South Park

Season 4 Episode 13

Helen Keller! The Musical

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 22, 2000 on Comedy Central

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  • 4th graders battle against the Kindergartners for Thanksgiving supremacy.

    As usual Trey Parker and Matt Stone do a wonderful job satiring the hellen keller story. "Hellen Keller Hellen Keller blind as a bat, she can't hear or speak, whats up with that?"
    As well as other sung comments like "This is absolutely pointless".

    Butters giving the 4th graders misinformation and telling them that the kindergartners show was spectacular "You've never seen such a show!" when all along the show wasn't even that good.

    Another thing I really liked was the singing director, he sang everything. I wish they'd bring that character back in a future episode.

    Another moment that brought me to tears with laughter then I first saw it was the turkey getting played a peaceful movie before they got sawed up.

    All in all, one of my favourites.
  • No, no, no. I did not like this at all.

    This episode did not tickle my fancy one single bit. I did not think it was at all funny, it was more of a touching storyline, which is a welcome change, I suppose, but it didn't really keep me interested. When I watch South Park, I want to laugh, not to feel sad because Timmy has a retarded turkey. The only thing minutely funny about this episode was the director of the play, who sang when he should speak. That was pretty damn funny. The one other thing I liked a little bit was how much Butters rated the kindergarteners play, it was awful!
  • Hellen Keller! The Musical!

    Timmy finds himself owning a disabled chicken for the new school play, that is before fat stuck-up little spoilt Eric Cartman comes along and takes Timmy's little chicken away from him and exchanges it for a posher more pretty chicken. It all ends in blood and happiness at the end. I truly reccomend Hellen Keller! The Musical, as it is fresh, exciting and funnier than any other South Park episode.
    This is superbly well written with a touch of laughter here and there, look at me I sound like a bloody weatherman.
    :D Ha ha ha. A perfect blend and mix of sunshine treat.
  • Gobbles! Timm-ah!

    In this episode Timmy the cripple gets a equaly crippled turkey and Cartman tries to make the best play ever. The Animation for this episode was great as wats the look for the "feat preforming Turkey", I was crackign up at it, as well as the "humane" Turkey Killing machine [which gobbles escaped with his broken neck hanging down]. And what Butters thought was a great play beign a pice of crap cracked me up.