South Park

Season 10 Episode 11

Hell on Earth 2006

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 25, 2006 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Satan plans to opens the gates of hell and go up to the surface, rent the W hotel in Los Angeles and have an awesome "Super Sweet 16 Halloween Party." To get into the party, you'll need to RSVP and get the blue wrist band in advance that will get you in the door. No one is allowed to dress like "The Crow." Meanwhile, the boys are in the bathroom, where Kyle has been challenged to say "Biggie Smalls" in front of the mirror three times in a row. Kyle won't say it a third time, and he turns the challenge around on Cartman. Just as Cartman is about to say it for the third time, Jimmy interrupts, but Cartman gets so scared he craps his pants. Back in hell, Satan's advisor tells him that so many celebrities are coming to his party that the people of hell can't get any wrist bands. His advisor warns him not throw this party at the cost of alienating his friends. The priests plot to destroy Satan's party; they plan on calling in a complaint to the Fire Marshall, after the party has started. After Butters brushes his teeth, he tries to summon Biggie Smalls and is surprised when he succeeds. At the W hotel, Satan checks out the venue and comes up with an idea for a party cake that is unlike anything that Diddy ever did. A demon calls upon Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy to pick up Satan's Ferrari cake. Biggie Smalls demands that Butters get him to Los Angeles for the party.

Satan is trying out his "The Crow" costume, but since he has to look the hottest, he demands that his minion turn over his hot school girl costume. The pastry chefs have completed the Ferrari cake, when The Three Murderers, a la "The Three Stooges" arrive to pick it up. Only Gacy and Dahmer start a killing spree, which leaves them with no one to help them load the Ferrari cake onto the flatbed. The boys find out that Butters has disappeared after summoning Biggie Smalls, they ask Stan's dad for confirmation that a dead rapper can't be summoned back from the dead. Randy, as a geologist says it can't happen. Meanwhile, Butters is on a jet bound for Los Angeles with Biggie Smalls, but Butters is left on his own, when Kyle and the boys summon Biggie back to South Park. In Los Angeles, the party is in full swing when Satan arrives. Outside the hotel the priests try to call the Fire Marshall, when they find out that the Fire Marshall has been invited to the party. When a guest arrives dressed as "The Crocodile Hunter" Satan wants to throw him out because it is too soon after Steve Irwin's death and some people are offended. When it turns out that it really is Steve Irwin, Satan throws him out for not wearing a costume. The Ferrari cake hasn't arrived at the hotel yet. "The Three Murderers" are trying to get the cake loaded on the flatbed, when Gacy's senseless killing on Dahmer's behalf distracts them and the Ferrari is gets ruined.

Satan is anticipating midnight and the arrival of his big surprise, meanwhile at the Denver Airport the boys try to get Biggie Smalls onto a plane to Los Angeles. Only Stan's dad intercedes when he summons Biggie into his bathroom and is surprised at the result. "The Three Murderers" only have 20 minutes to bake a new Ferrari cake, but there Stooge-like antics get in the way and they kill each other. At midnight, the Ferrari cake hasn't arrived, but Satan's advisor has come up with a backup. The cake is revealed, but it is shaped like an Acura. Satan is pissed and he has a hissy fit, saying that the party wasn't for all his guests, it was all for him. Satan realizes that he has become like on those spoiled rich girls on MTV. He apologizes to everyone present and allows everyone into the party. Outside the party, Butters borrows a woman's compact and summons Biggie Smalls to the party, because he's got Biggie's back, yo.