South Park

Season 15 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 27, 2011 on Comedy Central

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  • Season 15/this episode could of been more use full last year.

    well it's the start of season 15 of south park finally! South Park was supposed to start last month what the hell is going on. base on this episode I think it could of been more usefull last year when Ipad was created and this episode helps promte it but they could of bought up Ipad2 or something. Well in this episode it has Cartman complains that his mom won't buy him one and Cartman makes everyone believe she ra#ed Cartman and them Kyle fails to read the long lame agreements from Itunes and where do the writers get the idea and them the Humancentipad was born but it was a dumb but a funny idea and God shot Cartman with lighting