South Park

Season 4 Episode 13

Helen Keller! The Musical

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 22, 2000 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • When Kyle says: 'Timmy we already got a turkey' it was in Stan's voice, not Kyle's

    • Timmy's mother's name is Helen, and Timmy plays Helen in the play.

    • When Kyle said "Timmy, we already got a turkey" Look at Clyde in the next scene, his clothes have been changed.

    • Timmy's house was small in Timmy 2000, now he lives in a big house.

    • When Timmy brings out the lighter to set fire to the hoop, if you look carefully, you can see that the lighter was already lit before he flips it open and strikes it.

    • In the shot where Timmy & Gobbles in the street, he is riding about half-way up but in the next scene, he's at the bottom of the street.

    • When Timmy dropped Gobbles off, he is about 10 yards away from the junction. But, pay attention in the next scene, he'd about 100 yards away from the junction.

    • The man in a blue shirt with a bald head is seen with his father, but look closely when we see the shot of all the fathers in the theater with their video cameras, he is there, How can he'd be there and with his father at the same time.

    • As the turkeys watch the end of the TV documentary, the buzzsaw came into view cutting off the turkeys heads, as the buzzsaw finished the turkeys heads can still be seen when the buzzsaw went up.

    • When the turkey truck reversed at the factory, Look very carefully and you'll see the truck slightly lifted up ground.

    • In the shot when Gobbles followed Timmy, behind them is a green house but if you look very closely and you'll see the numbers of it are upside down.

    • When Jimbo shot Timmy in the arm, Timmy's eyes were closed in a cross shape, but a couple of shots later, Timmy's eyes were closed in a straight shape.

  • Quotes

    • Mr. Mackey: Every year the fourth graders do "The Miracle Worker", and every year we have to sit and watch it.
      Principal Victoria: Yeah, I swore that if I had to see it one more time I'd put a bullet in my head. But luckily, I got really stoned before I came.

    • (When Cartman is told to kill Gobbles)
      Cartman: I can't dude, Timmy has a boner for it.

    • Cartman: Kyle, why do you do these things to me?
      Kyle: I didn't do anything to you; Timmy saw the turkey and wanted to get it, what did you want me to say to him?

    • Actor: (singing) Why not use a trick we actors use, cover your eyes and ears to see what it would be like to be blind and deaf. See what plays inside your mind.
      (Cartman does so and it is followed by a montage of horrific scenes, the holocaust, someone on fire, grizzly operations, a dead rat being eaten by another rat, etc.)
      Cartman: (takes off blindfold and ear muffs) WHOA!
      Actor: Anything useful?
      Cartman: No, just the stuff i usually see when I close my eyes.

    • Stan: Where's Gobbles?
      Cartman: I don't know.
      (Stan and Kyle look at him doubtfully)
      Cartman: I DON'T KNOW! I might have tried to have Gobbles crushed by a stage light but that's it, I'm not an asshole.

    • Producer: What the hell is that?
      Cartman: Thats Gobbles. The physically challenged turkey.

    • Timmy: GOB-BLES!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The Miracle Worker:

      The play the kids are performing, albeit in a very free adaptation, is "The Miracle Worker" by William Gibson. This tells the story of an episode in the real life of Helen Keller, a woman who became blind an deaf when she was infant.

      "The Miracle Worker" specifically describes the relationship between Keller -- deaf, blind, and initially almost feral -- and Annie Sullivan, the teacher who aided her into education, activism, and intellectual celebrity.

    • The Phantom of the Opera:

      Cartman makes a reference to Tim Rice writing the lyrics to "The Phantom of the Opera." However, these lyrics were written by Charles Hart and Richard Stilgoe.

    • Simpsons Did It!:

      There was an episode of The Simpsons, I Love Lisa, in which Milhouse complains to Miss Hoover that his Abraham Lincoln beard itching him. Just like Stan did in this South Park episode.

    • Les Miserables:

      Most of the songs Jeffrey Maynard sung are similar to ones from the musical "Les Miserables". When Kenny dies, Maynard sings a parody of "Bring Him Home."

    • Air Bud:

      The way Timmy attempts to abandon his beloved pet turkey is very similar to a scene in the 1997 movie Air Bud. In the movie, the main character, a young boy, takes his golden retriever out away from his house and walks away from the dog with tears in his eyes.

    • A Charlie Brown Christmas:

      Timmy choosing the lame turkey for the Thanksgiving play parallels Charlie Brown choosing the scrawny tree for his Christmas play.

    • The Right Stuff:

      Whenever Butters comes to tell the gang about the latest great thing about the Kindergartner's play, it is preceded by a very low angle shot of butter's feet running down a hallway.

      This was done in the 1983 film, The Right Stuff about the Mercury Astronaught program, where Jeff Goldblum's character would run down a hallway and burst in a room to announce the latest Russian space race success.

    • Title: Cannibal! The Musical:

      The title is a reference to Trey Parker's own 1996 film, Cannibal! The Musical made while he was in college and released by Troma Films.

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