South Park

Season 7 Episode 10

Grey Dawn

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 05, 2003 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • The woman who is driving and then lands on the boat is called Mona by her husband, but the news report calls her Lydia. Also, the President of the AARP says his name is Bill Stewart, but when he talks about taking over another town, Marvin calls him "Bob."

    • There is a reference to Trey Parker's hometown, Conifer, in this episode.

    • The old man with the hat says at the DMV "I've never been in an accident in my life!" This isn't true. He crashed his car through the house earlier in the episode.

    • When the couple is first driving to Country Kitchen Buffet, it is out in the middle of nowhere, with no buildings around. Later, when the boy's have locked the AARP out, it appears that the restaurant is actually located in the middle of town, near other buildings.

  • Quotes

    • Randy: Sharon, have you seen dad?
      Sharon: He's not here hun, he's having a meeting with all the seniors in town at the community center.
      Randy: Ohh... wait a minute. If all the seniors are in town at a meeting, that means that when the meeting gets out...
      Sharon: Every senior in town will be driving home...
      Randy: At the same time! OH MY GOD!

    • Grandpa Marsh: Seniors of South Park, I don't know about you, but I am mad as hell!
      Seniors: Yeah!
      Elderly Woman: I'm sick of having my mental condition come into question!
      Elderly Man: We need to let everyone know we're pissed off, and we're not gonna take it anymore!
      Seniors: Yeah! Yeah! That's right, Pete!
      Grandpa Marsh: That's right! Now …can anybody remember what we're pissed off about?

    • Grandpa Marsh: I heard what you said! You wanna take drivin' privileges away from seniors! Well let me tell you something, peckerface! I worked fifty five years in the steel mill!
      Randy: Yes Dad.
      Grandpa Marsh: And I flew Spitfires over Germany in World War II!
      Randy: Yes I know.
      Grandpa Marsh: And I will be God-damned if the government thinks it can step in and take away my right to drive!
      Stan: I think old people should have rights, Grampa. I just don't wanna die.

    • Stan: Hey Dad, how come they let old people drive?
      Randy: Well, Stan, it's a very fragile issue.
      Stan: But they kill people.

    • Cartman: Oh God, memorial services are sooo boring.
      Kyle: You insensitive asshole, Cartman! Nine people died!
      Cartman: Yeah, but like, eight of them were hippies. Mostly hippies go to farmer's markets. Mostly…


    • Mr. Garrison: (teaching the class) And so you see children, Ghengis Khan was a Mongol, not to be confused with a mongoloid, like the actor Nicholas Cage.

    • Randy: Oh, brother. Good job, dad. Look at you now.
      Grandpa Marsh: Oh, God Dammit! Don't you lecture me, you son of a bitch!
      Randy: You just had to be so damn stubborn, didn't you?
      Grandpa Marsh: Now my son is gonna talk to me like I'm 12!
      Randy: We're not treating you like children Dad, alright. Now I think you owe Mr. Police Officer an apology. Who needs to apologize, hmmm? Who's a sorry Sorry?
      Grandpa Marsh: Kiss my sagging ass!
      Randy: Well fine. I was going to bail you out but maybe you can just sit here for a bit and think about what you did.

    • Officer Barbrady: Could I see your license, please?
      Grampa: I ain't got one! You peckers took it!
      Officer Barbrady: Well then, I have to take you to jail.
      Grampa: You just try taking me to jail, scrotum-head! You just try!

    • Grandpa Marsh: They may have taken away our licenses, but they will never take away our pride!

    • Cartman: Guys, I don't know if I ever told you this, but, well, I love you guys. Except for you, Kyle.

    • Randy: Well, I think this has been a real learning experience for the Marsh family. People died, but we all grew a bit. Let's just go home.
      Grampa: Sure. I'll drive.
      Randy: (laughs) That's our Grampa.
      Stan: Dude, I hate my family.

    • Cartman: With just ten seconds to go, the offense makes its move. Marsh heads for the goal and passes the ball to the poor kid. The poor kid hands it out to the Jew! The Jew shoots. Aww, and the shot is blocked again , proving once and for all that Jews cannot play hockey!
      Kyle: It isn't fair. Cartman's fatter than the goal.
      Cartman: I'm not fat. I just have a sweet hockey body.

    • Old Man #1: It ain't right what you're doin'! I never had an accident in my life!
      Old Woman: That's right. You shouldn't punish all of us.
      DMV Official: We're sorry, but this is the only way to be sure. Next please. There we go.
      Old Man #1: But how am I supposed to get to the grocery store? Or the pharmacy to buy medicine?
      DMV Official: Well, maybe you should be in a nursing home, hmm?
      Old Man #2: Some of us would rather die!
      DMV Official: Well, we can certainly help you with that, too.

    • Stan: Dad, why is everyone letting old people do this? Why doesn't somebody stop them?
      Randy: They've tried to stop them, son, but the seniors get up so early in the morning they get everything done before everyone else is even awake!
      Kyle: They're saying something about taking over the entire country.
      Randy: Yes. And now seeing how early they get up, I don't see how anyone can stop them. Wait a minute. You boys! You get up almost as early as they do! You can fight them!
      Stan: No. Come on, Dad. Can't you guys do it?
      Randy: No, son. We like to sleep in.

    • Old Woman: (twice in the same conversation) I am sick of having my mental condition come into question!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Halloween:

      When Randy opens the door to find a dead body hanging down, it is similar to a scene in the popular 1978 horror movie Halloween.

    • Aliens:

      Cartman: Mostly hippies go to farmers markets.....mostly

      When Cartman repeats "mostly" after saying hippies go to farmers markets it is very similar to when Newt says "And they mostly come at night...mostly" in the 1986 film Aliens.

    • Braveheart:

      Old guy with beard: You can take our licenses but you'll never take our pride.

      This sentence was also used in the 1995 film Braveheart, only a little bit changed. "They may take away our lives, but they'll never take our freeeedoooomm."

    • Title: Red Dawn:

      The title of this episode and many of its scenes are a parody of the 1984 film Red Dawn.

      Specific examples include the AARP troops parachuting into the town while Mr. Garrison lectures his class and sees them outside the window. Also many of the townspeople rounded up and held inside a prison camp, with Stan's dad talking to the boys through the fence and shouting "Avenge me!".

    • Current Events: This episode references a real incident that happened in July 2003 in Santa Monica, California, where an 86-year-old man drove his mid-size Buick through a crowded farmers' market and killed 10 people (including an infant that died in the hospital the next day).

    • JAWS:

      The incident at Stark's pond used background music similar to the 1975 film Jaws.