South Park

Season 5 Episode 10

How to Eat With Your Butt

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 14, 2001 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • The Thompson's groceries include a long brown loaf of bread, "brown" gravy and chocolate milk.

    • Space Camp:

      The computer voice is exactly the same as the robot Jinx from the 1986 film Space Camp - featuring a young Joaquin Phoenix and Lea Thompson(Back to the Future series).

    • Notice that the photographer makes Kyle take his hat off, but he doesn't make Kenny take his hood off.

    • In one shot, Cartman's chin line was missing, but when the scene cuts away and shows Cartman again, his chin line is back.

    • At one point in the episode, they call him "Tommy". At the ceremony, they call him "little Billy Thomson". However, it's Ben Affleck! Which one is he?

    • Kenny can't take off his parka because he is afraid of taking it off (you notice how he tightens it when he's scared?) If it's because of a fear, they'd let him keep it on. In the movie, he took it off to show he had no more fear or something (if you want analysis, ask an English teacher.)

    • They Butt-people say that there are 11 people on the world with TPS, when the computer does a scan on missing kids since 1982 with TPS it says 14.

    • When Ben Affleck first appears, he is wearing a green shirt. At one point they flash back to him and his shirt is white.

    • If the photographer was taking pictures without the kids wearing their hats, why didn't he ask Kenny to fold back his hood. If the photographer found out that Kenny couldn't do that because he got into his parkra backwards, than Kenny would really be in trouble. A hood may not be classified as a type of hat, but he would have to look how he looked in South Park the movie. I'm confused.

    • At the time of this episode, 1982 wasn't "over 20 years ago."

    • Stan and Kyle didn't say their usual lines when Kenny got ran over.("Oh my God they killed Kenny! You Bastards!")

    • Mr. Thompson first said that their son was abducted when he was seven, later Mr. Thompson said their child was missing when he was six.

    • The Thompsons call their child Tommy at one point but later on he is referred to Billy. This means his name at one point was Tommy Thompson.

    • When Kenny sat down for the picture how come his neck didn't snap, because he had so much pressure on it.

  • Quotes

    • (Cartman is in the movies after losing his sense of humor)
      Guy 1: Dude, why are you wearing Shilaynas' panties?
      (Crowd laughs)
      Guy 2: I had to wear Shilaynas' panties, Lisa's were in the wash.
      (Crowd Laughs)
      Guy 1: Look can we just get this over with?
      Guy 2: But dude I can't french kiss him, he's my Grandpa.
      (Crowd laughs)
      Guy 1: Come on dude.
      Guy 2: Oh alright here it goes, come here Grandpa
      (Crowd laughs and cheers except for Cartman)
      Cartman: Aw, dude! Bah.
      Audience member: Dude, what's wrong with you?
      Cartman: Nothing's wrong with me!
      Guy 2: Well I'm glad that's over with. We better go back to the house now to see how Chris is doing.
      Cartman: Ahahahaha.......haha...Uh.

    • South Park Milk Company President: Well why don't we let Mrs. Garfunk do her work, and I'll take you out for some good ole' Colorado chili.
      Stephen Thompson: We don't really like chili, it makes us throw up.

    • Cartman:Whatever. All I know is that I can laugh again, I'm gonna go home and eat another chocolate gun, come on Kenny!
      (A motorbike runs over Kenny)
      Cartman: Bahahahaha!

    • Chris Stotch: Butters, are you ready to stop with the stupid faces?
      Butters: I sure am dad.
      Chris Stotch: Alright, you can take the paper bag off.
      Butters: (takes bag off)Thanks dad. I'm sorry I was ba--
      Chris Stotch: Oh, very funny young man! You think it's clever to make yourself up like a girl?!!
      Butters: Bu-bu-bu Dad I-I didn-
      Chris Stotch: Did you use your mother's makeup? She's going to be furious!
      Butters: I'm not wearing make-up, Dad.
      Chris Stotch: Put that bag back on!
      Butters: Yes Sir. (puts bag back on)

    • Cartman: Yeah well I guess now we'll have to call him Ben Ass-fleck.

    • Mr. Garrison: I never realized Ben had TPS but I definately see the resemblence now.

    • Stephen Thompson: Over 11 people world wide suffer from TPS.

    • Stephen Thompson: You may not have realized this, but we actually have buttocks where our heads should be.
      Lady at milk company: ……Really?

    • Ms. Choksondick: Eric calm down, I'm trying to yell at Butters.

    • (When Cartman shows everyone Kenny's picture)
      Cartman: Dude, check it out! It's the sweetest thing I've ever done!
      Kenny: (muffled) YOU'VE ever done?

    • Linda: Butters can't come out and play, boys. He thinks it's funny to look like a jackass in his school pictures that I have to pay for!
      Butters: Huh, but I told you mom. I didn't mean to look like a jackass! It just happened.

    • Kyle: (about Butters) Dude, that poor kid.
      Clyde: Yeah, we got to remember to kick his ass tomorrow.

    • Mr. Mackey: Well, what did you used to think was funny?
      Cartman: You know, all the usual stuff. Dirty jokes, funny movies, seeing someone die. This morning, I even saw a little girl get her fingers caught in a car door and I couldn't laugh. I mean I, I knew it was funny, but I couldn't laugh.

    • South Park Milk President: Yes, but here at South Park Milk we strive for excellence. For instance, we are now entering the extraction room. As you can see, we keep it close to the refrigeration room. That way we can get the milk to the container as fast as possible. That's why some say South Park milk tastes like you're suckin' it right from the cow's teats yourself.

    • Mr. Mackey: (to Cartman) But you know, if you have completely lost your sense of humor, you can always become a writer for the show, Friends. (laughs)

  • Notes

    • Jimmy from "Cripple Fight"," makes his first return appearance.

    • Kyle's taking off of his hat to reveal his large hair is a reference to the joke in Trey Parker's first movie 'Cannibal the Musical' where Humprhies, played by Matt Stone takes of his hat that looks remarkably like Kyle's to reveal a large 'fro of red hair.

    • The people looking through the McCormick's window to get a peek at the Thompsons are: Kyle, Stan, Token, Craig, Officer Barbrady, Chef, Mr. Garrison, and Sheila Brovlovski.

    • The show's title would later be the basis for the episode "Red Hot Catholic Love" (although you could confuse the two.)

    • It's the first time we get a real look at Stan's hair.

    • Kyle's large, frizzy hair style seems to resemble South Park co-creator's Matt Stone.

    • According to this episode, Kenny lives four houses away from Cartman's.

    • This is the first time we see Kyle's hair.

  • Allusions

    • The Little Rascals:

      When the school photographer takes Butters' picture, one strand of his hair stands up. This is like the character "Alfalfa" in the Little Rascals series. Butters even dresses up like Alfalfa with a tie and some formal outfits.

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