South Park

Season 11 Episode 11

Imaginationland: Episode II

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 24, 2007 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • The Evil Imaginary Characters: Akuma from the video game Street Fighter
      Audrey II from the musical Little Shop of Horrors
      Cerberus, a creature from Greek mythology
      Christine, a possessed car from the mind of Stephen King
      Creature From the Black Lagoon
      Cylons from Battlestar Galactica
      Darth Maul from Star Wars: Episode I
      Flying monkey from The Wizard of Oz
      Frankenstein's Monster
      Freddy Krueger from the movie Nightmare on Elm Street
      General Ottoman
      Goblin from The Hobbit 1977 TV movie
      Goro from the video game Mortal Kombat
      Green Goblin from Spider Man
      Grim Reaper
      Headless Horseman
      Jareth the Goblin King from the movie Labyrinth
      Jason Voorhees from the movie Friday the 13th
      Joker from Batman
      Khan Noonien Singh from Star Trek
      ManBearPig from the episode "ManBearPig"
      Medusa, a creature from Greek mythology
      Minotaur, a creature from Greek mythology
      Mordred from the movie Excalibur
      Mumm-Ra from ThunderCats
      Pinhead from the movie Hellraiser
      Predator from the movie Predator
      Queen Spider from the episode "Red Hot Catholic Love"
      Sagat from video game Street Fighter
      A Skeksis from the movie The Dark Crystal
      Spirit of the Ark of The Covenant from the movie Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
      Stormtroopers from the Star Wars movies
      A Tripod from War of the Worlds
      Terminator (T-800) from the Terminator movies
      Wario from the Super Mario Bros. video game franchise
      Woodland Critters from the episode "Woodland Critter Christmas"
      Xenomorph from the Alien movies