South Park

Season 11 Episode 12

Imaginationland: Episode III

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 31, 2007 on Comedy Central
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While inside Imaginationland, Stan and Butters must fight for their lives against an army of evil imaginary forces. The Supreme Court declares imaginary creatures not real and plans to nuke Imaginationland, and now Kyle and Cartman have to convince the U.S. military to abort the operation.

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  • An amazing, yet flawed, climax.

    There is one thing that has always baffled me about the creators of Southpark: the choices they made in how to make fun of Al Gore. The Manbearpig episode is one of my least favorite in the series, stemming from a total lack of actual poignancy and instead coming off as mean spirited and little else. In fact, I've been wholly turned off by every episode where they incorporate their views on the subject of global warming in general.

    Don't get me wrong: the media-hype of global warming is definitely something worth poking fun at. But the way they go about doing so just doesn't strike me as funny or effective. It seems almost like they feel so strongly one way about the subject they forgot that their greatest satire and comedy comes from humiliating both sides of an argument. Take, for instance, their episode about Mormons. They spend the entire episode bashing on this ludicrous religious subset of Christianity, mostly by simply stating the facts, but at the same time showed just how nice and caring Mormons can be. If those beliefs made them happy and didn't hurt anyone, did it really matter what they believed? Brilliant stuff.

    The Manbearpig episode seemed to take nothing from the real Al Gore, or even pay attention at all to the good aspects of what he has been doing recently. It seemed to imply he was out there chasing a boogyman for nothing but fame and glory, and this simply didn't strike me as a proper view of satire in Mr. Gore's direction. He has money, he's already pretty famous, so there is little need for him to chase these. And when all things are said and done, while he may not be an amazing public speaker, it is hard to deny he is an intelligent man. Nothing about his recent film and actions have suggested that he's out there desperately trying to draw attention to himself, but moreso the problems he has seen. The "chasing of manbearpig" feels like they are trying to convince people that Global Warming is as stupid as thinking such a ridiculous creature exists, and while I respect that opinion, it's important to realize it is not the only valid one, and they take no steps to admit this.

    Which brings me to this episode (finally). This has, up until this point, been one of my very favorite set of episodes in this incredible series' long history.The sheer wealth of character references in Imaginationland, the amazing satire of the epic fantasy, and our government's obsession with terrorism (not to mention our muddled views of the subject) are nothing short of brilliant.

    Why, then, bring back one of their dumbest "satires" to ruin this otherwise perfect ending? They even went further in making Gore look like a retarded five year-old with downs, and this just frustrates me. Where is this satire of the man coming from? Where is the basis of this view? I've never had to question them before on any of their portrayals. They are usually accurate caricatures of the real people. but Gore? Really? I'm not seeing it, and his prominence in this episode feels so awkward, forced, and out of place it almost ruined the incredible climax. Which is even more frustrating because nothing deserved to detract from this episode. I would love to give this a higher score. I would love to say this was a flawless set of episodes. But at this point I can only say that, while the overall three-part saga ranks high on my list of Favorite Southpark Episodes, it cannot take the title of Greatest Point in the Series for the very reasons I described above.moreless
  • The trilogy (finaly) ends. Why does everybody give these kind of episodes 10/10? Are you blind, or just a SP-love it al?

    I don't get why almost everyone gives these episodes 10/10. Look up some older episodes, then watch one of the last ones, and you will see the difference in storyline, characterdevelopment and jokes. Ow yeay, another episode with Cartman running around and jelling "suck my balls" to Kyle, wow that's original, and funny (not!). That they drag Al Gore in to the story is funny for 5 seconds, and then you start wondering if Matt and Trey are taking drugs, or if they just lost their touch. I really hope they somehow find their groove back next season, cause this is just South Park unworthy. Giving Butters such a big part in a story...come on, he is nice as a side character, although it looks like he is frozen into his charachter. Just like Cartman always has to b*tch on kyle, Kyle has to disagrea with Cartman, Stan...well where the hell is Stan these days. If we get to see hem, he always has to be imbarresed for his dad, or having to complain about something. And Kenny...did they cut him of the show?

    What happend to the 4 guys having some wacky adventure, Cartman making a funny (yes, funny!!) joke about jews or Kyle, and Kenny and Stan actually having a role? Now we get to see Cartman doing something that pisses kyle of, we have Butters swearing (Haha?) and we have a lot of characters from another cartoon or movie. Put an Al Gore in there and bam, you have 3 South park episodes.

    I just need a little bit more to be entertained.moreless
  • superb

    the war in Imaginationland is raging on and Butters is the only hope to end it. Kyle and Cartman try to stop the government from destroying Imaginationland. Will they be able to? Will the good guys win the war?

    good conclusion to the trilogy, but i dunno, it gets kind of boring. it was overall a good trilogy, and i did enjoy watching, but i dunno. this last part is a little boring, i think anyway. still overall a fun trilogy. so, my overall grade for this episode is a B+, my overall grade for the whole trilogy- A-. Great trilogy, not so great finale i don't thinkmoreless
  • Awesome ending to an awesome trilogy

    In this final part, Cartman is finally getting Kyle to suck his "things", Stan and Butters are trapped in Imaginationland, and the government is prepared to blow it up! Kyle eventually convinces them not to do so, but Al Gore f***s it up, but Butters eventually saves the day. This one definitly gained back the lost momentum from part 2, and the story is finally brought to a conclusion. There's too many funny moments to list but they range from, the Council of 9, Butters putting his powers to use, Cartman finally getting what he wants (well sorta) and the ending with Butters and his parents. Overall, this was good end to a great trilogy. Episode: 10/10 A+ Trilogy: 9.5/10 Amoreless
  • Best in triligy

    hese may be some of our most important satirists. Important because they are on TeeVee. Important because (to judge from the comments here) people tune in for only one purpose: to laugh. And important because they wear their roles in the open, like Jonathan Swift. The formula is too subtle for me to be attracted to except in small bits, but the big joke in good satire is that the people being satirized are the ones most likely to laugh without getting the joke.

    What makes this valuable is they have the nub right. Religion is an imaginary exercise. Probably it is necessary in some way, but the genius here is the placing of Jesus next to Popeye and Santa. (Odd that they had the guts to start this thing with Islam attacking the world's imagination, but not to place Mohammad in imaginationland. As that would be an immediate and automatic death sentence for all involved, the silence of his absence thunders.)

    The second stroke of genius is to cast it as a sort of Narnia done right, one that isn't a fundamentalist text of precisely the kind that threatens the world in the final war. It successfully pulls the legs out from C S Lewis - that dangerous closer of minds in the name of God. Satire is our best weapon against these guys.

    Then there's all the jokes: stuff about the military, about sexual games and dominance, and about various characters.

    And finally, as the last writing stage, I think they add in making fun of celebrities at the last stage. I think most of this clouds things, but they know what works, and I suppose finding that sweet spot of cloudy clarity is what its all about. I think I prefer the Doonesbury route. Today its Cheney as Emperor Palpatine. But then, I don't need to be tricked.moreless
Trey Parker

Trey Parker

Voice of Stan Marsh; Eric Theodore Cartman; Herbert Garrison; Officer Barbrady; Terrance; Timmy; Ned Gerblanski; Satan; Randy Ma

Matt Stone

Matt Stone

Voice of Kyle Broflovski; Kenny McKormick; Gerald Broflovski; Pip Pirrup; Jesus; Jimbo Kearn; Phillip; Saddam; Various Others

Mona Marshall

Mona Marshall

Voice of Sheila Broflovski; Linda Stotch; Various Others

Juan Kimmelini

Juan Kimmelini

Voice of Unknown

Guest Star

April Stewart

April Stewart

Voice of Unknown

Guest Star

Kyle McCulloch

Kyle McCulloch

Voice of Unknown

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • When they deactivate the nuclear weapon, it is shown on the clock that there is 35 seconds left before it was set to go off.

    • When Kyle is trying to convince the military not to nuke Imaginationland, he says imaginary characters are real because they have an influence on people's lives. This is also what the pragmatic theory of truth theory states. Pragmatic theory of truth refers to those accounts, definitions, and theories of the concept truth that distinguish the philosophies of pragmatism and pragmaticism. The conception of truth in question varies along lines that reflect the influence of several thinkers, initially and notably, The most characteristic features are:

      1.) A reliance on the pragmatic maxim as a means of clarifying the meanings of difficult concepts, truth in particular

      2.) An emphasis on the fact that the product variously branded as belief, certainty, knowledge, or truth is the result of a process, namely, inquiry.

    • A charcter that appears in Imaginationland is the head alien from the episode "Cancelled" that appears as a taco craps ice cream. However, he is not technically imaginary, as he actually appeared to the boys.

    • Goof: When Kyle is facing south at the Lincoln memorial, the Capitol Building is in the background, when in fact it should The White House. The Capitol building is opposite the Lincoln Memorial.

    • In this episode some new imaginary characters are seen including:

      Bowser from Super Mario Bros.
      Darksied from Superman
      Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda
      Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz
      Wile E. Coyote from Loony Tunes
      Marvin the Martian
      Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood

      Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves
      Captain Planet
      Gandalf from Lord of the Rings
      The Pillsbury Dough Boy
      Waldo from Where's Waldo
      Paul Bunyan and his blue ox Babe
      Ghosts from the arcade game Pacman
      She-Ra, Princess of Power
      Zorro and his horse Tornado
      Lucy and Snoopy from Peanuts
      Yoda from Star Wars
      Silver Surfer
      Mario from Super Mario Bros

      Mentioned but not seen Good characters:
      Captain Crunch
      Bugs Bunny
      Harry Potter

    • This is the first episode that Al Gore is in since the season 10 episode ManBearPig. In this episode he wears the cape he put on at the end of ManBearPig the entire time he is on screen, he also has his newly acquired Nobel Peace Prize around his neck.

    • It is never established how the Terrorists got into Imaginationland in the first place.

    • The "S-word" isn't bleeped out at the very end of the episode when Butters says it.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • (after Kyle admits that leprechauns are real)
      Cartman: So, Kyle, imaginary things are real, huh? Guess it means that I did win the bet afterall. (as Kyle is beginning to feel irritated) And you know what that means, Kyle.
      Kyle: (fed up with Cartman's bet) Just let it go with your f**king balls already, you f**king a**hole! Your friends have been in danger, and all you care about is this stupid bet! Well I've decided, Cartman, even if we had a bet that I am never sucking your balls, you got that?! They could throw me in jail for the rest of my life, but I am never going to suck your balls, ever! So there!

    • Santa Claus: Okay, Kyle, that's enough ball sucking.

    • Tom: Santa Claus and leprechauns are imaginary, but Jesus and hell are real!
      Scientist 1: Well then, what about Buddha?
      Tom: Well of course he's imaginary!
      Scientist 1: Awww, see? Now you're being intolerant, Tom.
      Scientist 3: Am I real?

    • Aslan: We can get Imaginationland under control; the Chosen One just needs more time!
      Stan: The Chosen One?
      Butters: Yeah, it turns out I'm the Key.

    • Butters: Why would they nuke Imaginationland?
      Stan: So the terrorists can't ever use it against us again.

    • Robin Hood: We managed to fight off the vampires and werewolves, but... now our troops are being shot down by the Cavity Creeps...

    • Kyle: Please, I need to talk to the people inside. They can't set off that nuke.
      Guard: Get behind the line with the other protesters!
      Hippie: No nukes in our imagination, bro! Wooo!
      Kyle: Uhn, you don't understand! My friend is in Imaginationland! I can hear him in my head!
      Guard: You pot-smokin' hippies aren't gettin' through here, so back off!

    • Kyle: I'm going to try to save Stan and Butters from getting nuked!
      Cartman: Okay okay, but you you have to suck my balls first real quick.
      Kyle: No I don't! The decision was overturned.
      Cartman: We had a deal Kyle!
      Kyle: Yeah, that leprechauns were real! And the government just declared they aren't technically real, so I was right! It's over! I don't have to suck your balls!
      Cartman: It isn't over! It isn't over, Kyle! I have not waited this long to see you weasel your way out of this bet! Go ahead and go. But I swear on my life! Before this day is over! You, will, suck my balls! I SWEAR IT!

    • Chief Justice: The Supreme Court has ruled with the military that imaginary things are officially not real, and therefore no approval is needed to nuke them.
      General: Thank you.
      Kyle: Oh no.
      Chief Justice: This of course overturns any imagination-based verdicts in the past, including the famous Cartman v. Broflovski ballsucking case.
      Cartman: ...What?
      Steven: So it appears the military is ready to proceed with its operation, one they are calling "Operation Nuke the Imagination Through the Imagination Doorway."

    • Stan: Hello? Can anybody hear me?
      Kyle: Stan! Dude, is that you?
      Stan: Kyle? Where are you? I, I don't see you.
      Kyle: No, I'm not there. I'm at a hospital. I'm hearing you in my imagination.
      Stan: ...Oh, that makes sense.

    • Anchorman: Mike, does the military have the authority to nuke our imagination?
      Mike: Uh clearly they don't, Steven, and they're gonna have a big problem because state government has already set a precedent that imaginary characters are real. I cite a famous case of Cartman v. Broflovski in which a U.S. court found for the plaintiff who saw a leprechaun.
      Anchorman: Yes, I believe the defendant had to suck the plaintiff's balls in that case.
      Mike: That's right, Steven, yeah.

    • Reporter: Couldn't we trying sending Kurt Russell into a portal to our imagination to try and reason with the-
      General: We tried that and Kurt Russell was raped by Christmas Critters!

    • Aslan: Santa Claus was killed in the terrorist attack. The first thing we need is for you to bring him back.
      Butters: How?
      Glenda: You just have to focus your mind. Imagine Santa and nothing else.
      Butters: How am I supposed to focus with all this crap goin' on?!

    • Cartman: You just can't declare that imaginary things aren't real! Who are you to say what's real?! Think about it: is blue real? Is love really real?
      Scientist 1: Imaginary things are things made up by people, like Santa and Rudolph.
      Tom: Yea, and they detract from real things, like Jesus.
      Worker: Maybe Jesus is imaginary too.
      Tom: Ooh! You better not say that! You'll go to hell!
      Scientist 2: It's possible that hell is also imaginary.
      Scientist 3: So then, we're about to nuke hell....That's a good thing right?
      (Everyone agrees that it is a good thing)
      Scientist 1: What if heaven is imaginary? We'd be nuking heaven.
      Scientist 2: Yea but it wouldn't be real.
      Scientist 4: So it'd be alright.

    • Secretary of Defense: (to the press) We were hoping to keep this quiet until it was over--but, two days ago, there was a terrorist attack on our imagination. And now our imaginations are running wild.

    • Stephen: Butters, Butters!
      Butters: (wakes up) What? Huh? Oh, it was all just a dream.
      Stephen: Come on Butters, time to get up.
      Butters: Oh Dad! I had the craziest dream. I-I saved all of Imaginationland from running wild after a terrorist attack.
      Stephen: You were in Imaginationland, Butters. We read all about it in the paper. The question is "What were you doing in Imaginationland when you were supposed to be helping your mother clean up the basement?".
      Linda: You are grounded mister!
      Butters: Awww. (pause) Wait. I'm not grounded.
      Stephen: Oh yes, you are!
      Butters: Oh yeah? (tries to use his imagination and fails)
      Stephen: That only works in Imaginationland. You're grounded.
      (Stephen and Linda exit)
      Butters: Aw shit.

    • Secretary Of Defense: Why is it so easy for children to break into the Pentagon?

    • Cartman: (to photographer) How does that look? Can you see my balls and the sundae in frame?

    • Cartman: You just rest Kyle. Look what I made for you, a sundae. It has hot fudge, whipped cream and a cherry but I feel like something is missing, don't you Kyle? What else belongs on a sundae besides hot fudge and whipped cream?
      Kyle: (grunts)
      Cartman: Hot fudge, whipped cream, what else belongs on a sundae Kyle? What else goes on a sundae besides hot fudge, whipped cream, oh that's right... my balls.

    • (Kyle is talking to the imaginary voices in his head)
      Stan: Hang on Kyle, Jesus wants to talk to you.
      Kyle: Huh?
      Jesus: Hello Kyle. This is Jesus.
      Kyle: Oh boy.
      Jesus: What seems to be the problem my child?
      Kyle: Jesus I can't do anything. I'm just a 4th grader going against the entire government. (after a pause) Hello? Jesus?
      Luke: No. Hey Kyle, this is Luke Skywalker. Look, I know this seems like an impossible task, but do you remember when I brought down the Death Star? I mean, that seemed impossible too right?
      Kyle: Yea I guess.
      Luke: Okay now hold on because Superman is here and he wants to say something.
      Superman: Kyle, this is Superman.
      Kyle: Hi Superman.
      Superman: I know that saving people can be a big responsibility, but no matter what it takes, it's worth it.
      Kyle: I know.
      Superman: You can do this Kyle. Now hang on because Hercules wants to talk to you.
      Kyle: (annoyed) Oh God!
      Superman: Yes, God is here too. He's going to talk to you right after Captain Crunch.

  • NOTES (3)


    • The Adventures of Tintin:

      Just before Imaginationland is nuked you can see Tintin's dog Snowy with a bone in its mouth.

    • Looney Tunes:

      Some Looney Tunes characters make appearances on the Evil Creatures army. They include:

      * An evil-eyed Gossamer
      * Marvin the Martian (shown here with a mouth that contains razor-sharp teeth)
      * A rabid Wile E. Coyote

    • Lost:

      When the title 'Episode III' slowly appears on screen, it uses the same font and background sound effect as the show Lost.

    • Nintendo:

      There are three Nintendo characters on the evil side of Imaginationland.


    • Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

      When Jesus leads the good imaginary characters in the initial charge, he looks just like Aragorn with Anduril (the sword), leading the Dead when they jump off the ships during the Battle of Minas Tirith.

    • Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

      The beginning is a parody of the film Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. It was the scene right before the battle for Helm's Deep.