South Park

Season 7 Episode 10

Grey Dawn

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 05, 2003 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

At the South Park Farmer's Market, Father Maxi is holding a memorial service for the nine people who died the previous day when they were run over by a senior citizen who still holds a driver's license. The proceedings are marred by another unfortunate senior related driving incident. Stan asks his father why old people are still allowed to drive. Randy's father overhears his son's opinion and lets his own feelings on the matter be known, he still wants to be able to drive. Out on Stark's pond, a man is fishing in his boat until a senior motorist drives off the bridge and kills him. The news covers the recent batch of senior related driving tragedies. Grandpa Marsh and the other seniors have a meeting at the community center to decide what to do. Of course they have trouble remembering why they are all there. They eventually remember and Grandpa Marsh decides they should have a meeting. They then realize that they are a having a meeting. When Randy finds out about the meeting he becomes worried, realizing that when the meeting is over, all the seniors will be driving on the road at the same time. Randy goes into the town and the farmer's market and shouts out a cry of alarm. He asks Gerald where the boys are. The boys are playing street hockey. Randy manages to save the boys and they try hiding in a house. Only the house gets overrun by seniors making the wrong turns and going the wrong way (even on the second floor). The state of Colorado has demanded all seniors turn in their driver's license and the seniors are not delighted. Stan's grandfather wants him to accompany him in the car to go and pick up his new Hover Round. All the boys accompany Grandpa Marsh on the trip, theorizing they'll be safer if they are in the car. Grandpa's driving is at the current senior standard of bad and Officer Barbrady pulls the car over and takes Stan's grandfather to jail. Randy is reluctant to bail his father out, but his father doesn't care, the AARP is sending their aid. Outside of his classroom, Mr. Garrison sees a large number of old people dropping out of the sky. The AARP has air-dropped in reinforcements. They begin taking hostages and liberating their colleagues from the retirement home. "The revolution is on" and the AARP has taken over the town. To show they mean business, the AARP starts killing hostages.
More reinforcements arrive but then so does the military. The seniors list their demands: their driver's licenses, more Medicare and keeping those kids and their skateboards off the sidewalk. The children find their parents under lockup. Randy tells the boys that since they get up early, they are the only hope for getting the town back. While trying to figure out what to do, Cartman suggests they blow up the Country Kitchen Buffet. Stan suggests they just go inside and lock the door from the inside. The AARP plans on taking stronger action, but their plans are thwarted when they start starving to death outside of the Country Kitchen Buffet at 6:00 AM. Their defenses weakened the hostages are released. Grandpa is turned back over his family. Stan sums up the lessons learned by the Marsh family today, that Randy shouldn't treat his father like a child and that Grandpa should be proud to be a senior, but he should realize that he is a killing machine when he is driving.