South Park

Season 16 Episode 11

Going Native

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 17, 2012 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

At school Cartman comes into the cafeteria with news that Butters just beat the crap out a kid named Scott. The boys go to the bathroom where Butters has locked himself in. Kyle starts to try talking Butters out and Butters comes out of the bathroom and starts pointing out everyone's character flaws. The only person he doesn't have a problem with is Kenny. Later Butters is in the principal's office with his parents. His parents realize that Butters is going through a change and they need to send him for help. At home they tell Butters of his heritage, but Butters wonders what that's got to do with him acting like "an Emo chick on her period." They tell him he must go to HawaiÊ"i on his own, like a salmon returning to where it was born and he must do it alone. His dad gives him his Mahalo Rewards card and his parents turn their back on him, Butters must do this alone. Cartman comes to the basketball court to tell the other boys about Butters leaving for HawaiÊ"i. Kenny is sent to stop him, but he finds Butters at airport crying that he's already failed. Kenny goes with him to the airline counter. The airline wouldn't sell Butters a ticket because they believe he was intoxicated. If Kenny accompanies him, they will let him fly. They arrive at Lihue airport on the island of KauaÊ"i. They don't know what do next when a group of "native" Hawaiians greet them at the airport. They are surprise that Kenny is there, but agree to take him along and get a ruling from their leader. On the way to where they are going they pass the ancient ruins of their ancestors, the "Coco Palms," where they say the spirit of the King is still there. They arrive at the Sheraton Residences, where many of the "natives" live. They approach their "protector and chief," who immediately identified Kenny as a Haole. Kenny write a letter home to the other boys telling them about all he's seen hanging out with the "natives" and that Butters will be going through his ceremony on the morrow.

Butters ceremony begins but is soon interrupted with the news that the Mahalo Rewards card is going to be discontinued. The "natives" are worried, without that card there may be nothing to distinguish them from the tourists. The "natives" are convinced the Haole are trying to drive the out, and so they decide to fight. The "natives" line up golf balls on the beach and drive them towards an approaching cruise ship. Butters, who's never hit a golf ball before in his life, channels all his anger and drives a ball straight towards the ship and sinks it. The news reports on the unrest in Hawaii, where tourists have been sent away and the island cuts itself off. Kenny, the only tourist present, has to endure a challenge to prove his worth to the "natives." Kenny fails at the task and now finds himself drifting towards and over a waterfall. Later the "native" tribes try to get together to unite in their fight against the Haoles. It takes Butters' anger to unite the masses. The only problem, the "natives" have run out of "Chi Chis."

Kenny gets himself to shore and finds himself by the place where the King once played. Elsewhere the Coast Guard launches an assault on the "natives." The "natives" fight back with their golf and bocce balls. The Coast Guard fights back with real artillery, easily wiping out several of the "natives." One of the "natives" is real concerned that they won't be able to fight well without their "Chi Chis." Kenny encounters the spirit of the King, who takes him to a secret store filled with "Chi Chi" fixings. The "natives" are prepared to surrender to American government. Butters won't have anything to do with that plan. He starts ranting and eventually admits that "Argo" is a good movie. Of in the distance Kenny is spotted returning with the King's bounty of "Chi Chi" supplies. He follows it up with a letter to the boys back home in Colorado. The American government gives in to the "natives" and the Mahalo Rewards card is reinstated. Both boys are put through the ceremony and given their Mahalo Cards. Butters anger has now subsided, but he still has concerns about Ben Affleck still gets to be with Jennifer Lopez. When he finds out Ben is with Jennifer Garner instead, he feels much better and is ready to return home.