South Park

Season 11 Episode 11

Imaginationland: Episode II

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 24, 2007 on Comedy Central
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Stan and Kyle are being held captive at the Pentagon until they tell the government exactly how they got into Imaginationland. Elsewhere…Cartman will not give up his quest to make Kyle follow through on their bet to suck his balls.

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  • perfect

    butters learns he is the key to stopping the evil of Imaginationland; he is real, so he can use his imagination to beat the bad guys. elsewhere, kyle and stan are held captive in the pentagon until they tell the government how exactly they got in Imaginationland. the government then plans to destroy Imaginationland, with Butters (and Stan, who accidentally got knocked in) inside.

    good part 2 to the trilogy. I did not like it as much as I did part one, but i did think it was interesting and made me want to see the conclusion. Grade- an Amoreless
  • Episode 2 of Trilogy

    In this follow-up to part 1, Kyle and Stan are trapped in the Pentagon until they reveal how they got to Imaginationland, Cartman is still trying to get Kyle to suck his "things", and Butters is trying to fight off the evil character invasion with the remaining good characters. This episode loses some of the momentum it gained with some uneeded or overdone scenes, like the singing scene on trying to open the gate to imaginationland. However there was good too, like the Woodland Critters. I loved it when they were raping Kurt Russel, and trying to find someone with AIDS to kill off Strawberry Shortcake. It's screwed up, evil, and it's funny as hell. Overall, a good second part, but not as good as part 1. 9/10 B+moreless
  • The second part.

    Imaginationland 2-The Second Part.

    Originally aired: 24th October 2007

    Stan and Kyle are being held in the bowels of the Pentagon until they tell the government how they got into Imaginationland. Meanwhile, Cartman simply won't rest until he finds Kyle and gets him to make good on their bet to suck his balls.

    Imaginationland's Council of Nine consists of the following members:

    Aslan-The Chronicles of Narnia

    Gandalf the Grey

    Glinda the Good Witch


    Luke Skywalker-Star Wars



    Wonder Woman-comic book hero


    I'll add in some trivia:

    ~Cartman's dream sequence is a direct reference to dream sequences from the films Gladiator, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and Risky Business.

    ~Cartman's dialog and action when trying to revive Kyle from death mirrors a similar scene from the movie The Abyss.

    Great episodemoreless
  • Part 2 of the Trilogy

    Cartman won't give up with kyle losing the bet and he takes it up in count and if Kyle don't suck Cartman's ball he goes to jail. Then Butters is that imaginationland is being attack by the evil ones but it could of been funny if Chucky come out and attack butters but it was Jason. Then Cartman thinks that Kyle is about to die and Cartman does everything to wake him up then at imaginationland Butters meets the 10 top most imaginged people. Why they have Aslan he sucks. They should of had Spongebob or Mickey mouse, or Bugs Bunny. But why they have Jesus there he not imaginary.moreless
  • One of the Top South Park Episodes!

    This has to be one of the top South Park episodes ever, I hadn't laughed so hard for quite a while, South Park still has it! What made it for me was the re-appearance of the cute but devilishly twisted Woodland Critters who deliver some truly twisted lines! There were also many allusions to so many top movies and TV shows, they are too numerous to mention, they even reference themselves with the hilarious appearance of man-bear-pig! They also took off one of my favourite all time movie scenes when Cartman revives Kyle with CPR (a parody of the classic scene in the movie 'The Abyss'). Hope the next installment is as hilarious!moreless
Trey Parker

Trey Parker

Voice of Stan Marsh; Eric Theodore Cartman; Herbert Garrison; Officer Barbrady; Terrance; Timmy; Ned Gerblanski; Satan; Randy Ma

Matt Stone

Matt Stone

Voice of Kyle Broflovski; Kenny McKormick; Gerald Broflovski; Pip Pirrup; Jesus; Jimbo Kearn; Phillip; Saddam; Various Others

Mona Marshall

Mona Marshall

Voice of Sheila Broflovski; Linda Stotch; Various Others

Juan Kimmelini

Juan Kimmelini

Voice of Unknown

Guest Star

April Stewart

April Stewart

Voice of Unknown

Guest Star

Kyle McCulloch

Kyle McCulloch

Voice of Unknown

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • The large red mushrooms in Imaginationland and referenced by Kurt Russell, might be a homage to Winsor McKay's Little Nemo comics.

    • This episode poses a contradiction over Jesus. Previously, he has been shown as a 'real' person, living in South Park and with his own television show. However, here he lives in Imaginationland, suggesting that he is imaginary.

    • The evil Woodland Critters are clearly unaware of the fact that AIDS actually cannot be transmitted through urine.

    • The Secretary of Defense first refers to the imagination portal experiment as "Project X." However, when he shows it to Stan and Kyle, he says it's called, "Project Imagination Doorway."

    • In the original airing of this episode, when Kyle is about to die, Cartman yells "NOOO!" and it's in one of the adults voices. They fixed it five days later, and had Cartman's normal voice yell.

    • Council of Nine:

      Glinda, The Good Witch
      Luke Skywalker
      Wonder Woman

    • This is the 2nd episode that does include the boys but has no events that take place in South Park. The first was "Cartoon Wars Part 2".

    • The Evil Imaginary Characters: Akuma from the video game Street Fighter
      Audrey II from the musical Little Shop of Horrors
      Cerberus, a creature from Greek mythology
      Christine, a possessed car from the mind of Stephen King
      Creature From the Black Lagoon
      Cylons from Battlestar Galactica
      Darth Maul from Star Wars: Episode I
      Flying monkey from The Wizard of Oz
      Frankenstein's Monster
      Freddy Krueger from the movie Nightmare on Elm Street
      General Ottoman
      Goblin from The Hobbit 1977 TV movie
      Goro from the video game Mortal Kombat
      Green Goblin from Spider Man
      Grim Reaper
      Headless Horseman
      Jareth the Goblin King from the movie Labyrinth
      Jason Voorhees from the movie Friday the 13th
      Joker from Batman
      Khan Noonien Singh from Star Trek
      ManBearPig from the episode "ManBearPig"
      Medusa, a creature from Greek mythology
      Minotaur, a creature from Greek mythology
      Mordred from the movie Excalibur
      Mumm-Ra from ThunderCats
      Pinhead from the movie Hellraiser
      Predator from the movie Predator
      Queen Spider from the episode "Red Hot Catholic Love"
      Sagat from video game Street Fighter
      A Skeksis from the movie The Dark Crystal
      Spirit of the Ark of The Covenant from the movie Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
      Stormtroopers from the Star Wars movies
      A Tripod from War of the Worlds
      Terminator (T-800) from the Terminator movies
      Wario from the Super Mario Bros. video game franchise
      Woodland Critters from the episode "Woodland Critter Christmas"
      Xenomorph from the Alien movies

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Perseus: What imaginary character are you?!
      Lollipop King: The Lollipop King? From the Lollipop Forest?
      Snarf: And I'm Snarf. Snarf, snarf snarf snarf.
      Perseus: And what imaginary character are you?
      Butters: Oh, I'm not imaginary. I'm Butters.
      Perseus: What's a "Butters"?

    • General: Why would you agree to suck someone's balls?
      Kyle: I didn't think there was gonna be a goddamn leprechaun!

    • Orc: We are free! Now all of Imaginationland is ours!
      Minotaur: Not all, foolish Orc. There are still parts of Imaginationland we don't control.
      Freddy: Tomorrow, we shall build our own castle right on this spot.
      Minotaur: Who put you in charge Krueger? I am the most evil character here!
      ManBearPig: Nonsense! Your evil is stale!
      Headless Horseman: I am the most evil imaginary character!
      (Freddy hisses)
      Squirrely: Now come on, y'all. We shouldn't be fightin'. We're supposed to all be on the same side.
      Chippy: Yeah, you're right Squirrely Squirrel.
      All Woodland Critters: Yay!
      Minotaur: What evil imaginary characters are they?
      Fishman: They were dreamt up by some fourth-grade kid as part of his Christmas story.
      Squirrely: Now come on, y'all. We can't waste time arguing. There could still be survivors out there. We need to hunt them down, and kill them.
      Rabbity: And eat their flesh!
      Chippy: But first we should rape them!
      Beary: How about we kill them, and then rape their bodies so we can use their blood as lubricant!
      Squirrely: Say, that's a great idea Beary Bear!
      All Woodland Critters: Yay!
      Jason: Man, I do not want to meet the kid that dreamt those things up.

    • Stephen: Butters, time for breakfast!
      Butters: Gah! Oh, jeez. It was just a dream.
      Stephen: Come on Butters, Mom's cooked waffles and nanas for you.
      Butters: Oh Mom, Dad, I dreamed I was in Imaginationland and then terrorists attacked it.
      Stephen: You are in Imaginationland. This is a dream.
      Butters: Huh?
      Mayor of Imaginationland: Hey! Wake up stupid!

    • Kyle: Okay, fine, you know what? Let's just get it over with.
      Cartman: Oh, no no no, not so fast Kyle. I've waited a long time for this I intend to savor each and every second.
      Kyle: No, I'm serious- I want to see what's happening downstairs so let's just do it.
      Cartman: Not just yet Kyle, there's still a few things that I need to do. By the way, I should tell you that I haven't had a chance to shower while making my way up here, my balls are extra vinegary.
      Kyle: Just get to it already!

    • General: Do you realize what's going on here? Terrorists have attacked our imagination and now our imaginations are running wild. You better start remembering!
      Tom: It was the Chinese wasn't it?
      Stan: What?
      Tom: We have suspected that the Chinese government was working on a doorway to the imagination. Is that where you were?
      Stan: No!
      General: That's it isn't it. Where do the Chinese keep this portal? How does it work?
      Tom: Is it better than ours?
      Stan: Your what?
      Tom: Our portal to the imagination built as a secret project back in 1962 to fight the soviets..
      General: Ssssshhhh Tom! That's super secret!
      Tom: Oohh I'm sorry sir..
      Kyle: Wait, the US government has a portal to the imagination?
      General: Ahhh.. see.. good job Tom! Why don't you just tell them everything about project X!?
      Tom: Yes sir. We built a portal to the imagination to use against the Russians during the cold war but we never...
      General: That was sarcasm! I was being sarcastic you f*cking idiot!
      Tom: Oh geez. I'm really sorry sir.
      Stan: If you already built a doorway to the imagination than why do you need us?
      General: Alright, we might as well show it to them.... god dammit...

    • Snarf: Oh boy, Snarf Snarf! My feet are really getting tired, Snarf.
      Butters: Uh, Snarf, could you maybe like shut up for five minutes?

    • (Cartman wakes up after his bad dream, screaming)
      Old Woman: You okay, kid?
      Cartman: No. I've got dry balls and I'm running out of time.

    • Squirrelly: Whoa, whoa, hang on y'all, we can't just kill her, that's not evil enough.
      Freddy: What do you mean? We cut out her eyeball.
      Jason: Yeah, that's super hardcore.
      Squirrelly: Now come on y'all, we can do better than that.
      Chippy: Hey, I know. Let's all tee in her empty eye socket.
      Deery: Let's make her eat her own eyeball, and then pee in her empty eye socket.
      Beary: How about we get someone with AIDS to pee in her eye socket so she dies all slow-like?
      All Woodland Critters: Yeah!
      Minotaur: Nobody here has AIDS!
      All Woodland Critters: Aww!
      Beary: But we got to have AIDS before we pee in her eye socket.
      Squirrelly: Now don't be down y'all. I'll bet we can find some AIDS out in the forest!

    • Kurt Russell: They're raping me! They're raping all of us! They're raping us and it hurts!

    • Mayor of Imaginationland: Hey, wake up! Stupid, come on wake up kid!
      Butters: No way! I was back home at bed.
      Mayor of Imaginationland: No! You passed out and peed your pants!

    • Cartman: (to Kyle) Care for some nuts? Oh, that's right. I guess you'll be chock full of nuts in just a few minutes...

    • Butters: Please sir, I have to get home to my world.
      Mayor: Oh, well, all you have to do is tap your heels together three times.
      Butters: Really??
      Mayor: NO you f*cking dipsh*t that was a joke!
      Snarf: Mayor, what are we supposed to do, snarf snarf?
      Mayor: Get to Castle Sunshine! It's your only hope!
      Lollipop King: Castle Sunshine?
      Mayor: Through the Gumdrop Forest. Others will be hiding there; go, run! Look out for the evil characters! They're assembling on the Yum Yum mountain!
      (The Mayor groans and dies)

    • General: Ever since the Cold War, the U.S. government has been working on a secret project to build a doorway into the imagination. It is called, Project Imagination Doorway.
      Stan: That's not very imaginative.

  • NOTES (4)

  • ALLUSIONS (14)

    • Kingdom Hearts:

      The idea that Butters is the "key" may be a reference to this video game. The main character, Sora, is considered to be the key that connects all worlds.

    • God Of War II:

      Perseus, Zeus, and Icarus (from Imaginationland III) are modeled after their characters in God Of War II, a game on the PS2.

    • Terminator 2:

      Cartman's monologue in his dream sequence, "Every night the dream is the same," is a parody of Sarah Conner's dream sequence in Terminator 2 in which she begins her monologue the same way. In T2, Sarah Conner is watching kids play in a park when it is "it is taken from me" by an nuclear explosion and they all "turn to dust." In South Park, Kyle's mouth being sewn shut (and thus unable to imbibe Cartman's testicles) causes Cartman to say, "it is taken from me," and thus his balls, "turn to dust."

    • South Park References:

      Woodland Critter Christmas: The Satanic Creatures from "WCC" reappear in this episode, they are imaginary because in the original Woodland Critter Christmas episode they were characters created by Cartman, thus imaginary.

      ManBearPig: Al Gore's creation, his fictional menace to society, from ManBearPig appears in person in this episode as well as a now "real" and monstrous killing machine, who almost kills Kyle.

      Queen Spider: When all hell is breaking loose in the initial free-for-all at the beginning, you can spot the Queen Spider from Red Hot Catholic Love in the background.

    • DOOM:

      Manbearpig entering from the portal reenacts a scene in the video game Doom 3 begin in which the demons appear in a similar manner and attack the scientists. In fact, the special effects used for Manbearpig's vocalizations were originally used for the formerly-human enemies in the original Doom videogame.

    • Final Fantasy:

      In addition to being an allusion to the movie Gladiator, the scene where Cartman is walking through the wheat field makes reference to a dream that the main character Aki Ross has, from the film, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within had, quoting the line, "Every night the dream is the same."

    • The Abyss:

      When Cartman is trying to revive Kyle, what Cartman says comes from the movie The Abyss when Virgil 'Bud' Brigman (Ed Harris) is talking to Lindsey Brigman (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) when he's trying to revive her while performing CPR.

    • Tron:

      The guards who escort Butters and his companions to the Council of Nine are dressed and armed like Tron and his companions did on the Disney movie Tron.

    • Lord of the Rings

      Castle Sunshine is an exact copy of Rivendell from Lord of the Rings film series. While "The Council of Nine" is probably a reference to the Council of Elrond in Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

    • Gladiator:

      The scene of Cartman's dream is similar to the scene in Gladiator where Russel Crowe remembers his wife.

    • Hostel:

      The way the evil imaginary characters of Imaginationland poked out Strawberry Shortcake's eye with a machete is just like a scene in the horror movie Hostel, where an asian girl got her eye poked out with a knife by a torturer.

    • Battlestar Galactica:

      Cartman reads the beginning by saying, "Previously on Battlestar Galactica." Cylons from the first series are also visible in the episode.

    • Wizard of Oz:

      When the Mayor of Imaginationland tells butters to click his heels three times in order to return home, he is making a very obvious (albeit sarcastic) reference to the Wizard of Oz.

    • Stargate:

      The portal that the U.S. Government has to Imaginationland bears a striking similarity to the Stargate technology from the Stargate movie as well as the TV series. The music in the scene in which it's revealed is also very similar. Not to mention Kurt Russell (who starred in the Stargate movie) is in the platoon of marines entering the portal.