South Park

Season 11 Episode 12

Imaginationland: Episode III

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 31, 2007 on Comedy Central

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  • An amazing, yet flawed, climax.

    There is one thing that has always baffled me about the creators of Southpark: the choices they made in how to make fun of Al Gore. The Manbearpig episode is one of my least favorite in the series, stemming from a total lack of actual poignancy and instead coming off as mean spirited and little else. In fact, I've been wholly turned off by every episode where they incorporate their views on the subject of global warming in general.

    Don't get me wrong: the media-hype of global warming is definitely something worth poking fun at. But the way they go about doing so just doesn't strike me as funny or effective. It seems almost like they feel so strongly one way about the subject they forgot that their greatest satire and comedy comes from humiliating both sides of an argument. Take, for instance, their episode about Mormons. They spend the entire episode bashing on this ludicrous religious subset of Christianity, mostly by simply stating the facts, but at the same time showed just how nice and caring Mormons can be. If those beliefs made them happy and didn't hurt anyone, did it really matter what they believed? Brilliant stuff.

    The Manbearpig episode seemed to take nothing from the real Al Gore, or even pay attention at all to the good aspects of what he has been doing recently. It seemed to imply he was out there chasing a boogyman for nothing but fame and glory, and this simply didn't strike me as a proper view of satire in Mr. Gore's direction. He has money, he's already pretty famous, so there is little need for him to chase these. And when all things are said and done, while he may not be an amazing public speaker, it is hard to deny he is an intelligent man. Nothing about his recent film and actions have suggested that he's out there desperately trying to draw attention to himself, but moreso the problems he has seen. The "chasing of manbearpig" feels like they are trying to convince people that Global Warming is as stupid as thinking such a ridiculous creature exists, and while I respect that opinion, it's important to realize it is not the only valid one, and they take no steps to admit this.

    Which brings me to this episode (finally). This has, up until this point, been one of my very favorite set of episodes in this incredible series' long history.The sheer wealth of character references in Imaginationland, the amazing satire of the epic fantasy, and our government's obsession with terrorism (not to mention our muddled views of the subject) are nothing short of brilliant.

    Why, then, bring back one of their dumbest "satires" to ruin this otherwise perfect ending? They even went further in making Gore look like a retarded five year-old with downs, and this just frustrates me. Where is this satire of the man coming from? Where is the basis of this view? I've never had to question them before on any of their portrayals. They are usually accurate caricatures of the real people. but Gore? Really? I'm not seeing it, and his prominence in this episode feels so awkward, forced, and out of place it almost ruined the incredible climax. Which is even more frustrating because nothing deserved to detract from this episode. I would love to give this a higher score. I would love to say this was a flawless set of episodes. But at this point I can only say that, while the overall three-part saga ranks high on my list of Favorite Southpark Episodes, it cannot take the title of Greatest Point in the Series for the very reasons I described above.
  • The trilogy (finaly) ends. Why does everybody give these kind of episodes 10/10? Are you blind, or just a SP-love it al?

    I don't get why almost everyone gives these episodes 10/10. Look up some older episodes, then watch one of the last ones, and you will see the difference in storyline, characterdevelopment and jokes. Ow yeay, another episode with Cartman running around and jelling "suck my balls" to Kyle, wow that's original, and funny (not!). That they drag Al Gore in to the story is funny for 5 seconds, and then you start wondering if Matt and Trey are taking drugs, or if they just lost their touch. I really hope they somehow find their groove back next season, cause this is just South Park unworthy. Giving Butters such a big part in a story...come on, he is nice as a side character, although it looks like he is frozen into his charachter. Just like Cartman always has to b*tch on kyle, Kyle has to disagrea with Cartman, Stan...well where the hell is Stan these days. If we get to see hem, he always has to be imbarresed for his dad, or having to complain about something. And Kenny...did they cut him of the show?

    What happend to the 4 guys having some wacky adventure, Cartman making a funny (yes, funny!!) joke about jews or Kyle, and Kenny and Stan actually having a role? Now we get to see Cartman doing something that pisses kyle of, we have Butters swearing (Haha?) and we have a lot of characters from another cartoon or movie. Put an Al Gore in there and bam, you have 3 South park episodes.

    I just need a little bit more to be entertained.
  • superb

    the war in Imaginationland is raging on and Butters is the only hope to end it. Kyle and Cartman try to stop the government from destroying Imaginationland. Will they be able to? Will the good guys win the war?

    good conclusion to the trilogy, but i dunno, it gets kind of boring. it was overall a good trilogy, and i did enjoy watching, but i dunno. this last part is a little boring, i think anyway. still overall a fun trilogy. so, my overall grade for this episode is a B+, my overall grade for the whole trilogy- A-. Great trilogy, not so great finale i don't think
  • Awesome ending to an awesome trilogy

    In this final part, Cartman is finally getting Kyle to suck his "things", Stan and Butters are trapped in Imaginationland, and the government is prepared to blow it up! Kyle eventually convinces them not to do so, but Al Gore f***s it up, but Butters eventually saves the day. This one definitly gained back the lost momentum from part 2, and the story is finally brought to a conclusion. There's too many funny moments to list but they range from, the Council of 9, Butters putting his powers to use, Cartman finally getting what he wants (well sorta) and the ending with Butters and his parents. Overall, this was good end to a great trilogy. Episode: 10/10 A+ Trilogy: 9.5/10 A
  • Best in triligy

    hese may be some of our most important satirists. Important because they are on TeeVee. Important because (to judge from the comments here) people tune in for only one purpose: to laugh. And important because they wear their roles in the open, like Jonathan Swift. The formula is too subtle for me to be attracted to except in small bits, but the big joke in good satire is that the people being satirized are the ones most likely to laugh without getting the joke.

    What makes this valuable is they have the nub right. Religion is an imaginary exercise. Probably it is necessary in some way, but the genius here is the placing of Jesus next to Popeye and Santa. (Odd that they had the guts to start this thing with Islam attacking the world's imagination, but not to place Mohammad in imaginationland. As that would be an immediate and automatic death sentence for all involved, the silence of his absence thunders.)

    The second stroke of genius is to cast it as a sort of Narnia done right, one that isn't a fundamentalist text of precisely the kind that threatens the world in the final war. It successfully pulls the legs out from C S Lewis - that dangerous closer of minds in the name of God. Satire is our best weapon against these guys.

    Then there's all the jokes: stuff about the military, about sexual games and dominance, and about various characters.

    And finally, as the last writing stage, I think they add in making fun of celebrities at the last stage. I think most of this clouds things, but they know what works, and I suppose finding that sweet spot of cloudy clarity is what its all about. I think I prefer the Doonesbury route. Today its Cheney as Emperor Palpatine. But then, I don't need to be tricked.
  • In this episode the Imagination land trilogy is finally ended and what an ending at that. The good and evil forces of imagination land finally clash with butters eventually saving the day but at the price of getting grounded. This episode is very good.

    The final installment of the imagination land trilogy was breath taking to the very end. Firstly the tie in of the woodland critters from a previous episode was fantastic and very good. Secondly the lord of the rings like clash between good and evil was very interesting but slightly predictable in that you knew that good would win. Furthermore Butters being the profit for the good side was interesting also but I would have liked to see someone who was more of a major character like Stan being the profit, Butters in the end was still a very good choice by the writers. Also the sub-plot involving Kyle sucking Cartman's balls was a very interesting story and ended brilliantly with Cartman imagining Kyle sucking his balls and taking photos of it for blackmail purposes. Finally the ending was fantastic when you think that it was all a dream but really it ends up with Butters being grounded for saving people (like he always does). This episode is highly enjoyable and I recommend it to everyone but watch parts 1 and 2 first. :)
  • Part 3

    Inside Imaginationland, Stan and Butters engage in the battle of their lives as they fight the army of evil imaginary forces. Meanwhile, Cartman goes all the way to the American Supreme Court to get Kyle to suck his balls as apart of the deal the two had. The trumpet, it turns out, heralds the arrival of the evil imaginary army. The good army, led by Jesus, marvels at how greatly outnumbered they are. The two sides clash in a bloody battle, and initially, the good characters seem doomed. However, Butters finally manages to gain control of his imagination, and is able to summon appropriate backup and weaponry for the defending good guys that begins to turn the tide. The Pentagon is forced to admit the events about Imaginationland and their plan to nuke it, because Al Gore (who has his Nobel Peace Prize medal hanging around his neck) has leaked a video about Manbearpig (having taped Manbearpig's rampage in the previous episode). To proceed, the Supreme Court overturns the "Cartman vs. Broflovski decision" that imaginary creatures are real - imaginary creatures are declared not really real, so the government can bomb Imaginationland. Now, Kyle, legally no longer having to suck Cartman's balls, is instructed by Stan to stall the launch.

    Kyle leaves the hospital, with Cartman following closely behind. Kyle is initially turned down by security, but receives encouragement from Stan and several imaginary characters, including Jesus and Luke Skywalker. Cartman sneaks into the Pentagon again, quickly followed by Kyle. Kyle convinces the officials to not bomb Imaginationland by arguing that imaginary creatures are just as real as real people because of the impact they have on people's lives. Cartman responds by telling Kyle that since imaginary creatures are real after all, then he loses their bet, and still has to suck Cartman's balls. Kyle finally snaps and berates Cartman for not caring about the danger Stan and Butters are in just because of a stupid bet and that he doesn't care who won, because Kyle would rather go to jail than humiliate himself by sucking Cartman's balls. Suddenly, Al Gore barges into the room, asking why the bomb hasn't been launched yet. When he finds out that the launch sequence has been aborted,he says "ManBearPig has to die", he then mashes at the portal's control panel to try and launch the bomb himself, which causes the portal to destabilize and suck everyone in the room, as well as the nuclear missile, into Imaginationland.

    The good characters' victory is interrupted by the bomb's explosion, destroying everything and everyone, including the people from the real world and leaving nothing but a vast white emptiness. Butters, on the other hand, somehow survives the explosion and restores the realm with his imagination, back to how it was before the initial terrorist attack. Everyone is alive again, the evil imaginary characters are imprisoned once again, and everyone cheers for Butters for saving the day. Cartman acknowledges Butters for using his imagination to restore everything, then realizing the power of the realm, Cartman then creates duplicates of himself and Kyle, in which imaginary Kyle sucks imaginary Cartman's balls (off-screen). Kyle angrily states the scene is imaginary, to which Cartman insists that, in one's imagination, imaginary creatures are "real", as Kyle himself said earlier. Santa then states that it's time for the boys to go home.

    Butters wakes up in the real world, in his bedroom. His parents come in, and he tells them about the dream he just had. They inform Butters that it wasn't a dream, as they read about it in a newspaper, but they proceed to ground him for not coming back from Imaginationland in time to do chores. Distraught by this, Butters tries to use his powers to get out of being grounded, but is told by his parents that his powers only work in Imaginationland, and not in the real world. Disappointed, Butters lays back in bed and ends the episode with a low, unhappy and uncensored mutter of "Aw, sh!t".
  • I got a bad feeling about

    In the last part of the imaginationland trilogy the good guy are going to battle the evil the good the bad and the Imaginery. Why do they have Aslan no know imagination that loser I hate aslan. Then Cartman won't give up in till Kyle sucks his balls he takes everything sericoy or something. Then Butters tries to use his imagination to save imaginationland and then kyle tries to stop the pentogn to not nuke imaginationland then in the battle Butters power are saving everyone. Then Kyle tells the people at Pentong that even if made beilive characters have imact the world and that they are real thats what I beilive in too. Then It LOL when Cartman uses imagination powers to imaginat Kyle sucking Cartman's ball and then Butters thought the whole thing was a dream but then his told him it was real and ground him whats their problem
  • A great conclusion to a great episode.

    This was my favorite part of the episode.

    After Kyle nearly dies, the government decides to nuke Imaginationland. Kyle hears "imaginary" voices of Stan telling him to stall the government. Imaginationland is not nuked until Al Gore "flies" in and pushes the button. Butters defeats the evil imaginary charectars with his power of imagination. Once they were defeated, the bomb literally nukes Imaginationland and Butters is the only survivor. Remembering his power of Imagination, he recreates imaginationland, bringing the mayor back to life.

    It is a happy ending for everyone- exept Kyle. Cartman remains persistant and finally in Imaginationland, he imagines Kyle sucking his balls, knowing that imaginary things are real. It is a funny ending.
  • Conclusion to the imaginationland trilogy.

    Well after those three episodes, I wonder it would not have made a second South Park movie. Would have been great.
    This third episode of the trilogy was great, not mind blowing but great. Still the first one will go one as the best.
    This 3rd episode is the weakest of the 3 but still entertaining.
    It would have suck big time if all this was a Butters dream, so I`m glad it isn`t.
    So imaginative Kyle sucks imaginative Cartman`s b*alls, surely the funniest part of the episode.
    Overall,the trilogy is memorable, the first one was a classic, the second one great and so is the third one.
  • its the best conlusion

    I like the the last part of this 3 part episode all most like a movie.m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m . g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g
  • A consistent finale...

    This was a great end to a wonderful three-part saga of episodes. Part 3 kept the laughs up, and whilst it's hard to distinguish which was better than which, they were all incredibly consistently funny.

    This has more of what has made the last two episodes so great - countless references to pop culture icons, more biting satire, and of course, the final resolution between Cartman and Kyle's ball-sucking agreement. I was getting ready to be annoyed at Cartman not getting what I actually wanted him to get, and then they went and swerved us by Cartman basically making Kyle eat his own words.

    I again thought we were going to get the shaft in the last scene - I think making these three episodes a dream would have ruined them, but alas, the show ends on a funny note as Butters utters "Oh ****"
  • The Final Part of Imaginationland

    As the trilogy continues in Imaginationland, Aslan recaps that all of the good and evil characters prepare for the final war. He stated that Butters has a power he yet to understand. Thus the third and last part of Imaginationland begins with Al Gore exhibits ManBearPig's existence in the real world recorded on video. He still wears that stupid red cape thinking he's Superman and has the Nobel Peace Prize on him. Back at the hospital, Cartman dressed up like the pope getting prepared for Kyle teabagging moment. As Kyle begins to hear voices in his head, he heard Stan's voice coming out of nowhere but his brain. It's evident that Stan is in Imaginationland for the second time. When Kyle watched the news on TV, they stated that imaginary things aren't real. So he leaves the hospital to try and save Stan and Butters, but Cartman furiously yelled at Kyle that he swears that he'll make him suck his balls before the day ends.

    As the war between good and evil imaginary characters commences, Butters realizes his strongest power; to imagine things into existence. He successfully revived Santa Claus and brought him into battle. Popeye, Morpheus and Jesus are also in the fight. Butters imagined a giant tube of Crest Gel toothpaste with tartar control to stop the Cavity Creeps. Stan was captured by two imaginary characters and brought him to the castle wall. He told them that the government is going to nuke Imaginationland so the terrorists won't use it against the U.S. again. When Cartman broke into the Pentagon again, he asked them why they state that imaginary things aren't real.

    Outside of the Pentagon, Kyle feels depressed that he's unable to stand up against the entire government. Stan, Jesus, Luke Skywalker, Superman, and other good characters told Kyle he shouldn't give up. So Kyle broke into the Pentagon and persuaded the government that imaginary things are real and how they are always been a great impact on the real world. Then Kyle finally yelled at Cartman that he'll never suck his balls even though they did have a bet. Al Gore barged in the Pentagon lab and slammed the control panels to fire off the nuclear missile in order to kill ManBearPig. As the war ended with the good characters in victory, everyone fell from the sky as well as the nuke that destroyed the entire Imaginationland leaving the whole place to be nothing. Butters is the only one who wasn't killed, so he used his imagination to restore everything back to the way they were before the terrorists attacked Imaginationland. Even though Cartman never got Kyle to teabag him, he imagined another self and another Kyle looking happy and sucking imaginary Cartman's balls.

    I think this three-part trilogy is the best in the entire South Park series. My favorite imaginary characters are Popeye, ManBearPig, and the Woodland Critters. So far, this marks the second three-part trilogy since the meteor shower episodes, "Cat Orgy", "Two Guys in a Hot Tub" and "Jewbilee", except Imaginationland extends the storyline way more. The meteor shower episodes happen at the same time Cartman has Shelly as his babysitter, Stan and the Melvins try to convince the police force there is no cult, and Kyle goes to Jewbilee along with Kenny. It's too bad that Kenny never appeared in the second and third parts of Imaginationland. He would've been taking away by the government along with Stan and Kyle, or gotten sucked into Imaginationland along with Stan. It would've been really cool to see Stan and Kenny hanging out together since "The Passion of the Jews."
  • The end of the trilogy...

    Butters learns he has the power to help the imagination land people win the war against the evil ones. As the war begins, Butters struggles to get ahold of his powers. Stan meets Butters in Imaginationland and using his mind talks with Kyle, and learns the government is going to bomb them. With Butters and his powers, the good side of Imaginationland wins the war. Kyle tells the government everything in their imaginations is actually real, and convinces them not to nuke it. However, Al Gore, wanting ManBearPig to die, breaks the machines and everyone is sucked into Imaginationland, along with the nuke. Before it goes off in Imaginationland, Butters creates a forcefield to protect himself. After everything is whiped out, Butters uses his powers to bring everyone back. Cartman thinks of a imaginary Cartman and a imaginary Kyle and makes the Kyle suck his balls. When Kyle disagrees and says he didnt suck his balls, Cartman exclaims Kyle said himself "everything in Imaginationland is real." Kyle gets mad.
  • Brill!

    The reason i watch South Park is for lol moments and i most certainly provides them and this is a classic example. I loved this episode there was lol's here and there untill the end. Now i had high hopes for this end, so i was ready to ROFL, but then Cartman imagined Kyle sucking his b**ls, and butters woke up with no power and thought it was a dream (it wasn't tho), and it had dissapointed me that a 3 parter could end so rubbishly but that is my only complaint with this brilliant episode. Butters was easily my favourite character in this episode.
  • The conclusion of the trilogy. Will Imaginationland be saved? And will Kyle have to suck Cartman's balls? All will be revealed...

    This is a great and satisfying solution to a very good three episode storyline. After it had finished, I debated to myself whether it was maybe too long at three episodes and would have worked as a two-parter. I think it maybe could have been a two-parter, but it still worked as a three-parter and didn't loose anything for it, with a constant stream of good moments and the pace not letting up for a second.

    I hope they don't do to many three-parters, as mostly the series is at its best when it is single, self-contained episodes. But as a break from a norm, this was a very strong three-parter.
  • Great ending to a GREAT trilogy!

    Okay... I LOVED this trilogy and this episode sealed the story perfectly! In this installment, Kyle has to choose between convincing the govt that imaginary characters are "real" (and therefore having to suck Cartman's huevos) and letting his friends stuck in imaginationland (Butters and Stan) get blown to pieces by a govt nuke. This trilogy was VERY well put together and very enjoyable to watch... and the end was OH SO funny! From Manbearpig and Al Gore, to Butters saving everyone in imaginationland, this episode really showcased the reasons why I have loved South Park since its infancy, and will continue to love it for as long as I can see.
  • PART III: The Finale!

    The final part of Imaginationland begins! Butters is realised that he is the one who can defeat the evil beings from imaginationland. In order for the good guys to win the war, Butters has to tap into his creator powers and create things to help the heroes win. He eventually does. Kyle finds out that he doesn't have to suck Cartmans balls as its declared that imaginary things aren't real. After a speech about how imaginary things are real in a way, the goverment decide not to nuke imaginationland. Al gore then sends everyone and the nuke into imaginationland. The good guys then win the war, everyone drops below and imaginationland gets nuked, killing everyone except butters. Butters then uses his creator powers to make everything go back to normal. Cartman then uses the creator powers to make an imaginary Kyle suck his balls. since Kyle said imaginary things were real, Kyle actually sucked cartmans balls! Omg! Butters then wakes up and is grounded for going to imaginationland. Best episode ever!
  • " Kyle, you dirty little girl"

    Wow, that Triogly was quite good with the Cartman Vs. Kyle of the ballsucking agreement, Butters using his imagination to bring Santa to life do he could defeat the evil character from the evil wall.

    It was good when Cartman talked about ice-cream sundue with some whip-cream, chocolate spinkcles and some cherry up top but something is missing--oh yea....CARTMAN BALLS! That was kind of sick--totally worth it when he actually get that joke if you know what I meant. Butters has to use his imagnation to bring Santa but of instead of him, Butters think about his father than almost got trouble.

    Well, that's what I've got to say about that episode. Kyle--I mean imagnary Kyle finally sucked Cartman's balls. Yay it was soooo awesome and sick!
  • The thrilling conclusion of the trilogy - just like a new south park movie (without the cool songs) ! Simply awsome !

    This is finally it ! The south park trilogy is over...and what a thrill that was !

    The return of Al Gore was hilarious and seening all the evil and good imaginary characters fighting was amazing (Pinhead vs Jesus ! Whoa ! I don't tyhing Trey Parker got this idea from anything legal...).

    This show gets better and better (for me) !

    All that makes me want to see (again) the movie, wishing for another one (I sure this trilogy was thought as a second movie ! ! ! Damn it !).

    I cannot believe Cartman (kinda) won in the end (but I love the bastard). This was a amazing ride Mister Parker and Stone (!), thank you again but I want more ! more ! more !
  • great way to end the trilogy. south park at its best!

    let me start by saying this was not the best episode of the 3. in fact, maybe it was the worst. i still gave it a 10 because the other two were 11s out of 10 in the most original and hilarious south parks for a long time.

    i have got to say this ep was nuts. it had laughs coming from all angles which had me in tears. from the pentagon break in through "sector 2" or the reference to god being in imagination land as simply a character it was out and out hilarious.

    this episode not only encapsulated what south park is about but showed why south park has come to be one of the highest rating animated tv shows. i think it tied the trilogy up well, with cartman satisfied and kyles dignity mostly intact. with the ironic butters ending of being grounded in questionable circumstances after being the saviour of imaginationland. wow
  • Final and great part to the three part episode.

    Ill cut this one short and say this its not the best episode or best part of the tree part episode but still a great episode.It ends alright with a somewhat twist ending and the conflicts from the first two parts are resolved here.So all together this was a great episode and if it is to be realesed as one episode like the passion of the jew episode was then I will buy it.Watch it now you wont regret it and even if you dont like south park because your more of a family guy or simpsons fan then this might change your mind into liking south park but just like the other episodes its all about conspiracy.
  • South Park Imagination land

    Was I watching the same show as you guys? I thought it was far from their best. Sure there were some funny moments, but come on,they beat the whole "ball-sucking" angle absolutely to death,and Al Gore? BLAH! The most enjoyable part for me was trying to pick out some of the obscure inhabitants of Imagination Land(Poppin' Fresh and Punchy the Hawaiian Punch mascot were two of my favorites) but I never did figure out what exactly imagination land was a metaphor for. And really:Three whole episodes for this? Please Trey and Matt, condense it down to a two-parter. (Or give the Cavity Creeps more face time!)
  • South Park at it's best!

    This was easily one of the best episodes of the series and is definitley top 10 material. I was worried about the ending but of course the writers made an ending for everyone to enjoy. I am impressed with the creativity involved in the trilogy. Woodland Critter Christmas characters and ManBearPig were perfect additions to an almost perfect trilogy. I enjoyed this from start to finish and am looking forward to watching future episodes. This season is turning out to be one of the better seasons also, with the exception of "More Crap" which is what that episode was in my opinion, it should turn out fine.
  • Why wasn't this made into another South Park movie? The thrilling conclusion to Imagination Land.

    "Why is it so easy for children to break into the Pentagon?" For almost the 3rd time in this whole 3 story arc, Cartman... and now Kyle jump through a window in Sector 2. And every time they say "There's a breach. It's coming from Sector 2!" and the General says, "Sector 2...." Like he didn't know where it was by now...and thats just one of the many reasons this episode was a thrilling and satisfying conclusion the Imaginationland Trilogy. Watching Butters use his powers to bring back Santa, give Jesus a M60, and help Popeye were some of the most amazingly funny parts. Kyle getting a talking to from Jesus, Luke Skywalker, Hercules, and "Yeah, God's here too, he'll talk to you after Captain Crunch" That was another laugh out loud moment. And Al Gore, flying around with his cape and noble peace But the thing that topped it all off, Cartman using his imagination to imagine Kyle sucking his balls. "Oh you're such a nut gobbler. Oh, you like those balls, don't you." And then to top it off, Santa says, "Alright Kyle, enough ball sucking, time to get you boys home." And poor Butters, grounded from going to Imaginationland.
  • And we were worrued!

    This episode provided a great ending to the trilogy and it made sense, except for one part. How did Butter's bring the people from the real world back to life if the weren't imaginary? Anyways I know it's a comedy show but I still wish I knew why. I love the Al Gore parts of the episode, they were great. I also loved all the characters they had in Imaginationland. The ending was perfect Butters got grounding after practicly saving the world. I think this trilogy may have saved the season. I think it ended with a good note and began with a good note. It had the average controvesay but almost everything faces controversy these days. Heres to the rest of the season being as good!
  • A great ending to a great trilogy.

    Even Al Gore makes an appearance (I knew he would be in it =D lol) Yes, this is sadly the end of the trilogy, and it's insanely well-done. I think even people who didn't get a chance to se part one and two will fall in love with this episode, seeing as though they put a "What happened last few episodes" part at the beginning of the episode. I think this is a classic episode, although I am dissappointed we won't get a Halloween episode this season. If you have TiVo, pray to god you recorded this episode so you can laugh to death every time you turn on your TV.
  • South Park is slowly declining in quality its not a classic by any means just a good solid episode.

    People who are giving these new episodes high ratings are obviously nooobs of the show and don't know much about this show except that its in your face humor. South Park use to be my favorite show of the big 3 by that I mean Simpsons, and Family Guy. Sadly it is slowly declining in quality I'm not saying these episodes are bad its just not as funny as it was 10 years ago. I've been a fan of the show since the beginning and I will continue to watch it until the shows demise. In these episodes it does seem like there running out of ideas and you can tell an episode about imaginationland? they can be more creative than that. If theres one more season of South Park I'll be happy I don't want it to turn out like The Simpsons and not have a funny episode since season 10 which in a way the same thing is happening to South Park. My last favorite episode of South Park was manbearpig and it was treat to see Al Gore return and the woodland critters part had me in stitches as well so all in all it wasn't a bad episode.
  • The trilogy comes to a close with the battle for imaginationland. Cartman continues his efforts to get Kyle to fulfill their deal, and Butters must be a hero. Needless to say-it gets really messed up and even funnier.

    Brilliant, genius, hysterical, this was the epitome of an episode of South Park.

    It is revealed that Butters is a "creator" since he is from the real world, he can imagine people and things. This is used to turn the tide against the evil creatures of imaginationland, including those adorable and evil Christmas Critters. The scene where he imagines his dad was funny, and the mutant Santa even funnier. Watching these loveable and noble characters rush into battle was a riot, did anybody catch the smurf trying to grab a rapier? Though I personally believe that Jesus isn't fictional, his decapitating Pinhead was hysterical. The build up to the battle and the battle itself was pseud-serious. It had dramatic elements that were lampooned all the way, it was a great idea that helped make this episode a classic.

    Al Gore's appearance made me laugh out loud. Having him pretend to fly around was one of the funniest things I've ever seen on the show. The fact that they worked in the Nobel Prize Medal was a great touch, and his frame by frame analysis of ManBearPig was wonderful. They really knocked it out of the park on that one.

    Cartman stole the show, seeing him in the pope outfit, getting his photo taken on the throne was priceless. He would not rest until Kyle did the deed. Of course Kyle fought him tooth and nail, but Cartman found a way around it-he imagined himself, then Kyle, and then Kyle did the deed-utterly priceless! A brilliant way to conclude that storyline. It doesn't get much better than this. Three episodes that rank up there with the best. It was irreverant, funny, and the social commentary was hashed out a bit more in this episode. I hate to see the trilogy end, but this proves that more great episodes are possible and likely.
  • Seasons 10 and 11 have been weak, but this trilogy is a huge turn around!

    I feel as though recent episodes have declined in South Park quality for sure. (See "More Crap", for instance) This trilogy was hilarious! A lot of really funny jokes were original and nice, not the stale ones SP has been using recently. The ending with Cartman and Kyle was hilarious. I LOVED that the show brought back the Christmas critters, although Part 3 got rid of them without really any explanation.

    I gave it a 9.5/10 only for some minor flaws:
    -Recycled lines. The phrase "our imaginations are running wild" was used like 10 times. Too much repetition.
    -The 'suck my balls' plot did get a little repetitive over three episodes.
    -I thought the 'evil characters' and Butters imagining good characters ideas had a lot of potential that was never fully reached. It was still funny, but I feel if they developed the ideas a little longer, they would have been more creative.
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