South Park

Season 15 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 27, 2011 on Comedy Central

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  • A Solid 7.5..but nowhere near a '10"

    TERMS AND CONDITIONS..who reads those...if you want to have any sort of DON'T. This episode is about a lot of things that are WRONG with interactive media, the internet, IPAD, APPLE, and the reliance the general population has with electronics in general. KYLE, doesn't read the terms and conditions and as a result he is OWNED by APPLE who attach his mouth to the ass of a Japanese man who is going to eat Cuttle Fish and Asparagus..OR White Paste..which one do you think he eats. LOL. was funny. BUT..somewhere in the South Park universe I see a TAMER show or one using repetitive jokes. They have already featured an entire episode to people "Pooping out of their mouths" so attaching the Human-Centi-Pede was kind of reminiscent. I do realize there was an AWFUL movie that came out last year about Centipece..but still, South Park has already USED up their 'pooping out" jokes. Cartman feels he has been..cked in the ass by not getting the EXACT model IPAD he wanted. Join the Club (lol). I DONT like Apple tracking my whereabouts, it is very Big Brother and very scary to know everywhere you go on line, even to this review page, someone is tracking you. To that, I give credit to South Park for taking some kind of stand. But I think they are just using old jokes over and over. CC'Mon guys..once you feature an episode where people poop out of their mouth you can't top it..So this is a decent episode but not a 10 for creativity. More like 7.5.
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