii, finds out it can't work in the future because it's "primitive," and then desperately tries to get back to 2006.

    The scenes where Cartman is arguing with himself are classic:
    "Just listen to me for ONE MINUTE!"
    "Okay, you have one minute."
    "Right before you left, you drank a bunch of ovaltine and put Clyde Frog in the closet so nothing would happen to him, right?"
    "Are you spying on me?"
    "No I am you, you a**h***!"

    And then Cartman ends up changing the present (and by present I mean 2546) by continually calling the past, and when he finds out Garrison changed the future, he calls Garrison's house, speaks to Mr. Dawkins, and makes it known to him that Garrison is really a male... which if Dawkins had any sense at all, he would have realized that from the start.
  • In the conclusion of this two part story, Eric is 500 years in the future, and as various Atheist fractions prepare to go to war, all he is worried about is finally getting his hands on the Nintendo Wii!...

    After the 'Buck Rogers In The 25th Century' spoof in part one, I love the opening of this episode, complete with narration and spoof of the first season Buck Rogers opening credits.

    I wouldn't say it is amongst the most out and out hilarious South Park episodes, but the story is well written, with a few twists and turns and a few great moments.

    I like the various factions in the future fighting over something so trivial, and Cartman's various robot companions as the future changes.

    All-in-all, a good two-parter. Not a classic, but one of the better offerings from this season.
  • "...logic and reason isn't enough. You have to be a dick to everyone who doesn't think like you."

    I loved this episode, even more than the first part, actually. During this part you realize how amazingly stupid the war between the three atheist factions are. They're honestly fighting over what the name of the atheist groups should be? Man, that's just DUMB. .
    But is it any more dumb to fight over religion the way people of our time do? No, it's just as dumb. Intolerance towards others because they don't believe what you believe is stupid all around. .
    So, this episode had an excellent message AND it was freaking funny. Every time Cartman made a call to the past I was cracking. [About himself] "God! I hate that guy!" .
    And the fact that Cartman actually GOT his Wii, and didn't get to play it? Pfft, serves him right for being so impatient. Still, though his actions he actually DID save the future from pointless war so... Chalk one up for another nice thing accidentally done by Eric Cartman. He can be so stupid sometimes... .
    Either way, it's a great Cartman episode, and one that I liked a lot more than I was going to. Then, the ending. It was so appropriate. You would THINK that Cartman would learn his lesson, but no. It's made even FUNNIER by the fact that another future Cartman calls him, and warns him, but he thinks it's Kyle, anyway.
  • 152nd Episode

    This episode is even better than the last, and while the "oh my science" jokes got way too repetitive and atheism really wasn't tackled in that clever a way, the episode was still hilarious with the war based on the initials of their group and Cartman using the prank phone and insulting himself which was done quite cleverly.

    The ending is terrific and shows some very confusing paradoxes, and the future sure is crazy, Kyle's day apparently changing the outcome of robot pets.

    Dawkin not realising Garrison used to be a man is a tad unbelievable but all the same entertaining and overall this episode is one of the higher points of season 10 so far.
  • One hell of an episode

    Very exciting and classsic and explains some very intersting points of the story. It also keeps you in suspense with humor in it off course. Cartman tries to call himslef and persuade himslef to not go to the future but is very unfortunate and he doesnt listen to himself. Which is when he callls up butter and kyle from the future but neither want to help him either since they believe it is one of his usual pranks. Very exciting and classsic and explains some very intersting points of the story. It also keeps you in suspense with humor in it off course. Cartman tries to call himslef and persuade himslef to not go to the future but is very unfortunate and he doesnt listen to himself. Which is when he callls up butter and kyle from the future but neither want to help him either since they believe it is one of his usual pranks.
  • A Lame Episode

    Part two of go god go was even worse than part one. It was all in the future as cartman still had no wii and was a stupid plot about a religion fightin each other. All for the name of their group. Also cartman trys to get back to the future by calling the past. This episode was pretty stupid cause of the bad plot and not very funny. I dont get what the point of this episode was. Really like what the hell and who cares anyway. Just about the wii and evolution which was insulting it pretty much. So in the end this was a pointless episode where the wasnt much of reason to make it two part episode. Should of been one part and left out the future part cause it was really bad. Just another bad season ten episode.
  • Had this made any sense...

    Had this made any sense it might have gotten a ten rating from me. But it made no sense. Had theyre not been beavers arguing about the A A A and the A U A and what not, I would have had no clue what was going on. Cartmen was stupid, and everyone around him more stupid. Mr. Garriosn, or Mrs. Garrison or whatever the heck he's calling himself since the sex change operation, was so funny. "His beautifule wife." I laughed for 20 minutes. Anyway, this episode was good and funny, and South Park, giving it an excuse to be dumb, but not great.
  • The sequel redeems its predecessor.

    I found little funny about the first episode, so I was very leary about part two. Since this episode focuses primarily on the time-travel aspect initiated in the first episode, it works very well. The opening stylistic lampoon of those science fiction shows from the 70's was perfect. The storyline surrounding the great question may have been carried on a bit too long, but it was still satisfying in its resolution. The telephoning the past sequences were hilarious and perfectly fit South Park's reality with everyone (including the informed Cartman) telling him off. The otters were a bit of whimsical randomness (or random whimsy) in the style of South Park's depiction of God and the Gelgameks from "Red Hot Catholic Love". All in all, this sequel ep. made the first installation far more palatable.
  • Way better then the first part!

    The first part was disapointing. I personally didnt care for that episode. Only thing about this is trying to fallow all the differnt factions and the reason there at war. The way Cartmen constently changes everything is hilarious. As well as the calling himslef part. I like The irony at the end of the episode thoug. That was great. I call it Karma. And the fact is Cartmen is Cartmen. He never learns and he'll probly never change. This episode contained many nice aspecs as well. I noticed alot of familar things in this episode. Many of them I cannot place my finger on. But this is a great conclusion.
  • It was a good episode altough its the ending i hated.

    A very silly episode although its not the best but its not bad a good episode aPPARENTLY THOUGH the endimg could have been better Cartman goes back to the past I forget what happended at the end of this episode I give this episode a 10 beacause its not a bad episode but for the ending.
  • For all of you fans that are disappointed in this delightful detour and it's lack of "traditional" South Park humor, I am sorry you missed the point of the entire series.

    Last week's episode found Cartman in the future, still obsessed over the Nintendo Wii.

    "Go God Go XII" opens where last week's episode left off. This episode is a futuristic sci fi fantasy, a genre that South Park has always been able to work with.

    After last week's episode set up the situation and introduced us to this future world, this episode was able to flourish. The wacky absurdity of the first part was carried over into the second part with otters, ostriches, page boy haircuts, and my personal favorite-- the Crank Prank Timephone. I find it especially hilarious that the producers, distributors, and sellers of this little "toy" expect that ANYBODY would use it strictly for prank calling, and that the prank calls would involve ancient jokes about running refrigerators and Prince Albert in a can.

    So, for all of you fans that are disappointed in this delightful detour and it's lack of "traditional" South Park humor, I am sorry you missed the point of the entire series.

    Also, I must add, to clarify to almost everyone that Cartman did NOT learn a lesson in this episode, as the last 30 seconds suggest. He recieves a call from the future warning him that he better just wait the two months. This shows that he, in fact, ended up back in the future because he could not wait the two months.
  • The entertaining, if somewhat anticlimactic, conclusion to last week's episode.

    This episodes was rather silly and pretty cute, and had a lot of entertaining moments. Cartman's accidental saving of the future through his revelation of Mr. Garrison's sex change operation was the only major plot point of the episode. However, it was rather anticlimactic, given the buildup of tension during last week's episode.
    That being said, there were some GREAT moments. Cartman's conversations with himself, Butters, and Kyle in his futile attempts to keep his past self from freezing himself and precepitating the episode's events were all amusing. Still, I was expecting more plot and character develoment out of this week's episode than was delivered.
    In short: Cute, funny, but not one of the series' (or even the season's) best.
  • Allright episode not too bad...

    Not my favourite episode by a long shot, the only truely funny bit was at the end when Cartman get's sent back too far in time and get's a phonecall from himself in the future, and he still doesn't believe himself... It was pretty class there but appart from that it wasn't as gripping as usual. The atheist storyline could have been improved and i think that Cartman's bad-boy side had slightly slipped in this episode as he wasn't as crude as usual. I still love South Park in every way shape and form, but this episode was slightly disapointing.
  • Could have been better

    Along with the more recent episodes, this episode was not very funny. Okay, there were parts of it which were funny, but to say that the whole thing was hilarious is kind of an overstatement. I believe that the more recent episodes are more centered on bashing other people than actually getting a decent plot and good humor across.
  • Honestly, the episode was ehhh

    I don't drink the South Park kool-aid and think every South Park episode is amazing, and I don't act as if just because I get the reference that I think the joke is funny--just because you know the referemce does not make something funny. Parts that are good include the following: Cartman calling himself an a-hole and offering to suck off Kyle; the electric repairman is a retard; the cute beavers whenever they said "tummyyyy"; and the cute beavers when they kill the wise one in unison. In my opinion, none of those funny moments were enough to carry this episode beyond a 5.0 rating. Unfunny moments include the following: the great question that causes all the atheist wars is the absolutely lame and unfunny question "what do we call ourselves?" [sooo not funny, everyone]; everyone violating some atheist 10 Commandment by using science's name in vain ad nauseum; future prank-calling; Cartman's pet changing species; and pretty much the rest of the episode. I'm not saying that the episode was bad, but it was not great. It was a very mediocre episode with a very mediocre plot that was stretched out over 2 episodes.
  • The least enjoyable episode I've seen in a while

    I've come to love Southpark because of its outrageous scenarios and brilliantly written "dual track" themes that takes two seemingly unrelated activities and weaves them into a hilarious conclusion. It's worked, and become an American favorite because it's just good fun (albiet not clean). Unfortunately, this time we viewers endured 55 minutes of preaching to hear Cartman call himself an a-hole. Big deal. Slightly uncomfortable scenes are common on the show, but long shots showing Garrison having sex, on both episodes nonetheless, was too much even for me. And while preachiness has its place, this episode couldn't even get out of its own way. Science as the new God...we get it already!!!

    I still love Southpark and will continue to watch it; both new episodes and reruns. But this one won't be considered a classic.
  • More new ideas not done before

    I thought it was pretty clever to come up with crank calls from the future as the means to get Cartman to change the path of history. However, on The Office, they did the same joke on the next night where Jim sends a fax to Dwight claiming he's faxing from the future and to prevent a coworker from drinking something that will poisen him.

    Anyway, outing Mr. Garrison to his lover ultimately prevented the time continuum and it was a good resolution. It reminded me of the "Back to the Future" movie, which, after seeing a Star Trek episode, "City of the Edge of Forever," made me realize that's where BTTF got the idea for the movie because Star Trek did it first. But when seeing a Twilight Zone episode of the same idea, I realized Star Trek copied it from them.
  • Kill the Wise One!!!

    Wow, this episode has to be one of the most amusing things that I have ever seen on TV!! Thankfully Trey and Matt followed through and gave the fans more of what they wanted: Athiest Sea Otters. The story was the same over baked idea that shows have been doing for a while now, but the way that the characters play it so straight-faced is perfect. It's the jokes that are thrown into the background that provide the necessary mockery to make the episode work, and the Sea Otters. The wonderful reference to the Twilight Zone theme was also very welcome. This is a fine conclusion to the first part of this episode. Sea Otters!!!!
  • Hilarious!

    I couldn't stop laughing throughout this episode! Cartman gets frozen and wakes up 500 years into the future, to steal the Nintendo Wii and bring it back to the present to be the first one to play it! Unfortunately he doesn't know how to get back to his own time so he buys a prank call phone thing and calls his friends from the present to help him out. They, unfortunately don't believe him. And to make matters worse, a legion of evil otters want to take over the world! This episode was by far one of my favorites and was an excellent conclusion to last week's episode.
  • A welcome return to classic South Park humor. A bit preachy and sometimes repetitive, but with enough funny moments to carry the story line. This story should have been condensed into one episode. Trivia: Who calls Eric an "a**hole?" How many ti

    A welcome return to classic South Park humor. Okay, so it was a little preachy regarding attitudes toward religion & evolution, but not without some justification. The absurdity of the 'ultimate question' was cute if not laugh-out-loud material, but there was enough meat in the writing to carry this episode to several funny high spots. So, what was funny? Practically everyone in the episode calling Eric Cartman an a**hole? Eric calling his past and future self an a**hole? Cartman refusing to ever learn from his mistakes? Ms. Garrison in a future portrait as the wife of their anti-religious patriarch? Allusions to practically every Sci-Fi movie ever made? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. One complaint is that Trey & Matt made us sit through 30 minutes of mediocre setup material in the previous 'Go God Go, Part 2' episode. If you haven't seen it already, skip the first part entirely because the summary at the beginning of the second part contains all the necessary background material. I also have a beef with the repetitive references to 'Science' as a replacement for 'God.' We got it the first time... really! With more concise writing and better video editing this story could have been condensed into one more inclusive, and funnier, single episode.
  • Ugh...

    Preachiness is "South Park's" biggest and most irritating flaw. I don't know why Matt and Trey can't make episodes like they did during Seasons 2-6, but whatever they're doing now to create this dreck needs to stop. In the history of "South Park" two-parters, this is by far the worst and most unecessary. Seeing characters running around screaming "Dang science!" or "The wonders of science!" 6 times over is just begging viewers to roll their eyes in disgust and wonder of how anyone could possibly let this once fresh satire go stale. I expect better.
  • Focused too much on plot than laughs.

    Cartman is still in the future. The atheists are at war with atheists who are at war with sea otters riding ostriches. Cartman finally gets his Wii, which can't be plugged as outlets no longer exist. Cartman gets s time phone and call himself, Butters, and Kyle. Calling Kyle changes the future. Then, he calls Mrs. Garrison. Dawkins finds out that she used to be a he, which disgusts him and makes him break up with Garrison. This changes the future again. The humans and sea otter are at peace. Cartman is sent back t othe past. He has to wait not three weeks, but two months for the Wii.
  • Focused too much on plot than laughs.

    Cartman is still in the future. The atheists are at war with atheists who are at war with sea otters riding ostriches. Cartman finally gets his Wii, which can't be plugged as outlets no longer exist. Cartman gets s time phone and call himself, Butters, and Kyle. Calling Kyle changes the future. Then, he calls Mrs. Garrison. Dawkins finds out that she used to be a he, which disgusts him and makes him break up with Garrison. This changes the future again. The humans and sea otter are at peace. Cartman is sent back t othe past. He has to wait not three weeks, but two months for the Wii.
  • A really good end to a two parter in which Cartman must warn himself not to freeze himself. Will he succeed?

    Previousally, Cartman froze himself in hope to get to play the new Nintendo Wii faster, but things went wrong. He was sent 500 years into the future and everyone is Athiest, thanks to Mrs. Garrison and Mr. Dawkins. Cartman tricks the sea otters into getting him the Wii, then he returns to the Aliance. He learns he can't hook up the Wii because it is "outdated." He sees a commerical on tv for a prank time phone, in which you can prank phone call people from the past. Cartman gets one, and calls himself. He tries to warn himself not to freeze himself, but the past CArtman deosn't believe him. Then he tries Butter and Kyle. Neither of them help him. The three Athiest groups are preparing to attack eachother. They are all about to die. Cartman explains they should believe in God after he learns what they are fighting about, what to call themselves. He forgets what happened and everyone is preparing to send him back to the past. Though he can't remember how he saved everyone, he just wants to get back to the past. When he gets back, he tells his mom he'll be able to wait the two weeks for the Wii. His mom tells him it is only September, and he has to wait two months. He gets a phone call from his future self, again. He tells him not to freeze himself. Regular Cartman thinks it's Kyle...
  • A classic ender to a perfect two parter in which Cartman doesn't learn anything even though knowing the outcome.

    In this episode Cartman is still in the future 500 years to be exact and still eager to play the nintendo Wii. The fight between the three athiest groups grows stronger and in the mean time Cartman finally grasps his hands on the wii but his float screen won't connect. In order to play the game he calls himself and other using a time phone but noone takes him seriously until he gets ahold of the evolution Dr. and after telling him the Mrs. Garrison is actually a Mr. they break up. With thier break up the future is a peacefull place. They send Cartman back to the past but two far and with the launch of the wii being two months instead of 3 weeks away cartman, even though called again, decides to freeze himself again.

    This episode was very funny but a bit on the gross side with the clip of the "monkey scene" with the evolution doctor and Mrs. Garrison and seeing her laid out on the picture was a bit too much. I enjoyed this episode through and through wishing that the sea otters would become the champions but thier problems were solved and the future is safe once more. I give this episode a 8.9 out of 10 for its very funny scenes, the whole concept of the time crank phone call machine, and the whole buck rodgers take of the show. South park gets better and better with each passing season.
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