South Park

Season 15 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 27, 2011 on Comedy Central

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  • crapipad.... like pads for women except you poop in them

    Oh wow, where to start. I guess i should start at...last year. Last year a horrible thing happened, someone made a move titled HumanCentipede. And last year the IPad came out. So maybe this was supposed to be the season 14 finale but held off until now. Anyways, Kyle gets abducted by apple and is forced to be part of a human centipede where his mouth his sown to the ANUS of a chinese man....and a woman's mouth is sowed to his anus. Not a pleasant sight to see but try to imagine eating and pooing and ahhh. Thats all I can remember from this truly "memorable" episode. I mean give me a break, it was down right stupid. Not to mention that every cartoon tv show does a bit about apple and it seems so...trifling. Sometimes I wish I were as stupid as all you out there. You, who could laugh out loud at this disgrace of an episode. Bliss it would be to laugh at the word "poo" and last nights episode, but not even a closed mouth chuckle echoed from my throat.
  • A Fine Episode.

    I consdier this another fine episode of South Park. Eric Cartman frames his own mother when she stands up to him and says no to him for the first time in his miserable life. Kyle also pays a very high price for signing an agreement without reading it first. He is made into a living computer has he is connected with two other people. At the end of the episode, Kyle has finally learned his lession, but as usual, Cartman hasn't learned his. When his mother refuses to buy him an iPad computer, he then frames her for molesting him. When he accuses God himself of the same thing, however, he then gets his comeupence. Once again, it was a great episode.
  • It had a few good jokes but it really just takes all the things that made south park good and than adds shit to it (no pun intended)


    To be honest it was a boring episode... And choosing it as a season premier was a bad idea. It's justrepetition of one good joke that Cartman says in the begining that gave me a good laugh the first time but by the end it was a hassle more than anything. It basically brought the saying 'beating a dead horse' to a new level... but it seems like this dead horse had all its blood replaced with dollar bills and its limbs replaced with pure gold cause Matt and Trey are still beating some damn good money out of this pony. OK enough with the dead horse, but in all seriousness it's an unimaginative episode and the reason it has an 8.5 isnostalgia and denial of this show becoming boring and repetitive.

  • A Solid 7.5..but nowhere near a '10"

    TERMS AND CONDITIONS..who reads those...if you want to have any sort of DON'T. This episode is about a lot of things that are WRONG with interactive media, the internet, IPAD, APPLE, and the reliance the general population has with electronics in general. KYLE, doesn't read the terms and conditions and as a result he is OWNED by APPLE who attach his mouth to the ass of a Japanese man who is going to eat Cuttle Fish and Asparagus..OR White Paste..which one do you think he eats. LOL. was funny. BUT..somewhere in the South Park universe I see a TAMER show or one using repetitive jokes. They have already featured an entire episode to people "Pooping out of their mouths" so attaching the Human-Centi-Pede was kind of reminiscent. I do realize there was an AWFUL movie that came out last year about Centipece..but still, South Park has already USED up their 'pooping out" jokes. Cartman feels he has been..cked in the ass by not getting the EXACT model IPAD he wanted. Join the Club (lol). I DONT like Apple tracking my whereabouts, it is very Big Brother and very scary to know everywhere you go on line, even to this review page, someone is tracking you. To that, I give credit to South Park for taking some kind of stand. But I think they are just using old jokes over and over. CC'Mon guys..once you feature an episode where people poop out of their mouth you can't top it..So this is a decent episode but not a 10 for creativity. More like 7.5.
  • A hilarious opening episode to a fantastic season.

    I really enjoyed this episode and continuously laughed throughout the entire episode. All the jokes were absolutely hilarious and I especially enjoyed the Cartman sub-plot when he was making accusations against his mother because he wasn't allowed to get an iPad. I thought that it was also great that Steve Jobs made an appearance as it helped to increase the number of Apple jokes. One of my other favourite moments in the episode was when the group met the Geniuses and Gerald agrees to join Apple after Kyle gets kidnapped. Without a doubt, I believe that Season 15 will be a fantastic South Park season.
  • Lets just say, after 14 years of being a loyal South Park fan and watcher, this episode was enough to make to say goodbye to the show forever.

    I was super excited to watch this episode. I mean my bf and I have 12 seasons of South Park on DVD. We have seen every episode at least 3 times. You could say we "were" huge fans. This is the first episode I couldn't finish watching. I started gagging half way through the episode and had to walk out of the room to throw up. Mind you, I am not one easily grossed out or offended, I can watch surgery videos on the discovery channel without flinching. This was just plain disgusting, and Matt & Trey went too far. It will take a lot of convincing before I want to watch the show again. If you haven't seen this episode, don't. Unless you LIKE throwing up.
  • great

    In the season 15 premiere of South Park, Kyle, a Japanese man, and a woman are to be part of a new Apple Product, and Apple is allowed to use them because they clicked "I Agree" to the Terms and Conditions (I mean, who really reads those?). Will Kyle get out of this?

    Cartman is mad at his mom for repeatedly 'f-in' him' because she will not buy him an iPad. He eventually almost gets the new apple Product with Kyle, the Japanese man, and the woman, but Kyle's contract is up and Cartman is left angry.

    The Cartman plot was hilarious. "You want to buy me a cigarette? Because I like to smoke when I'm getting f-ed!" The ending of the episode, Cartman crying in the car, the Dr. Phil scene… the whole episode just has a lot of humor, most of which for me, was found in the sub plot.

    The main plot was good too, but I only really laughed at the scene with the Geniuses, and how everyone except Kyle actually DO read the Terms and Conditions. The rest was interesting in terms of plot, but boring in laughter. So my final grade is in the B- or so range
  • This is already one of my all-time favorite episodes (SPOILER ALERT).

    I was laughing through-out the episode.

    As a free software user, I found the jokes about Apple Corp. very funny and, to an extent, true. I found the episode featured a lot of thought-out "symbolism", regarding the culture of ipads and facebook and twitter and whatnot, such as the iPAD on the lady's butt lighting up (as if receiving an email or notification) when the "flow of feces" reaches it, or Steve Jobs' eccentricity and Apple's "redefinition" of human-machine interaction.

    And with the current Apple "Location-gate" scandal, the episode is also very timely.

    The season's off to an awesome start, in my opinion.
  • South Park spoofs the human centipede.

    In this episode of south park they spoof the human centipede. This episode is sort of a dissapointing way to start the 15th season of south park the year of the fan. As it turns out cartman wants an ipad but his mom won't but it for him and if you know anything about south park by now you'll know cartman won't stop until he gets what he want's. I won't spoil what cartman does but it's funny. Meanwhile kyle doesn't read an update for apple but just agrees to it and he's part of a human centipede. This episode ranged from being funny to boring.
  • ehh

    south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks south park sucks .... nah im kidding, this was a funny episode
  • As usual the scatological way of south park to make a point give us some silly moments & laughs.. hehehe

    It's the future people, and Apple did it again!.. the HUMANCENTiPAD it's the way how the people in the future will be even more close each other and will be able to share all kind of sh*t straight from the source to the head and minds of their contacts around the world!... This episode was quite educational!... xD.. but.. even soo.. it could be done better.. if they would include the stupid and useless reasons that some people haves to purchase the apple tech.. or maybe if they just show a little bit how they use it and the cool that they think they are this episode could be remarkable.

    I just like it.. it didn´t blow my mind but it was one of the good ones.
  • Season 15/this episode could of been more use full last year.

    well it's the start of season 15 of south park finally! South Park was supposed to start last month what the hell is going on. base on this episode I think it could of been more usefull last year when Ipad was created and this episode helps promte it but they could of bought up Ipad2 or something. Well in this episode it has Cartman complains that his mom won't buy him one and Cartman makes everyone believe she ra#ed Cartman and them Kyle fails to read the long lame agreements from Itunes and where do the writers get the idea and them the Humancentipad was born but it was a dumb but a funny idea and God shot Cartman with lighting
  • What the?

    Started off as a good episode. They could throw anything in those I-tunes updates was a good funny starter. How everyone except kyle reads them was too far fetched for me. I was expecting everyone not to read them. Why a human centipede. Technically speaking the merging of 3 people with an ipad taped on to the head and rear really shows a lack of imagination except for to be as disgusting as possible. Should have just gone the Futurama way and merged one ipad with one person and then have it just stick out of the head or something. The humantipede added no features whatsoever to the existing ipad. This was just sick, and not in a funny way.

    The episode was only slightly watchable due to the parts with Cartman in them.
  • Me likey

    If youve read any of my other reviews, you will know I can be very critical of South Park at times, but i cannot be cynical with this episode. despite any gripes I could try to level against this episode it simply had me laughing way too much...The ending was brilliant.

    The episode managed to give us a good portion of the core characters and once again provided classic Cartman moments...Credit to Cartmans mum being a much stronger parent this time seeming playing on the lessons she learned in Tsst. It got rid of any potential repetitive jokes, although one might call the episode episode a repeated joke...but thats Ok because it's a good one thats still gt many niches to explore.

    This was a very strong opener in my books and I'm feeling more optimistic about South Park than I have since Season 11.
  • 'South Park' starts its fifteenth season with an episode that touches upon everything the show is made of: gross, foul language and a moral lesson.

    It cannot be easy for any show in its fifteenth season to find a way to satisfy its long term fans. Yet, South Park comes a long way by taking a stab at Apple and putting the spotlight on Cartman's relationship with his mother.
    Kyle gets summoned by Apple to do what they ask since he failed to read the license agreement. It's exactly this kind of reference to reality that gets to you. I mean really, who ever reads those things? I sure don't and I trust that regardless of what happens, I won't be tied to someone's buttocks and be forced to eat their, uhm, discharges.. Yet, this is what happened in this episode, which is exactly what you expect of South Park. Who comes up with this?
    Cartman meanwhile stole the episode with his preferences before he gets, uhm effed. But what was wonderful, besides the show using Dr. Phil and Best Buy to make the case worse, is that the relationship with Cartman's mother was tested. For the first time, Mrs. Cartman was insensitive to her son's whiny voice and teary eyes. I wouldn't dare to talk about character development in an episode that features a kid being tied to someone's hiny, but the scenes between mom and son where hilarious and refreshing. All in all it was a wonderful season premiere that set the tone for a show that clearly hasn't lost it's initial appeal.