South Park

Season 5 Episode 10

How to Eat With Your Butt

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 14, 2001 on Comedy Central

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  • Trash

    This episode had to be one of the silliest episodes of South Park ever. In this episode Cartman looses his sense of humour because he has seen the funniest thing ever (Kenny in his parker backwards with his butt sticking out in their class pic), well I don't remember laughing one bit during this episode, it was just plane silly and borring. About the only funny thing was Butters and he only had a very small role. I usually find this show amusing and only just started watching it again, but this episode was a huge dissappointment. Happily, I know that this is the exception to the rule :).
  • Cartman's practical joke on Kenny goes a bit too far, when he takes a picture of kenny's butt and an unusual couple from Wisconsin think it's their son.

    It's school picture day in South Park Elementary School, and Cartman decides to play a practical joke on Kenny. Kenny dresses upside down, so his butt reveals through his hood, and his head is, uh, you should know. Cartman is so excited by this that he goes to South Park Milk Co. and posts the picture up on the "missing kids" section of milk cartons distributed in the city. However, it goes a bit too far after a couple in Wisconsin who actually have butt heads believe it's real.

    This episode was funny at first, but then loses its "funny effect" later on. The Ben Affleck parody was pretty silly too. In fact, Cartman even loses his sense of humor after getting this too much. This isn't a really worthwhile episode, especially the beeped version on syndication (in my area it's UPN 44 Bay Area), in fact, if you know how Cartman can't laugh anymore, then you know why this episode sucks. In fact, this is a sign when South Park really breaks down - as most episodes that follow this ep, all the way to "Cancelled" suck, including pretty much most of the sixth season. I suggest any episode before "Osama bin Laden has Farty Pants" - i mean the first 4 1/2 seasons of South Park if you want an episode worth watching.
  • Bum Face

    Ha, a superb episode jammed pack full of crap that makes you laugh and grin with humour. Kenny decides to show his butt where his face is meant to be for one of the school photo shoots, posting it on a local milk-factory's carton. This begins to be funny, as Cartman for the first time in his life, feels GUILTY. Yes, GUILTY. Saying that his "Funny Fuse" has broke, he refuses to think that he might've felt GUILTY for the first time in his life, the spoilt brat that he is !!

    A brilliant episode, this also has a twist at the end, involving a well-known movie actor ;D
  • I don't you if you know, but the Thompsons actually have buttocks where their heads should be.

    I haven't laughed so hard at an episode for a really long time. I laughed really hard at the fact that Kenny pulled that pranks at school photo day, but more for the fact that they didn't actually pick up what was happening, so they punished Butters. The Thompson family were hilarious, I especially like the picture of the baby 'sneezing'. The scene where the Thompsons are in the McKormick's living room and all the people are looking through the window to catch a sneek peek at them. The funniest thing though was Cartman's description on the side of the milk bottle.
  • If you don't like it you can always write for "Friends"?

    In this episode Kenny takes a picture with his ass for his head, Butters gets an Alffalfa hair, Cartman breaks "a funny fuse" after seeing the TPS ass face people. The voices were hillarious for the ass people and the fact that Ben Affleck had TPS was great. I liked this episode.
  • A very good episode.

    Probably one of the best episodes of the 5th season. We finally get to see all of the boys hair for their picture day. Cartman puts Kenny's Face well erm Butt on a milk carton for a joke and two people with TPS see it and think its their son. After seeing the people Cartman felt bad or he broke a funny fuse. Jimmy comes back it was fun to see him again. Kenny's death was kinda cool id say and unexpected unless you remember the news report from the start. The people with TPS find out their son is Ben "Assflick" and over all this is a very good episode.
  • Pure comic genius from Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

    It's school photo day, but Kenny decides to have his butt hanging out of his parka, so when the photo's get developed, Cartman gets the photo put on a milk carton, and is beside himself with laughter, thinking it's the funniest thing he's ever done. But he loses his sense of humour when an unusual couple called Mr and Mrs Thompson who have their buttocks where their head should be turn up thinking that Kenny is their missing son. I'll say it again.... Pure genius.
  • Don't you just feel sorry for the people who have TPS?

    Quote of the Episode - "But you know, if you have completely lost your sense of humor, you can always become a writer for the show Friends."

    Favourite Moments - Butters' parents being ridiculous about Butters' photo, Cartman finding out that there are actually people out there whose faces look like butts.

    After Kenny poses his butt as his face on his school picture, Cartman puts it onto the local milk carton as a missing kid and gets into a load of trouble. It turns out that there are actually "butt-faced-people" out there in the world and they think Kenny's butt is their missing child. After they come to visit Kenny's butt in South Park, Cartman is forced to fess up.
  • brilliant

    This is the episode that made me laugh an immense amount, i couldn't stop crying and my chest her this is a pure comical genius. My favourite episode and series 5 was the peak of south park. Classic episode that was about Kenny having his school photo done and gets into his clothes backwards so his a s s shows out the front, Cartmen being the genius he is gets it put on the milk carton as a missing child, and these 2 people see the picture of Kenny believing it is their child as they have a condition called TPS that is a condition that makes there heads look like their a s s, Classic comedy