South Park

Season 10 Episode 11

Hell on Earth 2006

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 25, 2006 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • Biggie Smalls seems to be a lousy shot, if he can't hit, Butters, Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Tweek, Token, Jimmy, or Randy when he's summoned by them, and he gets angry.

    • Amongst the crowd at Satan's party, people dressed up as Spiderman and Elmo (Sesame Street) can be seen.

    • When Satan's addressing the legions of hell, he never once mentions where the party is taking place. But right after, George Burns seems to know it's taking place in the W hotel without being told.

    • Logically, the stingray that killed Steve Irwin would not have gone to Hell with him, as stingrays continue to live after they sting, and none of the camera crew killed it.

    • In the crowd at Satan's party, you can clearly see that Princess Diana is dressed as Lara Croft, a popular character in the video game series "Tomb Raider."

    • The part where Butters and Biggie are sitting in the airplane, the plane is shown in the Canyon Blue Fleet livery of Southwest Airlines.

    • When Satan is planning his party, whenever he wants something for his party, it is revealed that Diddy did it. This is a reference to a specific episode of My Super Sweet 16 in which a girl threw a tantrum upon discovering Kanye West, performing at her party, had already done so for another sweet 16 party. This is also similar to "The Simpsons Already Did It," where Professor Chaos scraps each and every one of his plans upon hearing that it was already done on an episode of The Simpsons.

    • This is also Butters second trip to Los Angeles in the series; the first being with Eric Cartman in the 2004 episode AWESOM-O.

    • Satan says that no one can dress up as "The Crow" from the movie of the same name at his party, though he later dresses up as "The Crow" himself, perhaps because he wanted to be the only one with the costume, but he later changes his costume to that of a schoolgirl identical to Britney Spears in her music video "…Baby One More Time".

    • This episode does not feature Kenny. His role seems to have been given to his previous replacement Tweek.

    • It's revealed that Satan's new boyfriend's name is Demonicus.

    • The character of Steve Irwin made obvious by his khaki clothes and the stingray stuck in his chest is wearing a hat with what is assumed to be crocodile teeth in the band. Steve Irwin is not known for wearing a hat and is in fact wearing the hat made famous by Crocodile Dundee. Crocodile Dundee is a movie character created by Aussie actor/comedian Paul Hogan made famous in 1986, 1988 and unfortunately again in 2001.

    • Even though Satan's sweet sixteen Halloween party is a costume party, and a main plot point is getting Biggie Smalls to the party, the Notorious B.I.G. is wearing regular clothes and not a costume.

    • Hell's 'Celebrities': In the episode there are countless celebrities who have died over the years and gone to hell e.g.
      Princess Diana
      Adolf Hitler
      Ted Bundy
      Jeffery Dahmer
      John Wayne Gacy
      Steve Irwin
      Biggie Smalls

    • Steve Irwin is the first person to have both their parody character and the actual person (so to speak) appear on the show.

    • After the Ferrari cake is destroyed, the scene cuts back to the W hotel. A man dressed as Raggedy Andy says, "This is a really extravagant party, Satan!" but there is also a lady standing next to Satan whose mouth is saying the exact same thing. Based on the voice it is obviously a male talking, but they likely forgot to remove the lady before it aired.

    • Amongst the crowd at the party, a white guy dressed as Chef can be seen.

    • Although billed as a Halloween episode, this is the first Halloween episode to not have a Halloween themed title sequence.

    • Satan, who has not appeared since Best Friends Forever, appears in this episode.

  • Quotes

    • Bundy: Alright listen you mugs, it's now 11:30. That means we only have twenty mintues to bake a new ferrari cake.
      Dahmer: No problem. It just so happens I went to an Italian cooking school.
      Bundy: Yeah? Why'd you quit?
      Dahmer: There weren't enought Italians to eat.

    • Satan: I know. Yes, it's perfect. At midnight, all the lights go down, the music stops, and then we wheel in a Ferrari. Only it isn't a Ferrari; it's a cake, and everyone gets a piece.
      Minion: A Ferrari cake?
      Party Planner: Diddy didn't do it.
      Minion: Satan, really. The logistics of getting a cake the size of a Ferrari made in time...
      Satan: This party has to be the bomb, don't you get it? When everyone sees the Ferrari cake, they will shudder and know my greatness.

    • Randy: (to mirror) …Smalls. (Biggie Smalls appears) No way.
      Biggie Smalls: Motherf**kin Goddamit!!
      Randy: That's pretty cool. Hey, hey Sharon!
      Biggie Smalls: "Cool" this, sucker!
      (Starts shooting everywhere trying to hit Randy, but Randy runs out of the bathroom.)

    • Cartman: (Everyone in bathroom leaves when Cartman realizes he deficated) Oh, man. I crapped my pants! (Starts laughing) Hey! Hey guys! I crapped my pants!

    • (Bundy, Dahmer and Gacy are lifting the Ferrari cake with a crane from the flatbed in the air)
      Man: Do you gentlemen need a hand? (Gacy runs to him, jumps on him, and stabs him to death)
      Bundy: Gacy! Whatcha do that for?!
      Gacy: I did it for Dahmer!
      Bundy: For Dahmer?!
      Gacy: Yeah. He likes havin' sex with dead bodies. (Dahmer is humping the dead body, from the elbows up)
      Bundy: Dahmer! Stop havin' sex with them intestines!

    • Butters: Yo dawg, uh, can't I just go back home right after the flight so I don't get grounded?
      Biggie Smalls: Oh no! YOU summoned my spirit; YOU're gettin' me all the way to the party! As long as I get to the party in time to party, everything'll be all right. (starts to vanish) Hey! (vanishes)
      Kyle (with the other boys in his bathroom):… Smalls.
      Biggie Smalls (appears): Oh, god-dammit! (the boys scream and Cartman, Jimmy, and Tweek run out, leaving Stan, Kyle, and Token)
      Stan: IT DOES WORK! (runs out)
      Kyle: HOLY CRAP!
      Biggie Smalls: THAT'S IT! NOW I'M PISSED! (pulls out his gun, and starts shooting at Kyle and Token, who then leave.)

    • Randy: All right, boys, I know it's Halloween, but you can't summon dead rappers in the mirror.
      Cartman: How do you know?
      Randy: I'm a geologist!

    • Bundy: We're here to pick up the Ferrari cake.
      Baker #1: Oh yes, it's just about finished. What kind of truck are we loading it up to?
      Bundy: We got that flatbed.
      Baker #1: Okay well, we're just gonna need to-- GYAAAH! (Gacy takes out a butcher knife, and stabs the baker in the the back, and slices his guts out)
      Bundy: Gacy, you numb skull, what'd ya kill him for?!
      Gacy: I didn't meant tuh!
      Bundy: Give me that! (takes the knife and slaps Gacy's head)
      Gacy: Oh!
      Baker #2: Everything all right? (Dahmer takes the knife and stabs the baker in the throat)
      Bundy: You nincompoop! (bops Dahmer on the head)
      Dahmer: Oh.
      Bundy: That was the baker!
      Dahmer: He startled me!
      Bundy: GACY! (Gacy is stabbing a baker) What'dja kill him for?!
      Gacy: I'm a victim of circumstance! (Dahmer bops him on the head)
      Bundy: Ahh, who're you hittin'? (pokes Dahmer's eyes)
      Dahmer: Ohhhh…
      Gacy: Nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk. (Bundy smacks him) Oh!
      Bundy: Get outta here! Be quiet! You idiots! Now who's gonna help us load the Ferrari cake onto the flatbed?!

    • Biggie Smalls: I ain't missin' the party!
      Butters: W-what party?
      Biggie Smalls: I already got my wristband, see? You've got to get me to Los Angeles!
      Butters: Uh, well, can't you just take a plane?
      Biggie Smalls: How, punk?! We don't use money in hell, nigga!
      Butters: Well damn, nigga, there's gotta be some way!
      Biggie Smalls: This is your fault, homie! You've gots to get me to that party in L.A., or I'm gonna smoke your ass!
      Butters: OH HAMBURGERS!

    • Butters: Biggie Smalls… Biggie Smalls… Biggie Smalls. (Biggie Smalls appears)
      Biggie Smalls: WHAT THE F**K IS THIS?!
      Butters: AAAAH!
      Biggie Smalls: HEY!
      (Biggie Smalls starts shooting his gun at Butters, but he runs outside and his parents pull up)
      Stephen: Butters, we told you to be in bed. What are you doing?
      Butters: I summoned Biggie Smalls the hip-hop rapper.
      Stephen: You had a nightmare. Turn around and get back in your room right now.
      Butters: But dad, he's gonna bust a cap in my arse.
      Stephen: Well, do you want to get shot or do you want to get grounded?
      (Butters runs back inside screaming)
      Stephen: (to Linda) Honestly, why do you let him watch that darn black entertainment channel.

    • Satan: On Halloween, we shall open the Gates of Hell, rise up to the earth, and we will rent out the entire W Hotel, for an awesome party, and invite a bunch of celebrities!
      Minion: How big a party are we talking?
      Satan: Have you seen those rich, spoiled, teenage girls who have massive Sweet 16 parties? That big.
      Minion: Satan, we can't possibly do--
      Satan: SILENCE! Halloween is about me! And I deserve a party! This… shall be MY Super Sweet 16! (laughs sinisterly) Minions of Hell! The time has come for us to rise! For my Super Sweet 16 Halloween party! I got Bacardi, and Ketel One to sponsor the alcohol, and I'm calling it Hell On Earth 2006! But now, heed my words! In order to get in to the party, you have to RSVP and get a blue wristband. Everyone is gonna try and get into this party, so if you don't get your wristband in advance, or you're not wearing that wristband at the door, you're NOT GETTING IN! And NOW know this! It's a costume party, so you have to wear a costume. BUT… nobody better show up as The Crow! I'm serious. Every costume party there's like fourteen guys come dressed like the Crow 'cause they wanna look hot and hook up. IT'S LAME! If you come dressed as the Crow, you're NOT GETTING IN to the party! Go now and prepare! If you miss my party, you are a LOOOOSER! (laughs sinisterly)

    • Butters: Oh please don't ice me homey!
      Biggie Smalls: You'd better have a good reason, sucka!
      Butters: I just… was seein' if it works.
      Biggie Smalls: Damn! Every Halloween I gots to deal with this shit! I'm in hell, mindin' my own business, and the next thing I know, I'm in some kid's bathroom!

    • Satan: Oh god. What's happened to me? I've never been this terrible before. By trying to have a party like those spoiled rich teenage girls on MTV, I've become like one of them.
      Minion: Satan don't be so hard on yourself, you're not as bad as they are.

    • Satan's minion: Satan we have a problem, one of the guests has turned up in a Crocodile Hunter costume, and it's really offending some of the other guests.
      Satan: Oh Jesus (Walks across the party to a guest in a Crocodile Hunter outfit.) Erm, ah the whole Crocodile Hunter thing, it's just not cool. He like only died a few weeks ago! You're gonna have to go.
      Steve Irwin: But Satan it's me Steve Irwin. I am the Crocodile Hunter!
      Satan: Oh, well, then no costume, you gotta leave!
      Steve Irwin: (Being dragged away) Come on Satan, I thought we were friends?

    • Butters: Sure homey, I got your back.

    • Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, a fully edible Acura cake!

    • Satan: Nobody can look hotter than me! It's MY super sweet sixteen party!

    • Priest: …And from what we understand, the gathering is expected to be completely off the hook. There's more, none of us…are invited.

    • Cartman: Biggie Smalls, Biggie Smalls… … … This is stupid let's do something else.

    • Satan: Have you seen those rich spoiled teenage girls who have huge parties?

    • Satan: Then at midnight, for dessert, I'm thinking over here, we bring out a huge chocolate fondue fountain.
      Party Planner: Oh yeah, P. Diddy had his birthday party here a couple years back and he had one of those.
      Satan: Oh, screw that then. I don't want a fondue fountain if P. Diddy had one.
      Minion: Does it matter?!
      Satan: YES IT MATTERS! I don't wanna do it if Diddy did it!
      Minion: How about a doughnut machine?
      Satan: Did Diddy do it?
      Party Planner: Diddy did do it.
      Satan: A full ice cream bar!
      Party Planner: Diddy did it.

  • Notes

    • This is the first time since the 4th season that the year when the episode aired was used in the title.

    • This is Eldridge Hudson's third episode of voice work on this series, the first two were "Krazy Krips" where he voiced the "Krip" gang members, and "Erection Day" where he voiced the pimp.

    • This is the second time we've heard Butters sing while brushing his teeth. The first episode was "AWESOM-O" from Season 8.

    • SBS planned to cut the Steve Irwin joke when this episode was going to be shown in Australia.
      However, when it did premiere on Monday May 14 2007, SBS did not cut out the Steve Irwin joke.

    • This is one of the few episodes that raised controversy and made it into the news. For this episode it was the Steve Irwin gig.

    • Kenny wasn't in this episode.

    • Princess Diana, Gandhi, Adolf Hitler and George Burns all appear with animated heads. The last time each of them appeared (Gandhi and George Burns in the movie, Diana and Hitler in Mr Hankey's Christmas Classics) their heads were made of actual photos.

    • The "n" word is used twice in this episode.

    • This is the first Halloween themed episode since season 3's Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery.

    • This is the 150th episode of the series!

  • Allusions

    • Biggie Smalls:

      "Biggie Smalls" is the nickname of the late famous rapper the Notorious B.I.G. who was shot to death in 1997.

    • Going Back to Cali:

      These quotes refer to the lyrics of Notorious B.I.G.'s song "Going Back to Cali."

      Butters: I'm going going! Back back! To Cali Cali!
      Cartman: … Sippin' on booze at the House of Blues.

    • BET:

      The "Black Entertainment Channel" that Chris mentions is the TV channel BET. BET contains mostly hip hop and rap music and music videos.

    • Cannibal! The Musical:

      The scene where Ted Bundy pulls out Jeffrey Dahmer's tongue is strikingly similar to the opening scene of Cannibal! The Musical, which was written and directed by Trey Parker.

    • Ferrari Cake:

      The Ferrari cake is based on the 2003 Enzo Ferrari, one of the fastest, rarest, and most expensive production cars in the world. The car was named after the company's founder.

    • Ferris Bueller's Day Off:

      When we first see the Ferrari cake, we hear the song 'Oh Yeah' by Yello - this is just like in the 1986 film Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

    • The Priest's 'Pets':

      When the priests are seen some of them have small naked children on leashes, poking fun that some Catholic priests are pedophiles.

    • The Three Stooges:

      Serial killers Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer, and John Wayne Gacy are a clear parody of The Three Stooges. In the episode they are referred to as "The Three Murderers." Bundy is Moe, Dahmer is Larry and Gacy is Curly. Also, the black and white images that appear before each of their scenes are parodies of the old titles cards that appeared before each short.

    • "Bloody Mary" / "Candyman":

      The summoning of rapper Biggie Smalls by saying his name three times in front of a mirror is a reference to the horror classic "Candyman," which in turn is a reference to the "Bloody Mary" urban legend.

    • My Super Sweet 16:

      This episode refers to the MTV show My Super Sweet 16, a program about snotty, stuck up, worthless 15 year olds preparing for their sweet 16 party(that they don't deserve, and should end with the burning of them at a stake).