South Park

Season 4 Episode 13

Helen Keller! The Musical

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 22, 2000 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

The 4th graders are preparing for the play they must put on about Helen Keller. Butters rushes in and tells them that the kindergartener's Thanksgiving play is real good; it's a "Thanksgiving extravaganza." The 4th graders decide to rework their play into a musical and instead of Helen having a dog; she will have a pet turkey. While the others rework the play, Kyle and Timmy obtain a turkey, but the one Timmy picks is not exactly the pick of the litter. Cartman brings in South Park's musical theater expert who is going to help them redo their show. Kyle and Timmy return with their turkey, named Gobbles, and Cartman and the other children are disappointed with their choice. The theatre expert knows of a trained turkey that they can use for the play, meanwhile Timmy tries to train Gobbles. Cartman seeks inspiration from Helen Keller to help him make their play better, meanwhile Timmy and Gobbles are bonding. Rehearsals begin for the musical when the professional turkey arrives. The pro-turkey looks good and everything is coming together for the production, until Timmy and Gobbles arrive. Too placate Timmy; Cartman decides that Helen Keller can have two pet turkeys.

The pro-turkey's trainer says that his turkey will not work with other turkeys. The pro-turkey trainer informs Cartman that an "unfortunate accident" is needed to take care of the turkey dilemma. Rehearsals are underway and Cartman stops them for a moment to set up for Gobbles accident, unfortunately is it Kenny who is the victim of the accident. Butters brings an update on the kindergartener's play, they are using special effects. Timmy continues to try and train Gobbles. The pro-turkey trainer takes matters into his own hands and he convinces Timmy that he isn't allowed to keep Gobbles, the animal shelter is coming for Gobbles. To save Gobbles, Timmy must let him go into the wild. Cartman tries to write lyrics for a song in the third act. The musical theatre expert tries a method on him to help stimulate an idea; it doesn't immediately work, but Cartman is eventually hit with an inspiration. Meanwhile, Timmy ponders what the pro-turkey trainer told him as he sets Gobbles free. Other touching scenes of departures in South Park are shown before we go to commercial.

The big show is about to begin. Gobbles is out on the road, when he is picked up by a turkey truck and delivered to a slaughterhouse, where Gobbles avoids being killed, but is spotted by hunters, Jimbo, Ned and company. Meanwhile the musical has begun. In an intermission, the pro-turkey performs a trick. Timmy discovers that the pro-turkey trainer has tricked him and he leaves to go and search for Gobbles.

With Timmy gone, the musical theatre expert takes on Timmy's part of Helen Keller, although he adds a musical number for himself. Timmy finds Gobbles just as Jimbo is shooting at Gobbles and Timmy is hit by the gunfire. Jimbo asks Timmy how he can make it up to him. Timmy has just the turkey for a target, leaving Gobbles to perform the finale in the ring of fire and the show is great success. The much anticipated kindergarten production goes on next and it is nothing like what Butters made it out to be.

Kenny dies when Cartman's attempt to solve the turkey dilemma with a falling stage light hits him instead.
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