South Park

Season 2 Episode 3

Ike's Wee Wee

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 20, 1998 on Comedy Central

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  • superb

    Mr. Mackey passes out sample marijuana because "drugs are bad" and he wants to make sure the kids never do it. But it gets lost and as a consequence Mr. Mackey is fired. Meanwhile Kyle tries to save his brother Ike from a bris, after learning what that is.

    Good episode. The marijuana plot did not do much for me but the overall plot of the bris was really funny and well done, I certainly thought so at least. No real complaints except for the marijuana plot boring me a little, so overall my grade is a B+. Good episode
  • Best.Ike.Episode.Ever

    This is one of my favorite episodes of all time,next to Mr Hankey,The Christmas Poo.Mr Mackey gets fired from losing a drug and gets an addiction to drugs,while Kyle think that his parents are going to chop off Ike's Wee Wee.Now if there's one thing that I like about this show is Ike.He's my favorite character of the show and is so Adorable and cute.This was just his best episode of all time.Kyle finds out that Ike is adopted and Kyle decides that Ike is not his brother.That scene was just full of cuteness,espically with Ike wearing Kyle's hat.Then,Kyle decides that Ike IS his brother,but was going to Snip his Wee Wee.Cutest episode of South Park ever made.Next review:A Fistful Of Ed
  • Drugs are bad but this episode sure isn't

    The Broflovski family is getting ready for a big occasion: Kyle's little brother Ike is about to have his Bris. Everything is going fine until Stan discovers just what a 'Bris' is: they're going to cut off Ike's penis Kyle, thinking his parents have gone insane, vows to protect his little brother by hiding him away where they can't get him. Meanwhile, Mr. Mackey gets fired from his job when an anti-drug demonstration goes wrong.

    This episode is pivotal as it isn't really about Cartman, Stan, Kyle or Kenny but rather Mr. Mackey and Ike and it shows that other characters can hold up an episode just as well as the four main boys can. Even though both of the plots are flawed when it comes to originality and laughs as both of them deal with uneasy topics like drugs and circumcision; both of them contain some fun moments at erratic occasions.

    Even though the episode looks much unsophisticated with the usually cut and paste look to it; it's what's on the inside that matters. Trey Parker steals the show as Mr. Mackey and expands his range with emotions like depression and hallucinating. Isaac Hayes delivers a memorable cameo as Chef. Ike's Wee Wee is an example of the show's not so classy beginning but its excellent overall.
  • Don't do drugs, Mckay! Warning: Contains spoilers.

    A bris is a circumcision "ritual" performed by Jewish people. That said, let's get the 8 year old South Park definition. "It's when you cut off your wee wee". That definition will have changed the life of the children and cause Kyle to hide Ike from his parents so he won't get his penis cut off. This episode was awesome, and also hilarious. I mean really hilarious. Mr. Mackay doing drugs and floating like a balloon after a hit of LSD? That's just funny. But you shouldn't do it.

    After Stan discovers that a bris, which Kyle's little brother is having, Ike, is when someone gets a circumcision. But, Stan thinks a circumcision is when you get your "wee wee" or penis cut off. That said, Kyle hides Ike to Nebraska. After a fake funeral when Kyle discovers that Ike is Canadian, Kyle tells his parents where his little Ikie poo is and he hates him. Soon, he'll discover family isn't who's blood you share, but who you care about. And that's why his friends are sort of like more than friends, but like family.. except for Cartman.. and Cartman doesn't want to be in Kyle's wee wee chopping family.

    This episode was hilarious and awesome. I enjoyed it and I recommend this episode for South Park fans.
  • Ike's Wee Wee

    My favourite character since near to the start has been the adopted Ike Brofloski (Also known as Peter). Canadian young little Kyle's brother is cute, handsome and very funny and he is definitely one of the better characters in all the seasons of animation South Park.
    This exciting Jewish-Canadian episode shows how Kyle accepts his brother Ike as his adopted brother. I really enjoyed this episode out of all of teh Season 1, 2 & 3 episodes. This episode is emotional, funny and fresh... If any episode is as great as Ike's Wee Wee (apart from Trapper Kepper) then I would like to know

    :D Excellent
  • Another great episode of South Park, shall it be a classic forever.

    What can I say? This was a episode that got me hooked up to the max.

    Great humour, South Park's gold was used almost all the time of this episode.

    It also had a clever plot - Drugs. Which is also realistic. You learn more about drugs.

    Now, this episode has more interesting, such as using Mr.Mackey as the main character. Genius, putting Mr.Macky (a comdey character) into a clever plot-wise episode. G-E-N-I-U-S.

    Really, i recommend this episode. If you haven't seen it, watch it. Its amazing, you will be suprised on how this episode is great compared to the past episodes. It deserves a big 10 for this sucess.
  • Drugs are bad, m'kay

    Kyle's little adopted Canadian brother, Ike, is going to have a bris. Chef's description leads the guys to think that his penis is going to be cut off. Kyle ships him to Nebraska, where he's mistaken for a trashcan. Meanwhile, Mr. Mackey is fired, mmmkay, and descends into a drug-fueled spiral. There's tons of great quotable lines ("There's a time and place for everything, and that place is college," "No, it's not ham, you fat f***!"). Watching Mr. Mackey's tripping is great, especially considering how quickly he backs down from his ironclad "drugs are bad, mmmkay" message. It fails to be a great episode because, well, because I hate Kyle's mom. Remember that song from the movie? My thoughts exactly.
  • How a bris can go terribly wrong.

    Well, well, well. This was my favourite episode of the season so far, just ahead of 'Chickenlover'. The episode involved the boys not understanding the meaning of a bris, thinking it involved chopping off Ike's penis which it obviously doesn't. The boys react and send Ike to Nebraska, where he is employed as a bar stool, but everyone thinks he is a trashcan. This episode is one of my favourites of the series and I think it will be even when I have seen all the episodes. The line of the episode was "Screw you guys, I don't wanna be in your penis chopping family anyway..."
  • Someone threw away a perfectly good trash can

    This is one of Season Two’s better outings, featuring lots of drug-related humor and allegories for the black-and-white views of anti-drug people, and a hilarious look at circumcision (Canadian maple-leaf circumcision!!!). Mr. Mackey establishes himself as one of South Park’s better supporting characters, and the laughs almost never let up.
  • Kyle: Because they're an addictive solution to a greater problem, causing disease of both body and mind, the consequences far outweighing their supposed benefits. Chef: And do you have ANY idea what that means? Kyle: No.

    In this episode Mr Mackey becomes a Stoner after trying to teach the kids what Marijuana smells like, Mr Garrison took it and got high [that was a good scene :)] and Mr Mackey got fired, so he took drugs, also we find out that the only heason his head is so big is because of his tie. Also Kyle hides Ike because he lives in a "***** choppin family" as Cartman said. We also find out Ike is a Canadian. Funny episode.
  • Ike is having his Bris and Mr. Mackey is fired for accidently giving pot to the children.

    Mr. Mackey is teaching the boys class about pot, when some comes up missing. Mackey is fired. He winds up doing drugs and drinking, turning his head into a balloon. Meanwhile, Ike is having a Bris. When the boys find out, Kyle hides his brother in Nebraska. He fakes Ike's death. Then, he finds out Ike is adopted. He tells his mom and dad where Ike is. However, before Ike is about to have part of his pen*s sniped, Kyle comes threw and protects him. When the doctor tells the boys it is only to make their pen*s look bigger, Ike goes ahead and has his Bris. Cartman and Stan want one too. Some of Mackey's friends take him to reablitiation and he becomes fine.
  • Ike gets his bris and Mr. Mackey falls into a drug addiction.

    This is one of those episodes with the craziest ideas you will ever see. Also when I say crazy I mean it in a very good way. Sometimes mind boggling what these guys come up with, but there you have it. Ike is set to get his bris, but when Kyle finds out what bris is, he tries desperately to save Ike from this fate. He does however stop carign about Ike when his parents tell him that Ike is in fact not a Broflovski he is in fact a Canadian. But overall a great episode which many people liked.
  • The best episode ever! Mr. Mackey was fired for giving drugs to children, while showing them the example of what marijuana can do to them.

    I remember watching the episode, when I was seventeen years old. This episode deals with drugs. Mr. Mackey was doing a presentation at school what drugs can do to them. He told the students that "drugs are bad" and "marijuana's bad". He showed a the sample of marijuana in a petrie dish. He made them pass it around. He was fired for passing out drugs to children. He was barred from his city and from his apartment because the landlord changed the locks of the apartment. Mr. Mackey starts to experiments with drugs. Mr. Garrison gets stoned watching "Teletubbies". Mr. Mackey becomes a hippie, meets a hippie woman and suggests they fingerpaint at her house. They decide to get married and have a honeymoon in India. While they were on their honeymoon, Mr. Mackey was caught by the a-team and his former employers. They should of helped him with his drug problem, instead of firing him. Mr. Mackey says he likes his new life and has not done drugs since his first experimentations back in South Park. Nobody listens and in rehab at the Betty Ford Clinic, he is recovered of his drug addictions. The episode ends with Mr. Mackey telling the class about how bad drugs are.
  • Ike is all set for his Bris, while Mr. Mackey goes on a quest for enlightenment.

    In this episode, we learn that Ike is Canadian, and that explains his flapping head. We also learn a bit about Mr. Mackey\'s past and his quest for enlightenment. This is a classic episode that pokes fun at Drugs programs that children take during school. Mr. Mackey attempts to teach the children about drugs even though he has never used them. All he says is \"Drugs are bad.\" This is essentially what programs like Dare do for children.
  • Mr. Mackey is fired from schhol and Ike is about to have his Bris.

    The show has continued to get better and better with each episode I see. Kyle does whatever it takes to hide Ike from having his "thingy" chopped off but it was really to make "it" look bigger. Then the subplot where Mr. Mackey is fired by the usage of drugs. One word: Classic!!
  • No wonder the show keeps getting better!

    No wonder the show keeps getting better as Mr Mackey
    Gets fired from his job for allegedly taking drugs on
    The job as Kyle wants to know what a bris is
    Since he and his little brother Ike are jewish. Kyle then
    Realizes that his brother is from Canada and tries to stop the bris by sending him on a "trip!"
  • Mr. Mackey on drugs, classic

    Mr. Mackey was so funny. 'uh as i was saying uh drugs are bayd. you shouldn't do drugs because if you do, your bayd. so don't be bayd, by doing drugs, which is bayd. uh drugs are bayd ok.'
    the kenny death sucked but the fake ike death more than made up for it. it was a hundred times funier as it just kept getting more and more ruthless and gorery as it went on. Mr. Mackey on drugs had me laughing for ages as he sounded like a total hippy because he kept saying man and dude. the rest of the episode was pretty average.