South Park

Season 16 Episode 10


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 10, 2012 on Comedy Central

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  • south park insecurity

    it was okay it wasn't as good as the first two episodes but it was okay. i liked it when they wore the bane mask the voice was spot on.
  • A White Man Raped Me!

    This wa damn funny..the dialogue was great....thumbs way up....Cartman's dialogue was funny as shxt. the "a white man tried to rape" obvious satire....because white people used to say "A Black man raped me" all the time whether it was true or not. reversing it was ingenius "A White man raped me: . . Finally some good Jew jokes too by Cartman (it's been a while since the show has been racist)...Also featuredf many of the town characters we have not seen in a while. Kept my interest/. Did I hear the old man say "PUSSY": OMG (i think thats the first time they said that on South Park) And BTW-- ibet a lot pof you dont remember what you order from Amazon.

    PS--the reviwer above or below me is a fool Acusing me of "being a racist" . I enjoy ALL racist humor . I guess since I enjoy All in The family or sanford and Son's racist humor I am a SUPER RACIST..and since TV shuns away from any ethnic variation today--except for SOUTH PARK..I again submit this was a great episode and I have NO IDEA what you refer to "I cant take my own medicine" by ENJOYING the CARTMAN "Jew" jokes. What is your point? We have ALL enjoyed Cartman JEW jokes for a over a decade. but ...I also love CITY WOK GUY on South Park LU KIM--he is gloriously a racist character. The fact you CANT do anything anymore on any network RACIST except SOUTH PARK is enough of a statement.

    This is still a very funny episode and ENJOYING racist humor as long as I do not JUDGE human being by the same standard as a MAKE BELIEVE CARTOON. I can tell the difference between CARTOON racist humor and human beings in real life.. It is just a great self indulgence as South Park writers know it. Make fun of someone's race or sexual orientation but yuo can STILL LOVE THEM as Carttman Loves Kyle. You might as well call Matt and Trey racists as well for all their ethnic humor over the years. I beleive they have gone to grat lengths to do episodes making fun of mANY races , religions, and sexual orientations. They have done episodes about disabled and ***ed people too (CRIPPLE FIGHT!) as we know. But they never say to HURT ANYONE or NOT BE THEIR FRIEND I belevie over the years, with episodes such as PASSION OF THE JEW we can see no matter how SICK and RACIST a show it can STILl be highly intelligent and funny. . It is just ribbing. . I suggest you reconsider public posting ": I am OBVIOUSLY" a racist or I will SUE YOU IN COURT as STAN SAID to SCIENTOLOGISTS--YOU ARE SO SUED Lol
  • A White Man Raped Me!

    "Deadrookie" is OBVIOUSLY a racist. "You can't say "black man" anymore?" When the show had an episode dedicated to the N word. Maybe you are just upset now that Whites are finally the butt end of a joke. And you clearly cant take your own medicine (which is why you liked the jew joke). But as for the South Park episode, they where referring to the fact that a lot white men are INDEED rapist. But society displays them as they are not. So yea, pretty funny episode.
  • Weak Episode

    I love this show, but this episode was really weak. There were some hilarious parts that go me on the floor laughing, but nothing really to remember like the last episode, pretty much what you'd expect after a really good episode.