South Park

Season 16 Episode 11

Going Native

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 17, 2012 on Comedy Central

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  • The Worst Episode I have ever Seen!!!

    Alright, Where do I freaking Begin with this God Awful Episode. Okay First Off the Newest Season features Three Episodes all about Butters & Trey & Matt are not done with this Season yet are you Shitting Me! Hoarding Butters out to the Maximum. Well I guess it wouldn't be to bad seeing it is Our Cute Little Butters well you are all going to be Surprised but I was wrong & all of you are wrong. Okay First Off Butters starts Bullying or Beating Up a Student that didn't even do anything to him in fact the only reason why Butters was beating him up was the fact that this Student had Diabetes?! Then The Fourth Graders show up & he starts making Fun of Cartman (Which is Fine because Cartman's a Dick to Him) then starts picking on the other Fourth Graders such as Jimmy (Which in Season 9, Episode named "Erection Day" Butters said to Jimmy "He would never pick on anyone with a problem" yet in this episode Butters picks on him) Kyle, Stan, Craig, Token & Everyone else except for Kenny for some reason. Then Later it was stated that Butters is actually a Hawaiian... What the F***!!! Okay I usually don't complain like this but Butters being a Hawaiian is so Terrible because his real name is Leopold & a Hawaiian with the name of Leopold... are you Shitting Me?! Leopold sounds like someone from Europe which is where his Family was probably Born. This Episode also includes Butters saying "Stupid Greedy Haole's, Kill Them All!" What the F***?! Okay First Off Butters would never & I mean never want to Kill a Human Being just because there White or American. In fact Butters is a freaking White American since he was probably Born in South Park. Also Butters said he wanted to Kill all of The Haole's which means White People who live in America?! Butters wanting to Kill Every White Person in America!!! What The F***!!! But Wait that's not all, It was said during this God for Saking Episode that Butters was Kenny's Best Friend... No just No, In Season 9, Episode called "Best Friends Forever" it was Stated & Shown that Cartman & Kenny are Best Friends!!! This Episode is just so Abysmal & Pathetic. This Episode made me lose all hope in South Park! Overall The Worst South Park Episode I have ever Seen. However I did Enjoy seeing Kenny a lot because he is just Awesome!