South Park

Season 8 Episode 1

Good Times With Weapons

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 17, 2004 on Comedy Central

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  • Hilarious and Funny episode

    At the end, I couldn't believe the adults and parents didn't even care about the ninja star on Butters' eye, but were talking about Cartman.
  • Amazing episode.

    This episode is about the boys buying weapons from a merchant in the local fair. The four boys go to Craig's house where Craig, Clyde, Token, and Jimmy are at and challenge them. They refuse. Butters wants to play with them and gets rejected. He becomes Professor Chaos and challenges the boys. Kenny throws a star at his at and makes it bleed. Craig and the others come back for a challenge. They have made Butters into a dog to pretend he's an animal. He escapes and gets to a hospital. The eight boys look for Butters. Craig and the others ditch and the normal four try to get their money back. They don't. The town gets angry after seeing Cartman naked. Overall, I give this episode a perfect 10.
  • perfect

    Stan and friends buy ninja-related items and play with them, pretending to be real ninjas. However, they get in a 'fight' with Butters, where Kenny throws something at him which gets caught in his eye. Now, the boys need to get him to a doctor, without having their moms find out they were playing with weapons. Will they succeed in this mission?

    Pretty much a perfect episode, and definitely up there as one of my favorite episodes of South Park. Funny with good animation, what more could you ask for? Overall my final grade for this episode is easily going to be an A+
  • South Park + Anime + Calvin and Hobbes-like Humor = One of the Best South Park Episodes of All Time

    When the writers of South Park decided to do an episode that mocks anime (more specifically, the type of title that's based on a manga that appears in Shounen Jump), I, being an anime fan, was curious to see how they were going to mock this genre. In the end, this episode is an example of South Park at its finest.

    The thing that made the episode so great were the bits that are done in the style of animation that's common in anime title. Combining this style with some wacky antics written by Trey and Matt (i.e. Kyle and Cartman's typical arguing; a muscular Cartman whining when the boys strip him of his ninja powers, then turns Kyle into a chicken after he regains them), these scenes definitely feel as if they would fit perfectly in a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. Also adding to the anime feel (along with a few action scenes) is an original song by Trey Parker that mocks the type of music that are common OP themes to shounen anime titles (and demonstrates Trey's knowledge of the Japanese language, as the song itself is funny once you know the English translation of the lyrics).

    Of course, South Park isn't South Park without at least one nod to recent events at the time, and this episode has a couple that help with the humor. The first is the start of a three episode long bit where Cartman praises The Passion of the Christ because of how the film portrays Jews in a negative manner. The second involves a comical satire of the controversy that was Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" during the Super Bowl. The way Trey and Matt pull this off (by having the parents be more upset over Cartman's "invisibity" trick than Butters having a ninja star stuck in his eye) not only stays true to the Calvin and Hobbes-esque feel of the episode, but also provides a funny commentary about how people in American seem to be more concerned about nudity in the media than violence.

    In closing, this episode is definite watch for anyone who is into either South Park or anime.
  • My second favorite SP episode

    I this episode, the boys trick a vendor into giving them weapons are the town fair, then they battle "evil". Then Professor Chaos (Butters) gets a ninja star in his eye, the boys have to get him aid, but not lose they're weapons (because they'd get grounded.) This episode is laugh out loud hilarious from the very start, and doesn't lose steam throughout it. The best part is probably, about how when the boys act like their ninja counterparts, they're shown in anime form battling, as is Professor Chaos. Butters is abused constantly in this episode as he is (1) gets a star in his eye (2) told to shut up constantly when being dressed up like a dog (3) crapped on by a dog (4) almost put to sleep by the vet. The story also includes jabs at Mel Gibson, and Cartman's line at the end is an obvious jab at the wardrobe malfunction at the SuperBowl. Overall, this is easily one of the SP episodes ever, with constant jokes, and hilarity thoughout, you'd be crazy to miss this episode. 10/10 A+
  • The Butters plot is without a doubt, the most vile wrong, unfunny, sad and completely uneeded worst thing South Park has ever done!!!!

    This episode was hilarious, but POOR BUTTERS!! I can't believe Matt and Trey would do such a thing! Have be in so much pain and humilation, it was so sad, cruel, uneeded and most of all, unfunny. I just can't understand why anyone would do that, or think it's funny. And don't get me wrong, I love South Park! I've (honestly) watched every episode they've ever made!! Butters has been and always will be my favorite character because of excellent episodes like Professor Chaos and Awesom-O. But this one is The Worst South Park Ever!!!!!!!! Unless you take out the parts with Butters (Except i liked him before he was hit with the ninja star)
  • I laughed at myself in this episode ^^

    Okay, I take sexual violence more seriously than bloody violence, I mean it's just blood and some people getting killed, it's the circle of life, but Sex-things are way more disgusting.

    I really love this episode, first the Japanese animation then a ninja star stuck in Butters' eye. it's really great.

    Although the ending was kinda awkward, but I understand it's meaning, people take sexual violence more seriously blah-blah-blah...But I wish they would make a better one rather than Cartman getting busted every time, Although, the part where he walked naked in the stage was truly unexpected ^^.

    I hope they make 3d ones next time. but I know it'll get ugly so never mind.
  • An Excellent Episode

    In my experience there have been three types of South Park episodes.

    -The Unfunny pointless flat ones
    -The Extremely Mean ones
    -The outright genius ones.

    This one qualifies as genius. So when the boys get some far eastern weapons things are bound to go awry. Their Ninja versions of themselves seem true to their characters (especially funny is Cartman's). The boys argue over powers (something that brings back memories) and show off the weapons to Craig's gang. Of course they get weapons too, but not before Kenny throws his Shuriken Star into Butters eye. In the end this is a classic episode, and satirizes the fact that parents are far more concerned about sex than violence. Cartman's "Wardrobe Malfunction" is priceless.
  • This is the best south park espisode ever.

    If i can only buy 1 south park espisode it would be this one. This espisode is so funny. The best park of this espisode is when they said this Quote, Roger: Can I help you boys?
    Stan: Yeah. We wanna get one of each of these ninja weapons. Roger: Okay, uh, you need to have your parents here when you buy them, though. I, I can't sell to anyone under eighteen without parents' permission. Cartman: Parents? Parents? (begins to fake cry) Oh God! Roger: Uh wh- what's the matter? Stan: We-we're brothers, see, and our parents... died in a car accident last year. Cartman: Why? (the other boys start fake crying) Why?! Why did you have to take them both? Why! Why? Kyle: Why do people have to keep reminding us of what we don't have?? Roger: It's all right, it's all right boys. Don't cry, I'll, I'll just go pack these up for you, okay? Stan: (once the clerk is out of sight) God damn, that's like the twelfth time that's worked.
  • This episode portrays an issue in a very great yet a random way

    Japanese animation and cartoons together? Sweet!

    I love the boys in their anime forms very funny. Their Battle with Proffesor Chaos and Craig was really awesome.
    I found it very awkward for Chef to be in this episode, but it's okay. I kinda felt sorry for butters' here since he always gets hurt in some episodes. People might notice the boys playing like ninjas and cartman anti - semitism in this episode, but there's an issue here. Notice how the townspeople notice cartman naked rather that Butters' bleeding eye. This episode shows that people take sexual violence too seriously rather than raw and bloody violence.
  • The boys are transformed into Japanese warriors after they buy martial arts weapons at a local flea market. Their sworn enemy, Professor Chaos, confronts them and a highly stylized battle ensues.

    In this episode the boys get to do what most of us only dreamed of growing up. They get to play with real weapons. There are just to many hilarious scenes in this episode. Starting with the boys telling the knife store owner that their parents are dead inorder to get the weapons. Then again when they are starting to tryout their new weapons and decide to show them off to Craig and those guys. And who could forget Cartman(a.k.a. Bullrog) coming up with all his powers. "I forgot guys, I can also see into the future, but better than Kyle, let me try." Then along comes Prof. Chaos and like the old saying goes, its all fun and games until someone loses an eye. The fight scene between the boys and their rival group is incredibly humorous. And Cartman believing that he was invisible makes for one very graphically funny scene. This is definatley one of my all time favorites. Because in the end, its just kids being kids.
  • The boys manage to get their hands on some martial arts weapons. Inevitably, this gets them into some serious trouble...

    Definetly one of the best episodes of South Park!

    It's pretty hard to write a plot that contains both the social criticism as well as the laugh-your-ass-off humor, but this one had it all and in a very good mix, too. The references to the anime world and the switch between the "real" world and the kids imagination was also very clever.

    Butters really gets it in this episode (poor little guy, lol) and for the faint-hearted this might be a bit too much to swallow. But in the end the shock value of this episode also gets the message into your head, so I the little extra violence of this one was justified.
  • Awesome!

    The boys go to the fair and buy martial arts weapons from a dealer. This episode is pretty much making fun of the Japanese shows. Some of my most favorite scenes in South Park are in this episode. The scene where Cartman, Stan, Kenny, and Kyle are battling Craig and his friends is really funny with the background music and the stlye the fight and most of the episode is animated in. Another great part is where they are fighting Butters and throw a ninja star in his eyes and dress him as a dog and try to take him to the vet. Overall, one of my favorite episodes.
  • Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!!!

    Fuse copycatting, parody, genius and stupidity and you get this episode and don't get me wrong, it's great. It really represents a good anime/manga cartoon, kinda reminds me of Goku and Friza from their time especially the way they recapitulate what append earlier - brilliant, pure brilliance. Also it's a great start of the eight season. The best character - Professor Chaos aka Leopold Scotch aka Buthers. And Cartman, the fata**, with his having powers and not having powers. They are just great, what can I say. I have to feel in the words so don't read this in the end.
  • This episode is one my very favorites. this episode kicked but! south park is a really gr8 cartoon. and anime is one of my top favorite forms of animation. Oh yea, I forgot to say that this episode is one of my top favorite episodes!

    I love the fact that they made this episode using both anime and western style animation. Every one of the boys xcept 4 cartman and butters/professor chaos is hot here. My favorite scenes were when the fights were going on and when kyle and cartman were arguing about Jews being ninjas (yet again, here cartman was being racist about jews). In other words, this episode is one of ,if not the, best episodes of south park ever! 5/5 stars! and congrats to the creators and other people who work on south park on making such a gr8 episode!
  • The boys become ninjas.

    In possibly the best episode of the series, we see the boys buy some ninja weapons. In their attempt to become the best ninjas ever, they encounter many foes, including the one and only Professor Chaos. Kenny accidentally lodges a throwing star in Butters' (I mean...Professor Chaos') eye. They seek help for Butters without getting in trouble for playing with ninja toys. In the end, Cartman's powers fail him as he is found nude and Butters is still injured severely. I really love this episode from the animation style to the plot. It's one of the best of season 8. It's a good parody of anime. So Let's Fighting Love!!
  • After lying to the clerk, the boys obtain authentic weapons from the far east. Pretending to be fierce warriors, they take on Butters as Porf. Chaos. Kenny throws his ninja shurikan in Butters' eye so the boys dress him up as a dog and send him to the vet

    another great episode! Poor Butters is always getting **** on and you feel so bad for him with a dangerous object lodged in his head, covered in glue and dog fur. This episode made me laugh in several areas, mainly when Cartman crosses the stage nude and you see his facial expression and his tiny weener and fat ass. totally cute. I also like the part where they are battling Prof. Chaos and Bulrog turns Kyle into a chicken. Its amazing the weird things these guys come up with.And of course, the ending where Cartman gets in trouble for nudity rather than the boys getting in trouble for playing with weapons.
  • Best South Park to date

    Coincidentally the first episode of South Park episode I had ever seen, this episode is one for the ages. I've always found anime to be quite overdramatic and repetative, and this episode makes fun of that perfectly. The role of Butters is absoluetly hilarious, "sorry I cant help you, I'm a people doctor" and part where they receive the weapons is classic. It is filled with plenty of Cartman v Kyle action as well as the parody of the "wardrobe malfunction". Overall, great plot, great fun to watch and by far the funniest South Park without a real message, it just plain funny.
  • Oh my God! I was laughing like crazy at every scene. ( My sister watched it with me, and our dad was in the room, and he asked us are we high or something.)

    Oh my God! I was laughing like crazy at every scene. ( My sister watched it with me, and our dad was in the room, and he asked us are we high or something.)
    The story is about boys buying weapons and pretending that they were ninjas. They were animated in Japanese style, and everything was different, except for their voices. And seeing boys like grown-up persons, with weapons, dressed up and acting like ninjas, talking in their normal, kiddy voices was the funniest thing. When Kenny throw a ninja star in Butters eye, they were in serious trouble. Poor Butters, hi was really bad injured and went through hell in this episode. But everything ended well, because their parents were more upset about fact that Eric walked naked around, then about kids playing with weapons. I'm not sure that the moral message was very good, considering the fact that boys did the wrong thing and they did not get grounded, but in the end... who cares... That's South Park.
  • Good Times with Weapons is South Park’s version of cartoon heroes and villains of good vs. evil. It is the battle between Butters versus Kyle, Cartman, Stan and Kenny. It is a timeless episode.

    Good Times with Weapons is great episode because we get the pleasure to watch an epic battle of pure good vs. evil. The show begins with the boys going to a carnival, and tricking the salesman into buying ninja fighting gear. Then, as they are pretending to fight evil, Professor Chaos arrives at the scene to face an epic battle with the new fighting heroes. It is hilarious because the boys get in an argument with Cartman because he is always coming up with new powers, and the others don’t think it is fair that he has more than one power while they only get one. First, Stan, Kyle and Cartman duel with Professor Chaos taking the slight lead until Kenny throws his ninja star in Butter’s eye. So, it becomes funny yet heartbreaking because they have to hide a seriously injured Butter’s from the hospital and their parents by disguising Butters as a dog because they will get in trouble for lying and buying weapons. Then, they fight other students, who got weapons, from school while Butters desperately looks for help. So, at the end, instead of getting in trouble, Cartman thinks that he is invisible and tries to walks across the stage naked, and the town gets worried about the boys exposed to sex; instead of punishing the boys for lying and hurting Butters, they get off free with Butters having a really sore eye. Overall, it is an excellent and hilarious episode especially because of the cartoon characters diagrams of the boys’ heroes and villains yet sad to see Butters hurt.
  • Excellent

    Butters gets a throwing star in his eye. How much better could it possibly get? The trick the boys play on the weapons dealer is classic. These are two of the best scenes in the episode and in all of South Park. I watched this episode on the South Park: The Hits Volume One, and I can see why it's so popular. I literally laughed for about 15 minutes at what they did with Butters in this episode... and having Kenny hurt him was just priceless. I'm surprised I actually found a 100 words to use in this review. The end.
  • The boys become anime ninjas, its really funny. Everyone should watch it.

    In this episode the boys go to a fair and see some ninja weapons. They ask to buy the ninja weapons but the guy at the stand says he needs their parents signatures. Stan then starts crying and tells a lie about how their parents died in a car accident, and all the boys start to cry. The man at the stand says he’ll sell them the weapons. Kenny gets two ninja stars, Cartman gets a two small ninja knives, Stan gets two of those wooden nightstick things, and Kyle gets a pair of nun chucks. Butters asks if he can play with them and they say no so Butters turns into Professor Chaos. The boys then show some other boys their weapons. Then they walk off and Professor Chaos comes and they blast him, none of their blasts work so they tell Kenny to throw a ninja star. The ninja star hits Butters’s eye and he falls to the ground. Then they dress him up as a dog so they don’t have to take him to the hospital and get in trouble. They are taking him to the vet when they are attacked by the boys they showed their weapons to. The other boys used the same trick that Cartman, Stan, Kenny, and Kyle used to get ninja weapons of their own. Then they have a big fight and Butters runs away. They go looking for him and butters goes to the hospital. Then they find butters but hes on the other side of the fair and they’d have to go past all the grown ups. Then Cartman uses his invisible powers and takes off his clothes. The thing is, he’s only invisible to the boys so he walks past all the grownups naked. Its so funny. Then they hold a town meeting and everyone’s mad at Cartman so the other boys leave and get to keep their weapons.
  • An alright season opener.

    good times with weapons is the opener to the highly disappointing eighth season. The boys by weapons at a fair and start playing ninja with them. While they do that, butters gets a ninja star to the eye and is seriously injured. The boys try to hide him but butters gets away and starts wandering around the town aimlessly. This episode does have its moments where its pretty funny, but alot of it is just really annoying. as i said before, season 8 was extremely dissaponting. In my opinion, its the weakest season as it only has about 3 episodes that you can watch more then once. Overall this episode was an ok way to open a mediocre season, it may even be one of the bright spots of it.
  • I just wanted it to be over!

    I can say, those kids pretending their parents death was brilliant. And also, that theme song when they were fighting against the other kids..

    But.. Seriosly, I was desperate with that Butter's situation, why did they have to do that? They could have come up with something more clever than that. I know this was hated by a lot of people, but yeah... also loved by most of them. I don't really care, I didn't like it.

    It was a great episode for those who love this show's violence, and a pretty black humor. There's nothing else. It could've been an awesome episode, but they turned into a caos, that stopped me from being a regular fan. Now I'm just part of the normal audience.

    Get over it.
    I already did.
  • So funny! They\'re in Anime form! How classic!

    It is one of my top 5 favorite episodes of South Park! Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny went to a fair, found weapons, and got them for free by pretending they don\'t have any parents. Then the fun part begins. They pretend to be Anime characters and pretend to fight. And to make a long story short, Cartman goes naked in front of an Auction. And doesn\'t play ninjas. While Stan, Kyle, and Kenny play ninjas.
  • The boys get ninja weapons and accidently get a throwing star in Butters eye.

    The boys each buy a ninja weapon. Then, they run into Professor Chaos. Kenny throws his ninja star at Butters, hitting him in the eye. The boys then dress Butters up like a dog. They are going to take him to the vet. On the way, they must battle Craig and his team. Butters escapes. They know if Butters tells on them, they'll get in trouble for having weapons. To get to Butters, they must cross a stage where everyone's parents are. Cartman, thinking he can become invisable, takes off all his clothes and walks up on the stage. The parents learn about Butters, but don't care. All they care about is that all their kids had to see Cartman naked. The boys get to keep their weapons.
  • It was a ******* wardrobe malfunction!

    This is one of the funniest "South Parks" I ahve ever seen. The episode seemed to be parodying how kids imitate tv shows and get hurt [Dragonball Z?], and the kids just fighting with the deadly Ninja Weapons was great. As were the reactions from the kids and the entire town about Butters in the dog suit [I was cracking up]. And the end parodying Janet Jackson was great. I also loved the japanese Animation style that they used it was great for the episode, Hillarious Episode.
  • Maybe my favorite episode of South Park ever!

    This was too much! I personally am a big fan of when they do the weird animations, like the Japanese things. Maybe not weird, but still. This was hilarious. First, the ninjas. The 4 boys, the other 4 and of course butters were so funny. "I use my powers to: turn Kyle into a chicken!" And Chef was a great addition to the ninja squad, even if for only 5 seconds. The Fighting Love song was awesome. that was hilarious! Anyway, props overall to the South Park team for producing such a fine episode. And of course all is well at the end, when Cartmen gets in trouble and the rest of the boys were fine!
  • Good Times with Weapons starring "The Four Ninjas"

    After faking the death of their parents and crying, the boys got to purchase their favorite weapons from the Far East. Stan became Sharuhachi with tonfas, and swore to destroy evil and people he doesn't like. Kyle transformed into Bunraku with nunchuks, and decided to protect others who are in trouble. Kenny turned into Master Kenny with shurikens, and I'm not sure what his main goal is, but I think he said something about saving all women. And Cartman morphs into Bulrog with sais, and dedicates his life to eradicating the world full of hippies.

    As the Four Ninjas journey through the anime-like episode, first they showed off their weapons to Craig and his three friends. Then Butters wanted to played along, but the Four Ninjas say that he wouldn't be a great ninja. So Butters becomes Professor Chaos, bringer of destruction and doom, in order to destroy the Four Ninjas. When to battle goes on, Master Kenny through his shuriken in Professor Chaos' eye, revealing Butters' true identity, and he starts to scream in agony. The Four Ninjas had to disguise him as a dog and take him to the vet. But Craig and his friends bought the ninja weapons of their own at the county fair, and they do combat with the Four Ninjas. While battling, Butters walked off, so they all have to find him, or else they'll all be grounded.

    Chef made his appearance as the black sensei. He told the Four Ninjas that they could put somebody's eye out with those weapons. Bunraku felt so guilty about playing with weapons he tried to ditch his nunchuks in the well. But Bulrog told him that Mel Gibson was right about the Jews can't be ninjas. After finding Butters wandering around aimless, Bulrog becomes invisible in order to retrieve Butters from the public. In reality, Cartman was naked and flashed his "you-know-what" in front of the people. The crowd of people were outraged of Cartman's sexuality. So Stan, Kyle, and Kenny got to keep their weapons.

    This episode is listed to be the second best episode after before the one about Jennifer Lopez.
  • Good times with.....Trouble!

    This is what a south park episode is like!
    Theres just that part that makes you laugh you have to watch the episode other and other to understand all of it.
    okay so the boys go to a county fair and there, thats were they find weapons from the middle east.
    After inventing a story about their parents dying they manage to get the weapons and throughout the episode it turns from the normal south park animation to one of a japanese or chineses cartoon.
    Anyway in this episode proffesor chaos returns after some time without him but his appaerance is breif because while theyre playing Kenny throws a metal star balde into butters eye.
    Anyaway following this theres alot of adventures and hilarious gags (Most of them are Cartmans as usual)
    This episode is a terrific way to kick off the new season!
    Its classical and humourous and this is what southpark needs for the rest of the season
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