South Park

Season 11 Episode 13

Guitar Queer-o

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 07, 2007 on Comedy Central

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  • I didn't like this episode...such is apparent, I guess, from the glaringly poor 3.5.

    Please allow me to quickly dispel and misconceptions you may have about "Guitar Queer-O": no, it's not funny. If we were to find this episode humorous, we'd also find ships in a bottle humorous. Why? Because in this scenario, our funny bone is tickled not by jokes, but by scenes that are interesting and slightly inventive. Most people, however, when asked what their idea of "funny", "interesting and inventive" will not be the general consensus. Am I being too harsh? I challenge anyone to truly laugh out loud while watching this episode (unless, of course, you are cognitively inept, in which case you probably have issues reading this short excerpt). When asked for a funny scene, or reoccurring joke, in this episode they often reply with "Heroin Hero". Now, we're going to do a little exercise. I want you to put on your thinking cap, squeeze your eyes closed real tight (don't actually do that, I need you to keep reading) and try and remember back to the first time you heard the Heroin Hero joke. Now think: was it actually hilarious as you claim it to be, or merely amusing but mostly inventive?

    Now don't think this poor review has anything to do with a preexisting bias against South Park as a show. South Park has been my favorite show since I was 7 (that accounts for ten wonderful years of fan-dom).
  • Good parody on Guitar Hero by South Park

    "Guitar Queer-o"

    Grade: B

    So South Park takes on Guitar Hero and does it in a funny way of showing the truth about players of Guiar Hero and how it can make or break friendships in some occassions. I think the people who don't like this episode are the ones who don't like Guitar Hero.

    The episode begins with Stan and Kyle playing Guitar Hero (2) and scoring over 100,000. A talent agent comes knocking on their door and reckons that they could reach 1,000,000 points in the game with some practice.
    After playing Guitar Hero for a while, the agent concludes that Kyle is holding back Stan from reaching the 1,000,000 points score since he's not as good as him. He tells him that he can match his skill with another Guitar Hero player to ensure he'll finish the challenge.
    They meet at the cafe and the new Guitar Hero player is called Thad, who is so good at the game that he can play without the system and memorise all the notes. After Kyle finds out that Thad has replaced him, he storms out, leaving Stan and his friendship with Kyle in jeopardy.
    Stan finds Guitar Hero stressing and goes to the store to find some guides. A video game clerk says he should play "Heroin Hero" to ease the stress, and all you have to do on it is chase a big dragon but you never catch the dragon, you just keep following it.
    Meanwhile, Kyle goes to the bowling alley and plays Guitar Hero by himself, and others look at him realising he's good at the game. With an offer of taking a job there, Kyle takes it so he can play Guitar Hero for free.
    The pressure of playing Guitar Hero is hitting on Stan, and he can't play as well due to Heroin Hero. Thad quits after Stan doesn't like the song "I wanna be sedated" and wants to change it to "Cheap Trick". Now Stan has to reach 1,000,000 points by himself.
    Stan stays up for 3 days straight playing Heroin Hero and the agent comes in, telling him he has to play as the challenge has started. Stan fails miserably and can't hit any notes. Everyone leaves and Stan is booed by the game.
    Going back to the store, Stan gives up on Guitar Hero and wants to play a simple racing game. While playing, Stan realises that he enjoyed Guitar Hero because he was playing it with Kyle, and goes to the bowling alley.
    At the bowling alley, Stan tells Kyle that he needs him, and they decide to beat the game once and for all and they reach 1,000,000 points. The game congratulates them by saying "YOU ARE ****!" and both Stan and Kyle are disappointed and quit the game for good whilst Cartman and Butters replace them.

    So it was a pretty funny parody of using Guitar Hero to demonstrate the game, and personally I thought it was funny due to the fact that I noticed all the references to the game and why it can be overexaggerated sometimes. My favourite part of this episode is when the boys find Randy playing Heroin Hero.
  • great

    stan and kyle try to break a guitar hero record but stan realizes he could be doing much better with a different partner. this puts a strain on the boys' friendship. will they reconcile?

    good episode on the popular game series "Guitar Hero." the plot was pretty good and there were many jokes that made me laugh throughout. i think it loses some steam near the end, but overall it is a pretty decent episode. so, because of all of this, my final grade for "Guitar Queer-O" is a B+, pretty good episode, i certainly think so at least. Great
  • More Video games stuffs whats nexts

    In this episode it's about Guitar Hero I love that game. Somehow Stan and Kyle got the high socre on expert co-op mode and freakin' Randy tries to play the game just like he did in the World of Warcraft episode. And somehow Stan and Kyle get famous and then this Manager only wants Stan and this other Kid who somehow remember how to play the game without looking at the TV. I like how they show the real gameplay of Guitar Hero and Stan plays freakin' Herion Hero what a dumb game. Then Stan and Kyle get 1,000,000 points on Guitar Hero expert co-op mode and the game say you are fa**ots man what would happen if the game really said that?
  • A parody of all gaming consoles pretty much

    Obsessed with the Guitar Hero video game, Stan and Kyle make a great team and score record points when they play. Stan realizes he has the potential for enormous success if he plays with another partner. He and Kyle break up but, without his friend, Stan quickly folds under the pressure of being a rockstar. Stan ends up having to play solo but couldn't because he ha stayed up 3 days straight playing "Heroin Hero" to help "ease the stress".

    Kyle ends up in a bowling alley playing Guitar Hero in exchange for free Frescas. After his meltdown, Stan goes back to the video game store where he buys a different game, and although the clerk tries to get him to buy a game called Rehab Hero (which involves being chased by a dragon), he gets mad and gets a driving game. Stan then sets up the game and plays next to a radio. When the radio begins to play "Carry On Wayward Son", he suddenly remembers all the good times he had playing with Kyle, and "reverses" his vehicle (in the game, but looking backwards as if reversing in real life).

    Stan goes to the bowling alley to say sorry to Kyle. Kyle forgives Stan and they go back to Stan's place to break a million points on Guitar Hero,after kicking Randy, who has taken up playing Heroin Hero, off of Stan's XBox.

    The two do it only to find out that they are given the message of "You Are f@g$" Stan and Kyle leave and Cartman and Butters take up Guitar Hero with Butters requesting that he gets to "be the one to betray [Cartman] after the sex and drugs party."
  • What to say about this episode...

    This is possibly the toughest episode of South Park that I have ever had to give a review and score to. The reason for this is because I am not a fan of Guitar Hero, in fact I actually do not know what all the hype is about. First of all, guitar playing is overrated. Second of all, if you like to play guitar so much, why don't you? I mean what's the point of playing a game that makes you look stupid infront of others? Anyways, I liked the way the story went, Stan and Kyle were so good at co-op but then Stan left him but the ending was the best part.
  • South Park makes fun of my favorite video game series... and I love it!

    The only reason this episode gets a 9, is that there's not too much of any of my favorite characters. Other than that, it's a great episode. I find it funny how the kids are so impressed with Stan and Kyle playing it on the video game, but Randy Marsh's actual guitar playing talent means nothing to those kids! It's obviously much cooler to be able to play those songs on real guitar, than to five star it on expert. Then, a talent agency wants them. I never noticed Kyle being any worse than Stan, but the agency did. Kyle got dropped, but Cartman wasn't there to go "Haha-haha-ha-ha," like he usually is. Kyle's replacement is some stupid kid Stan doesn't connect with as much. He's skilled, but the stress of the tournament and scoring a million gets to Stan's head. He then becomes addicted to a game where you chase a dragon, but never catch it. It ultimately ruins his playing, his attitude, and breaks up the tandem between him and new the guy. Meanwhile, Kyle is entertaining crowds at a local bowling alley, playing ballads that aren't on any of the real games, but fit the mood for the situation. Around the time, Stan fails big time at the tournament, trying to score a million on The Sex Pistols- Pretty Vacant. He then goes to the bowling alley to find Kyle. He talks to Kyle about how playing the game was no fun without him, and asked him to play the game with him again, just for the fun of it. Kyle does, and they finally get a million points, only to be called an insult that this website won't even let me type, even though it was on the episode, and I'm trying to write a nice detailed review. Then they decide they don't wanna play that game anymore, after the disappointing result of their achievement.
  • Showing that guitar hero is nothing compared to the real thing. Extremely funny from the start to to the end.

    Stan and Kyle are obsessed with Guitar Hero, and everyone loves to watch them play this incredible game. When Randy sees the boys playing, he decided to play a real guitar and of course the kids find Randy to be "Lame." Kyle and Stan, together decide that they would try to break the high score in the game, but at one point they "split up" because of a conflict, and do not play together until the very end. They try to tackle the high score, and get a winning message at the end saying "You are **** or something along the lines of that.

    This episode showed that guitar hero is not even close to comparable to the real guitar. You can't simply play guitar hero, then pick up a guitar and be an expert at it. They're two completely different things. It was a great episode, well scripted, well executed. I loved the idea of "heroin hero" and "rehab hero", it was a nice touch to the episode. I can't wait to see more video game parodies on this show.

    10/10, flawless episode.
  • South Park can do better than this.

    If the only funny moment in a South Park episode is the last line, you know you're in trouble. The show just did a outstanding, emmy winning parody of World of Warcraft, and then they parody GH III and fail miserably. I just hope that the next time South Park does a video game parody, they can do better than this episode. Along with A Million Little Fibers, Quitar Queer-o could be one of the worst episodes of South Park ever. Not much effort was put into the jokes, and this episode really suffered. All I can say at this point is that the 11th season at times is showing that South Park isn't as good as it used to be.
  • Wickedly Original but......

    Stan and Kyle get the new guitair hero but when they acheive the 100,000 point highscore and get a contract as well as superstardom, it looks like their friendship won't survive.

    While this episode uses the classic South Park method of taking something way too far as well as the hilarious, metaphorical take on Rock Star life; what it lacks is consistency. Randy had the potential to be a great sub - plot but is restricted to only a few scenes and the episode has such a great build - up but stops on an anti - climax.

    There aren't many South Park episodes which actually refer to current events or trends so this was a nice change. The jokes are more visual if anything but a few one - liners emerge. Once again there is drama but thankfully the painful "i learnt something today" is swapped for a much better anti - lesson learnt today. The episode looks stunning but special mention goes to the terrific facial animation and background detail. Aside from the great music effects the sound suffers as the handicap of having only two main voice artists is taking its toll as none of them deviate from the other and it ruins the illusion especially when two different characters with the exact same voice are having a conversation. Aside from the standard flaws; Guitar Queer - O is a pretty great episode.
  • Great episode that parodies one of my favorite games

    When i saw they were doing an episode on guitar hero i was super stoked. and i was not dissapointed when i saw this episode. The part where stan and kyle get a record deal and stan finds a better partner is a hilarious parody of rock bands in the movies. Then the best part in the whole episode is heroin hero and rehab hero i thought that was the greatest moment in the episode. The fact that they took the video games and replaced them for the drug and band was very innovative. One of the best episodes in this season.
  • It's your own damn fault if you don't like a SP episode! (but think what you will, I can understand how thats annoying. Its an unbearable concept to me too at times, even if its a truth)

    This is the only time I'm going to say this. Think about television, as Duckman basically said in an episode called "Joking The Chicken", if comedy doesn't challenge you at all you're just giving yourself "innocuous mush". And Duckman would have been one of the raunchier shows on TV, canceled just before SP. And now getting to Guitar Queer-o: Which is not raunchy, just a great, linear episode. Why is this bad? Could YOU think of anything else it could need? I really think, and this is a really hippie thing to say, but, all art is perfect, and for an imperfect creature like a human, it takes growth often to appreciate something and find the greatness inside. So don't rate something poorly because you don't like it and move on; then you aren't learning anything. You're just going against Duckman's point. Why the hell else would television exist if it wasn't for us to grow? I'm not saying give everything a ten either, that would be dishonest: Just see what is in this episode you don't like, try to understand why you don't like it and move on. Maybe someday it will open itself to you and you'll really dig it. At the point I'm at, I really think SP is the greatest show on TV. And this episode gives a brilliant example: it shows how the electronic reality is so often just more real to us, especially with kids. Theres that great moment when Stan wipes into the car game, the "Heroin Hero", plus the whole rocker reality with Guitar Hero, and the incredibly interesting idea, that basically just playing a video game could get you fame and record deals! Man, music would be way too terribly industrialized if that would happen. Wait, it has happened I think...oh, ouch. And for those who are just going to rate something on how "funny" it is to them: what do you want this episode to be? SP isn't The Simpsons where theres, I think, as it is now, a painfully boring rhythm of joke nearly every line, and really shallow sympathy factor (You're supposed to feel sympathy for Marge when she sighs and the strings play right after a total non-sequiter joke from Moe!?). You notice how The Simpsons Movie was great because it stuck to good storytelling? SP is much more in the honest vein like that; where the story structure, as it should be, is first and foremost, and jokes are secondary to telling a good story. So what if that means doing something supposedly "unoriginal", which is really not unoriginal at all. Satire takes familiar things and messes with them. Thats what it does! Use your head! And plus, everything built up to the hysterical ending, so whats your problem?
  • A great parody of an addicting game.

    Stan and Kyle become obsessed with Guitar Hero to the point where they're breaking high score records and it doesn't take long for Stan to realize that he could go even further with a different partner. Will the stress of being a rock star get to Stan now that his best friend is no longer by his side?

    South Park did a very good job in parodying Guitar Hero. Very funny. Maybe not the best in the series, but still a solid episode that had some great moments. I would reccomend this episode to whomever has played Guitar Hero before or is addicted to it. You will not be disappointed.
  • The best South Park-Serie ever! I have very special relationship with it,brings me great memories!! I love it so much! South park is always great:)

    The best South Park-Serie ever! I have very special relationship with it,brings me great memories!! I love it so much! South park is of cource always great:)

    Stan and Kyle are very good team :love: Pure pleasure:)And the rock moments make me driving crazy:)the most impressing moment is when Stan plays the car game and remembers the old times with Kyle. And then he "turns" the car back and then he goes to Kyle. And that way said Cartman not so much as usually;P that's a bit sad,he's always so funny:)

    I'm so glad that the 11 season of South Park is on air in Germany!Enjoy!
  • Stan and Kyle buy Guitar Hero, and become really good at it. Once they break 100,000 points they are offered a record deal for their playing skills. They are set to break 1 million points at EV games but Stan throws Kyle out to play with another person.

    Well, What can I say, it was a good episode, but not thier best. Most of it were funnier than others, like the famous quote, "Theres more coke and sex in the house", but when you watched them play it was like in real life, waiting for your turn. The "worst" parts in it were watching them play. When they did this it was for a short time so I won't complain. To me, one of the funniest parts was when Chad, Stan's new guitarist, plays his guitar acoustic, and people can pick up the song. But overall a good episode definently worth buy. I have the episode, and I don't regret buying it at all.
  • The boys get Guitar Hero and thru some crazy events make it to the top and score One million points, and the boys like always learned something.

    This episode shows us the current struggle between real guitar players and the current generation of guitar hero players. People who play guitar state that people who play guitar hero are idiots, and the instance of this South Park Episode, queers and ****

    I personally own a guitar and guitar hero. I play both but Guitar Hero more because I am much better at it. This episode would be very offending to anyone of the gay community due to its use of queer and **** as a derogatory term.

    It shows celebrity's at a party doing coke and other things which could be offending to anti-drug movements and the celebrity's themselves. This episode is offending to many people, but since I am not those people, I saw it to be very funny and amusing.

    After I completed Rock Band's Platinum Artist on Expert with my friends and beating Guitar Hero III on Expert I was waiting the You Are ****s to appear on the screen and laugh about it.

    The thing I love about South Park, is that they can make fun about everything, and they do, they leave nothing out, you either make fun of everything or you make fun of nothing.
  • Stan and Kyle start to play the hit game guitar hero. They start to break high score records and even get a recording contract and go to partys with celebriteys. But if stan has a new partner will he break 1 million points? will he comeback to kyle?

    Well i was excited about this episode due to the fact i play GH3 everyday. Eddie knox and Axel steel are featured in this episode. I watched this video on Youtube and i was amazed of how they use steinberger shaped guitars. It seems cartman and kenny are majorly left out of this episode. I just think this episode was a perfect 10 all the way. all though i did wanna see butters,clyde,kenny and cartman play that would have been the best epiosde ever. Being a rockstar for stan has had him on Heroin Hero AkA dora the explorer the video game. but uhhh good episode i taped it.
  • Aww man. A fall for South Park

    Season 11 was really good. But after their three parter, Imaginationland episodes, this was just totally out of it.

    Yes, I am a fan of Guitar Hero, and I thought I would've found this funny. Yeah, it started off good when Randy showed them how to play Kansas on a real guitar and them ripping on him for it, but once they broke 100,000 points, it got all, eh. It just seemed like another show doing a parody of one of those rock star movies. I really didn't know what to expect, but when I watched the previews, it looked like it would've been great. Luckily "The List" came in and had a great season final.
  • Great Episode!

    "Guitar Q-ueero" was one fo my favorite episodes of South park EVER.Partically because Guitar Hero is one of my favorite videogames.When Stan's Dad (Randy) tried to play Guitar Hero in the middle of the night in his underwear was sooooo funny.He couldnt even hit one note!It was funny also the way they made such a big deal over making 100,000 points on a song.I could get 200,000 points on that song! The way they talked about it on the radio and Stan was playing the car game and he backed up was also very amusing.I always expect something funny and something im familar with from South Park and I got it.
  • Stan ties to get 1,000,000 points are guitar hero.

    This episode was very funny and greatly written. I love how Trey Parker and Matt Stone always use satire in their episodes. This was one of my favorites. So Stan and Kyle buy Guitar Hero and are really good at it, Stan's dad Randy shows them how to play the real guitar, and they of course ignore him. Which was hilarious, so after a turn of events which pit Kyle and Stan away from each other, Stan plays Heroin hero, and looses his chance of becoming a famous Guitar hero player. So he reunites with kyle (after playing Rehab Hero, a clever titled game) and the game calls them gay which totally made no sense, then Cartman and Butters play and hopefully repeat the events that Stan and Kyle just done.
  • In this episode Stan and Kyle play Guitar Hero 3 and end up landing a contract to play public and become the first pair to reach 1 million points. Stan ditches Kyle and ends up getting addicted to a drug abusive game, eventually he and Kyle make the 1 mil

    This episode was highly enjoyable, South Park constantly links its episode ideas with current fads. This episode is no exception and the plot is funny and interesting at the same time. The lack of Cartman in this episode is annoying but still a great episode. The addicted Guitar Hero kid in the middle of the episode "Chad" who can air play the songs is hilarious he enraptures the you tube addicted people well.Stan's dad is also prominent in this episode and crack many funny jokes about how he can play the actual songs on a real guitar the kids of south park think he is lame. This is a highly enjoyable episode of south park.
  • Exactly why I watch this series.

    I loved this episode. This episode was mostly focused on the relationship of Stan and Kyle. They were playing Guitar Hero, and they broke 100,000 points one day. Then, some agent guy comes up and says he wants to sponser Stan and Kyle. And then, the agent guy told Stan to drop Kyle and play with this certain kid. He could play acoustic style. At the end, Kyle and Stan broke 1,000,000 points on the song Woman. This episode was very hilourious. If I could watch this episode over, I would watch it like 25 times over. Overall, I give this episode a 9.6.
  • Not south park standard but had its moments.

    Wow that was mostly an average episode at best. Clearly disappointing after a highly enjoyable imaginationland trilogy.
    I really don`t like that Guitar Hero stuff, so I did LMAO at the "Congratulation, You are a F*gs" part, it was funny for sure. Another really funny scene was Stan and Kyle getting back together but when they get home, they find Randy March playing Heroin Hero.
    However most of the remaining episodes was......dull. It`s simply not south park standard.
    Yet I`m happy it was not too character centric, even if Stan and Kyle have major roles here. I love Cartman but too many of his classic will no longer make them I`m happy the last couple of episodes are more "shared"
    So the episode is mostly a let down, even if it had some good laughs.
  • Disapointing (in my opinion)

    This season South Park has had many great episodes, a good sign there's a lot of life left in them. But unfortunately, South Park has hit a down turn in probably the least interesting episode of the season (though we'll have to see what next week brings).

    It's kind of hard to blame Matt and Trey for not having anything original in this episode, since they just came off the massive and impressive Imaginationland Trilogy, probably one of the greatest South Park story lines. But when I saw the announcement that Guitar Hero was their next target, I was excited for some new and original biting commentary on the game.

    Instead, the story follows the overdone arc of the rise and fall of rock stars. It's fine when South Park uses clichéd story lines, but only when they have a new way to do them. I don't much like Stanley's Cup, which finished off the 10th season, but I do admit I admire how the episode ripped on the Mighty Ducks sports formula in a very shocking way. The closest that this episode comes to shocking is Stan and Kyle attending "coke and sex" parties.

    Basically, Stan and Kyle reach 100,000 points on Guitar Hero and are signed up to try and smash 1,000,000 points live (kind of like Steve Wiebe from King of Kong). Then Kyle gets replaced and Stan and Kyle have a row but in the end decide their friendship is more important.

    At the end of the episode the do manage to reach 1,000,000 points, but instead of unlocking Superstardom (which I guess is what happens), the game tells them that they are **** Ha ha,
  • Absolutely Great-

    If you are like me, a person that loves to play video games but hate when people make a big deal out of things, this is for you!

    I really love this episode because it really shows what the kids of this generation really values and most of the time it's video games. Like how Randy plays wonderfully on a real guitar and the kids were like:" Thats for old people." Even though Stan's mother was right:" If they spent their time on more important things they might actually learn something that is useful."

    Throughout the show, they satire how rock stars are and their life styles and they did a great job of it. The ending was absolutely delightful. Every time I see my friend that is a guitar hero player,I a friendly way of course, but also because I know there are gamers out there that always get things out of hand.

    The other fun joke would be the heroin game Stan and Randy were playing. It was so wrong but so funny.
  • Got a friend/family addicted to Guitar Hero? It's time to sit them down A&E Intervention style.

    If you hate the game guitar hero or love it, this episode is shure to make you laugh. Honestly, I haven't played the game since the night I watched this. I just keep thinking about the dragon in heroin hero. (god, where is this game?) Its a great portrayal of everyone out there that cant find themselves putting the plastic guitar-controller down, even though they know hearing those songs over and over again is driving everyone else in the room crazy. The whole plot is the same but without giving away many of the jokes you must watch this yourself.
  • Stan and Kyle become local celebrities when they score high on their new Guitar Hero game. But the road of stardom isn't easy for either of them. An enjoyable if slightly silly episode...

    Although not a series classic by any means, this is an enjoyable episode, spoofing the hype of the Guitar Hero games.

    At first, I didn't completely take to the episode. But as it continued and I kind of 'got where it was coming from', I got into it more.

    I liked how Stan and Kyle became famous from pretty much doing nothing execpt twiddling game controllers, and didn't want to know about Randy's real-life guitar playing. I thought there might have been a Randy b-plot, which looked like it was being introduced near the beginning, but it didn't happen. The episode didn't lose anything for it, though.

    Like I said, not a classic, but very enjoyable, and one of the better episodes from the season.
  • Now, this episode was EPIC.

    This episode had it all, and even when I don't always agree with the opinions of Matt and Trey, this one had a great plot, flaming some people and manage to do in a way everybody had fun and nobody was pissed off (not that they would care).

    Years ago, this show had an episode called "asspen" which lampooned the teen movies from the 80's, and a lot better that "Not Another Teen Movie" did, now you could say they did it again, with a little bit of the movie "rockstar" on it. The fact that young people this day rather play "guitar hero" instead of playing a real instrument was a comment not lost on me, and even less that the fact that most of them would never listen to those songs in their ipods of cd players if not for the game (what are you talking about dad, that music is ooooold!!!)like cartman said "real guitars are for old people".

    The whole friends going to the top, breaking friendships and resolutions plot was so perfect executed, that for moments you forgot the main thing TheY ArE NoT MusicianS, just guys pretending to be ones, so this makes us think how many times we make people famous and popular for things that are not really anything special, (here's to you Paris Hilton, well you have that sex tape, so I guess you have something to show for...)and that years ago the most they could had achieved would be in a "believe it or not!" moment.

    Not to mention my favorite moment of the show and the best one-liner, "You made one million points, YoU ArE F**S" (just so you know, I'm repeating the phrase of the show, but somehow, the web page editing make me write it diferently) Just for the record I'm not out to get no one (not even my brother, so you know, I'm a normal gamer (in other words, Level one only material) and a avid music fan (who can't still learn more than 4 chords in the guitar) so all in all, this episode it's one of the best ever written, and should be there with the Emmy's just like "BFF's" and "Make Love, Not Warcraft".

    Kudos to Matt and Trey!!!
  • A guitar hero episode! finally!

    this is an awesome episode! omg, guitar hero. season 11s been awesome so far and this episode keeps the awesome streak going. it was funny how randy was trying to play guitar hero and heroin hero but sucked! i liked the ending when kyle and stan finally broke 1 million points on guitar hero and it said on the tv screen "you are f*gs". and they're like "thats it?" and then butters and cartman decide to start playing, thinking the whole thing (including stan and kyle breaking up, stan on heroin hero and the reunion) was all just a part of the game. classic!
  • If you score a million at guitar hero expert level, you already played too much at this game. So go outside and get a life, you f*g

    If you score a million at guitar hero expert level, you already played too much at this game. So go outside and get a life, you f*g That's what i like with south park, they're always going to the extreme of anything and this guitar queer-o episode is not an exception. I think if you didn't like guitar queer-o, either you don't like any of south park episodes OR you like south park but less than guitar hero on wich you waste your life.

    In my opinion, south park is getting better every seasons, and there is no episode that i didn't enjoy.
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