South Park

Season 10 Episode 11

Hell on Earth 2006

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 25, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • good

    What I liked: Satan becoming worse then those girls on Super Sweet 16, Biggie and Butters going to the party together, the three killers as the Three Stooges, the Acura car as the cake, amongst other things.

    Meh, it was alright. The plot was kind of out-there and boring, and there just were not many laughs to be had, for me at least. Definitely an average episode, if not even a little below. C- or so as my final grade. Some good parts but mostly bland, if you ask me
  • My personal favorite. Actually, I think it's the best episode overall.

    Wow. That's all I can say. This episode is so hilarious. It goes from Satan throwing a Sweet 16 Halloween party to the boys doing a Bloody Mary spin off (only with Biggie Smalls) and Bundy, Dahmer, and Gacy trying to bring a Ferrari cake to the party. All in one episode! It's great!

    Satan's role was hilarious. He acting like a spoiled, bratty, teenager about to throw a huge Sweet 16 party. I always thought Satan's character was hilarious but in this episode he stands out. (Not to mention that The Catholic Church keeps trying to get into the party).

    Butters summons Biggie Smalls' soul by saying his name three times into a mirror. Similar to Bloody Mary. Once he does this, it's Butter's job to get Biggie to the party in time, or else Biggie will shoot him.

    The other part of this episode is one of my favorite parodies South Park has ever done. A Three Stooges parody with Ted Bundy as Moe, Jeffery Dahmer as Larry, and John Wayne Gacy as Curly. I don't really want to say anymore about this part since it's more funny to see for yourself.

    I hope to see more episodes like this in season 12
  • this episode is about Satan having a party call Hell On Earth

    This is episode is in my top 5 of South Park episodes.Satan haves a super sweet 16 like rich teenage girls do.And it's LOL when Butters brings Biggie Smalls back from Hell.How do the creators of South Park come up with the idea of saiding Biggie Smalls 3 times at the mirror make Biggie Smalls come back from Hell. After more of the episode Satan turn more into a ungreatful rich teenage girl brat whick is LOL!!!!. It's kind dumb but in a funny way when Butters was sing "Going Back To Cali" song when Butters comes back he could sing going back to South Park LOL
  • Very Funny!!!

    This Episode is very funny it is one of the funnyest South Park episodes that I have seen in a long time.The three murders was a very funny part in this episode if you have not seen this episode the three murders are the people that came from hell to make the devil a cake for his party.Then another very funny part in this episode is when satan sees one of his helpers wereing a girl outfit and whats it so he weres it to his party.The only thing missing in this episode is that the boys are not in it as much as they needed to be they needed to have a bigger part in this episode.
  • It is Satans sweet 16,but is it for his friends or just him.

    This is a very funny episode that features three murderers in the form of the three stooges.This episode kicks off with the boys in the bathroom trying to sommon the spirit of the the dead rapper Biggie Smalls,but they are too afraid to do it.Butters later on finally gets up the nerve to say Biggie Smalls three times in the mirror.Biggie then appears in the bathroom and starts shooting his gun at Butters.Butters out of fear runs out of the house screaming only to be sent back in for fear of being grounded by his parents.Biggie Smalls decides not to kill him in exchange for Butters getting him to Satans sweet 16 party which Satan calls Hell on Earth 2006.The boys later after learning about the disapearence of Butters when they overheard Butter's parents talking about him saying he had sommon Biggie Smalls, try it theirselves and sommon Biggie Smalls off his plane and back to one of their bathrooms.Meanwhile three murders have to pick up Satans Ferrairy cake,but end up destroying it.Biggie Smalls then gets another plane ticket back to Caliornia,only to yet again be sommoned back to a bathroom by Stans dad.This one ends with Butters arriving to Satans party and sommoning Biggie to it.They then dance the night away!
  • Satan plans a huge Halloween party, while Butters regrets summoning up the ghost of Biggie Smalls, in this fair Halloween episode.

    In this Halloween episode (the show's first in a few seasons), Satan plans a big party to out-do one thrown by P. Diddy, while the boys try out a rumour that if you say Biggie Smalls three times into a mirror it summons up the deceased rapper.

    This episode was controversial both for showing Princess Diana in hell, and Steve Irwin, who had been killed by a stingram only very shortly before the episode was aired.

    I wouldn't rank this as one of 'South Park''s best ever Halloween episodes, certainly not one of the highlights of the season, but it's wathable. It didnt' seem to hit the mark as much as it might have though, and certainly isn't one of the series' best offerings.

    Oh, and it had a really abrupt ending!
  • So Steve Irwin is untouchable, but not Jon Benet or O.J.?

    Sorry, folks, but the objections about Steve Irwin is a double standard, unfair to Matt/Trey. How much suffering did we have to endure at the hands of Jay Leno's monologues on O.J. and Nicole Simpson? Or the constant tabloid abuse of Jon Benet Ramsey? It's just Irwin has no voyeur appeal like the aforementioned scandals. If you're in the celebrity circle, too bad, there is no letting off. And Irwin himself foretold his demise in some commercial getting bit while playing with a poisonous snake. So Irwin himself would've laughed at the scene!
  • 150th Episode

    Satan is usually a terrific character but in this episode he seems more off than usual, actually wanting a sweet sixteen party and becoming a sixteen year old girl.

    There were some great moments like Biggie Smalls and Butters, but the three stooges and most of Satan's plot just wasn't really entertaining and somewhat predictable.

    Basically, Hell on Earth, for a trademark episode, really isn't as funny as you expect but does have its moments, the only real downside being that the whole thing was just about the party rather than a Satan plot to rule the Earth, in the case of this episode, Satan's character was exagerated too much.
  • Satan throws a huge party.

    Like I said, Satan throws a huge party and he wants it to be all about him. However, things don't go as planned as people uninvited to the party try to crash it and the "Ferrari Cake" doesn't get to the party. Oh, and Biggie Smalls is resurrected. This episode to me is not one of their best. I get the whole angle of let's make fun of those stupid spoiled brats on "My Super Sweet Sixteen". But, this episode was not pulled off so well. It could have been a lot better with such a great premise. The saving grace though is Butters and Biggie Smalls. Hilarious.
  • Just An Ok Episode

    This is a basic halloween epsiode of south park. It was allright cause the part about of satans party was semi interesting. The best part was where they said biggy smalls three times in the mirrorr and he appeared. Butter was pretty funny as always. The bad part of this episode was the three killers were just stupid. It wasnt funny and just kinda like this is the best u can think of. Just acting like the three stooges which arent funny to me. So that part was not very funny at all to me. In the end this was a ok epsiode that had more potential that the other season ten episodes. Season ten is the main season making me not like South Park much anymore due to very few good episodes and many bad episodes.
  • One of the best episodes of season ten.

    It may have been a few seasons since Matt and Trey did a Halloween episode for “South Park,” but with this holiday episode, they guys didn’t miss a beat.

    What I thought was funny about “Hell on Earth 2006” was the way Satan acted like a spoiled brat throughout the entire episode; with the way he wanted his party to be perfect. However, it was also thanks to Satan’s attitude that made the storyline a little redundant and annoying at times, it was nice to see Satan realize how bad he acted and to let everybody go into the hotel to celebrate with him.

    With that aside, I love the pop culture allusions that were present in the episode, with “The Three Murders” being my favorite. I thought it was flat out hilarious the way Matt and Trey had three convicted and now deceased felons go up to Earth to pick up Satan’s Ferrari cake. It was quite original and funny to have Dahmer, Gacy, and Bundy acting like the Three Stooges.

    I also thought it was pretty funny the way the South Park boys where trying to summon Biggie Smalls to see if the urban legend was true for him to appear. When the episode started out, I immediately thought of the movie “Candyman.” As the episode wore on, I thought it was neat the way Butters had enough guts to summon the dead rapper and felt sorry for him when his parents refused to believe his story about what he did. Ultimately, I thought it was neat the way Butters found a way to get Biggie to the party. It almost seemed like the unlikely duo formed a friendship during their travels.

    In the end, I absolutely loved the episode, even though I wasn’t too thrilled about the Steve Irwin joke. I hope that Matt and Trey decide to write more Halloween episodes in the future.
  • Good points and bad ones.

    THe overall story line wasn't that great but I did think the Biggy smalls part was funny. Especially when Cartman pretended to slap butters and butters shied away. The priests with the little boys on the leashes was funny was well but other then and I was surprised that it was Butters who first managed to say Biggy smalls first.
  • funny episode

    This episode was a brilliant one, with an interesting story. I was rather surprised that Kenny didn't die in this episode and appear in hell.

    I loved how Butters was so cooperative with Biggie Smalls and how the Biggies Smalls joke worked. I also found it amusing how Randy tried it.

    The part where Satan tried out costumes was quite funny.

    Love the part about the car cake! The 3 criminals who were trying to get the cake made were hilarious!
  • Satan's all fired up about his Haloween costume party, and the Three Stooges (Dahmer, Bundy & Gacey) are in charge of the cake. Hitler, Princess Di, Steve Irwin attend, with Church officials (leading naked boys on a leash), rap stars, et al.

    Spectacularly funny episode, though a bit harsh on sensitive souls with no sense of humor and an inability to laugh except at cheap vaudevillian humour. God forbid we should laugh at people's simple-minded hero-worship of celebrities, especially those whose main claim to fame is their celebrity.

    Apparently the Aussies & Brits are in a snit over irreverence toward the minor nonentities they've been able to burden the world with lately, and regard anything less than full-blown worship as blasphemy. One might suspect that the complete lack of humor among their Muslim immigrants might be metastasizing out to the general population.

    Ironically, the best and most brilliant of British comedy -- such as Monty Python and Fawlty Towers -- could never make it past the quaking-nanny BBC sensitivity censors today. Watching three psycho serial killers do Three Stooges schtick no doubt offends a lot of sensitive nannies, too, but if you take away the irony, satire and parody there's not much left of adult humour and we're doomed to network sitcoms that would offend the intelligence of a garden slug. If you can't take it, change the channel. For myself, one of the questions I ask job applicants is what they think of Monty Python and South Park. It helps weed out the dullards and the unimaginative.
  • Love the episodes with the devil...This one is a great parody on MTV's "Super Sweet 16"! This season has been great...lovn' it, and must see every episode.

    Most of the episode was well written and funny....loved the part with saying "Biggie Smalls" in the mirror three times and how Biggie Smalls appears and says "I'm gonna bust a cap in yo ass"!! Butters is also hilarious as usual. The ferrari cake debacle is funny as well. I just found out about and I think I am going to be an addict. Waiting to get to level two though. Making these reviews 100 words is a little annoying as well. What do they want a thesis on south park episodes?? I think it's annoying and all that.
  • Disgusting and disgraceful.I haven\\\'t seen it because I\\\'m a Aussie but from what I have been hearing it is offence

    South Park is just trying ruin to Australia\\\'s reputaion because we are the safest country in the world[so far] and we have great freedom and stuff like that[except for the drought].SBS plans to take that Steve Irwin joke out which is great.This episode is very disrepsectful to us Aussies.I haven\\\'t seen it yet but what I have heard it is disgraceful.So just back off Trey Parker and Matt Stone.
  • I found it interesting though some may think bad taste

    It amazed me the uproar this episode got for the steve Irwin thing. or though it is bad taste I found it cleaver how they did it by making fun of people who do things in bad taste ( people getting upset because they think it is someone dressed up as steve Irwin) and then to have the punch line of him getting kicked out by not being in costume. The other thing I think this episode highlights is the fact that over all this controversy regarding a small part of the show which is clearly defined and the reasons for it are quite obvious, I have not heard one peep about the fact that the catholic priests have naked boys leashed up to them with this not being a pivotal statement. but then again its harder to walk by yourself than ride the bandwagon.
  • One of the best episodes of Season 10

    Satan, as a character, is usually pretty unfunny and annoying, so going into this episode I was prepared for garbage. Well, it turns out Satan was hardly the star of this episode. The episode has 3 plots, and they do tie up with each other, but the real highlights here were the "Three Stooges Parody" and the hysterical Biggie Smalls mayhem with Butters, Cartman, Stan and Kyle. Halloween in South Park has never been wackier.
  • Satan has a Halloween party and the 3 stooges from hell pull some antics.

    I liked it a little better than last week's (1010 Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy). Not too much else I have to say about it. It seems like South Park has been running thin on jokes lately, now that they can't rely on Chef filling in 3-4 quality minutes per episodes when needed. Like in 1009 "Deuce in the Urinal" they went back to the same Hardy boys joke and the same "Mister Mackey being mad" joke at least 4 times each. South Park has survived as long as it has due to great character development (Butters, Timmy, Kenny dying and coming back, Jimmy, Mr. Garrison going from Mr. Hat to coming out to becoming Mrs. Garrison... the list goes on). Matt and Trey pulled all these off very well IMHO; I'm feeling another change/addition in characters might be coming soon!
  • Funny.

    It's a nice episode,funny one but too silly.I know the whole show is silly but that's a little too much.I mean woaw Satan makes a party so what?Usually there is a biggest idea and some "poor imitations" and stuff like that but in this one none of all of the great things that make this show a good one are there. Don't misunderstand me I think it still funny but it's more for "fans" South Park, by fans I mean people who never miss an episode and know all the quotes,the characters... if you don't you will find it silly (maybe boring).
  • Biggie Smalls, Biggie Smalls, Biggie Smalls

    Despite the vulger, unnatural, and disgusting behavior being shown in every episode, it is f***ing brilliant. When Cartman was standing in front of the mirror I was waiting for him to say "Candyman", but when he said "Biggie Smalls", I cracked up, that was great. I really do hope Butters becomes a regular, he's becoming my favorite character. I don't think this show will ever run out of ideas. There is so many messed up things going on in America, it's impossible.
  • Funniest Episode I've Seen Yet

    I'm sort of an occasional South Park fan; I occasionally watch the show, and if I miss one that sounds interesting, I wait for it to repeat or try to catch it on DVD, but this episode is the first one to make me break out laughing. It's not so much the storyline with Satan becoming a diva at his Halloween party although the little image of Frantasia Berrino by his side explains so much! I knew she had to had supernatural assistance to win AI3. I'm not sure why Gandi, Princess Di or the Croc Hunter (in a WAY too early and even more blasphemous gag) are in Hell though. It's the spoof of the old name-in-the-mirror gag where Cartman and his buddies keep summoning up Biggie Smalls and he keeps getting teleported as he's trying to get to Satan's party thay I find so funny - proving its the simpler gags which make this series so funny. As he keeps getting summoned, he keeps getting even more frustrated. Three serial killers, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer, are recuited into getting the Ferrari-sized cake for the party in a Three Stooges spoof which keeps getting even more surreal. Like the Simpsons, it\'s the Halloween episodes of the series that are far more memorable.
  • this wasn\'t one of the best episodes i\'ve seen, it was ok.

    this wasn\'t one of the best episodes i\'ve seen, it was ok. the steve irwin bit didn\'t bother me. the best bit about the episode was the three stooges parody thing, thats about it.
    i dont like the satan character at all, and the biggie small thing was just stupid.
    i think this episode is the worst this season i just hope that the next episode is much better than this one.
    this review is stupid, i just don\'t know what to write, only 20 words left,
    this is episode only deserves a 5 at best, but the three stooges parody takes it up to a seven.
  • Satan is throwing a Halloween party; three mass murderer are going to collect a car shaped cake; a famous, but dead, rapper gets summoned by the kids; and finally a controversial scene with the crocodile hunter. Do you need more? The answer is yes.

    First of all. Where the hell was Kenny? I wouldn't mind, if they killed him in the very first seconds of the episode, but he simply wasn't there. That's a shame, especially on Halloween.

    But the rest was pretty good. Satan's Britney Spears outfit kept cracking me up every time a saw him and the appearing of Biggie Smalls which leads to Butters dropping the N-Bomb was my personal highlight.

    It was pretty clear for me where this serial killer thing was leading, but it was still hilarious. Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy as the three Stooges? How sick is this? ;) No wonder their mission of getting Satan's Ferrari cake ends in a bloody disaster.

    And than there was the scene with Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter, who died a few months ago. When I saw him in the beginning I just thought "O sh*t, this goes down bad." But after the explanation I couldn't stop laughing. It's strong stuff, but come on, they could pulled it a lot worse. A great episode, but with the missing of Kenny and the weak ending, no highlight.
  • Fairly average episode, liked it none the less, made me laugh, loved the 3 Stooges they cracked me up, and hate the media

    Very interesting episode that matt and trey brought up... One thing i must say is a HATE those ugly sluts on MTV, why you would show yourself on tv is past me... im glad south park ripped on them.

    Really funny episode shows satins gay girly side. funniest people in the eppisode would have to be Gacy, Bundy and Dahmer as the Three Stooges, they cracked me up, they couldnt stand 5 minutes without stabbing someone and being side tracked from the farrai cake continuously... The hole Steve Irwin thing has been blown out of porportion. i thought it was a very sneaky yet funny joke. People who whinne about this obvisly dont watch southpark enough. The makers do this all the time its nothing new, get over it, i watch somepark for its raw humour i love it, original, random and careless all up this episode wasnt too bad, no where near there best but still funny as hell.
  • This one was done in bad taste.

    One of the reasons why i love South Park is because the creators are not afraid to cross the line, but i had to admit i was irritated by several things i saw tonight. Of course the obvious one was the appearance of the newly departed Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. I think the episode could've done fine without him. I think the creators included him just for the sake of being controversial, and i know they're much better than that. Actually, it wasn't the appearance of Mr. Irwin that irritated me most, but it was the appearance of the three stooges: Bundy, Dahmer, and Gacy that was most disturbing. I especially didn't like the part where they went around slashing innocent people. That was just done in bad taste. I didn't find it funny at all. As a matter of fact, i was thinking about all the friends and families of the victims those three murdered, and how horrified they must have felt when/if they saw the killing rampage that took place in this episode.

    And finally, where the hell is KENNY?!?! Halloween without Kenny is just plain wrong.
  • good one

    maN THIS IS the best show; cartman's the best character. When he freaked out when jimmy walked in and then wanted to show off how he crapped his pants. Hysterical.
    The stooges of gacy, dommer, bundy was pretty sick, but crazy. ferris bueller music worked. the characters in this show are awesome. Stewie is the only funny one infamguy, but not an 1/9 as funny as cartman. don't want ot mathemeitize it, but unique.
  • Steve Irwin? Now that's just too much...

    I absolutely love South Park, I never really cared what Church said about the creators and the show, but Steve Irwin... That's just too much... Okay, if five years have passed, or if he was still alive and he was spoofed like he died because he always did dangerous things (although that would suck :D ), but the man just died a few weeks ago... Not really nice... This is the first time that I'm disappointed in Parker and Stone...

    I never miss an episode of this show... I absolutely love it, this season was great so far, even this episode was great - the whole thing with the Ferrari cake, the serial killers... But then, when I saw Irwin, I was like: Oh, man, now they really disappointed me... That's just too much... He was a great man despite the incident with his kid and all the crazy stuff he did, and he shouldn't be laughed at. Not now, not ever.
  • Satan throws a Halloween party.

    Let me start off by saying I am NOT a regular watcher of South Park. I may catch an episode here or there if I think about it. I heard the controversy about this episode over the Steve Irwin joke and decided to watch for myself. I think the joke went over the news writer's head.

    Basically since Halloween is Satan's day, he wants the biggest party of all time. So he throws a party bigger than one seen on MTV's My Super Sweet 16 show. Meanwhile the kids keep summoning Biggie Smalls who just wants to get the party.

    There were lots of great gags. I loved Gacy, Bundy and Dahmer as the Three Stooges. That was funny. The Steve Irwin joke is actually funny. Someone complains to Satan that someone came in a Steve Irwin costume. Satan tells the guy it is a little too soon for a costume like that. Only it is the real Steve. Then Satan kicks him out because he isn't wearing a costume.

    To me one of the best jokes was after Satan throws a fit he realizes he has become like one of the spoiled rotten brats on Super Sweet 16. A minion tells Satan he is not THAT bad.

    Overall a great and funny episode.. and this comes from someone who doesn't watch the series on a regular basis.
  • in this episode satan wants to celebrate his sweet sixteen like the girls from MTV he has a huge party and when he doesn't get the cake he wanted a ferrari sized car, he gets an acura and starts having a tantrum, so everyone leaves and he gets mad.

    i felt this episode was not up to south park standards. i think they have made more episodes that are higher on the funny scale. this episode is not that funny except when the 3 people from hell kill the people in the bakery for no reason. this episode has not been up to my standards of funniness. they should have stuck to the fictional quantities instead of the reality this show usually doesn't have. it would have added more humor and more hilarious moments to be enjoyed more. the regular characters are barely shown. only when they look in the mirror and say biggie smalls three times and he comes out.
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