South Park

Season 16 Episode 6

I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 18, 2012 on Comedy Central

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  • Pretty good, not bad.

    Funny and I liked it.
  • A Good Episode

    This Episode was actually kinda Cool. It features The Four Boys (Stan, Cartman, Kyle & Kenny) on yet another Adventure yet this one is unlike any other Adventure. No Danger what so Ever but The Wait & People around turn there Stomachs. This Episode was Pretty Good though a bit too much Toilet Humor at the End but it makes up since Butters didn't appear in this Episode.
  • Dudes...Come On

    WTF? Live action? live action Mr Hanky lol...Uh yeah....this was a CONCEPT..more a GIMMICK started out pretty funny, the Boys are smarter than the average Timmy and know a GROUP TOUR is always bull.shxt but it was too off -beat and strange. I wasn;t really lol at the live action---just watching it for the "what will they do next". the casting was also not all that great...looks like they took the first 4 guys that wre CLOSE enoiugh...i mean if you cast Cartman you better get it right lol. Anyone notice live action KYLE looks exactly like MATT in BASEKETBALL. I dont know--so far this entire season has been "fair" Nothing above a 7.5.. Decent, not a classic. The orginal Mr Hanky is all time classic..sorry a piece of FAKE poo sitting on the edge of a boat lo;lC'Mon guys you can do BETTER.
  • worst episode ever

    just plain awful. i didn't even watch all of it - started skipping as soon as those moronic real life characters appeared. if u r a die hard sp fan this ep will feel like a stab to your heart. keep away
  • wtf...

    Im on my phone.. where do I click to watch this?
  • perfect

    what i liked:

    -the live-action scenes

    -cartman yelling to the gang how boring ziplining was

    -the shuttle

    -"to make a long story short"...

    -"I should have never got on a god*** boat"

    -stan 'jac*** it' in san diego. again.

    -cartman making fun of kenny for having herpes.

    great episode. lots of humor, especially if you know what is being parodied. 5/5
  • So, long story short..

    Finally! This show started off funny with the toilet episode, then got really slow and not very enjoyable, but this episode i found hilarious! It WAS a classic, mostly because of the live action, and the "reality show" spin they did with ziplining - also it felt very true - I wonder if this terrible trip was experienced by Matt or Trey and they were just writing about it. The story was a little bland, but the jokes were so funny! The 'long story short guy'! I couldn't stop laughing! Finally! Some good ol' laugh out loud moments in South Park.

    P.S. - as for the actors they chose for the live action: Kyle was oddly adaptable, Cartman could have been better, but Stan and Kenny were spot on! Great Episode!
  • Just not that funny anymore

    The show is going down. The amazing episodes are a thing of the past, sadly. It becomes clear they are not putting in the effort that they used to do. There is just not much of a story in the episode.

    I hope the quality will come back. It would be a shame to stop the show.
  • After a slow start this Season is on a Roll

    While not as funny as last week's episode it had it's moments and even tried something new I'm still laughing and in fact. I'm going to watch this episode again.

    A great episode that parodies those travel disaster shows and just......WOW. Hope this keeps up for the rest of the Season.
  • Classic!

    The ending freakin made this episode! It was just so wonderful. I know people were not fans of the live action segment but I found it hilariously disgusting and it was classic South Park.

    What happens to two of the four boys had me in tears but I think you can guess what happened to one of them. What happens to the second boy you will not see coming and it just shows that a certain joke in South Park is even funnier the second time!

    Overall, another fantastic episode to another fantastic season of South Park.