South Park

Season 5 Episode 1

It Hits the Fan

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 20, 2001 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Kyle has four tickets to the "Lion King" on stage, but no one else seems interested in going. Especially after Cartman tells them the TV show "Cop Drama" plans on using the word "shit" for the first time ever on network television. Kyle thinks its stupid, thinking it's not mature to talk about it; meantime the adults are doing nothing but talking about. Kyle tries to find someone interested in seeing "Lion King" with him. With no one interested Kyle finds himself watching the show with everyone else (and everyone else is watching), but he is out of the room when the momentous event occurs. Kyle comments it's no big deal; it is not like it is going to change the world or anything. As he says that, they look outside and see that it is raining frogs. The news report on the groundbreaking broadcast mentions that while 24% thought the show went too far, the other 76% "don't really give a shit." The news also reports a medical alert that some people have caught a strange virus which causes the victims to throw up their intestines.

Ms. Choksondik clarifies the school's policy on the use of the word "shit." The children are excited about the ability to now use the word; everyone that is except Kyle, who Cartman cites as "having a little sand in his vagina." Kyle decides he is going to look the word up and discover its origin. Even Mr. Garrison introduces his kindergarten the proper use of "shit." Everyone is using the wording "shit," while others appearing to be getting deathly ill from that virus. Meanwhile, somewhere high on a mountain top, seven knights wake from a dormant sleep and raise their swords into the air as lightning strikes.

Stan and Cartman are now bored with the use of the word "shit" and discuss some alternatives. Kyle arrives with Kenny and Kyle tells them this in his research he discovered the origin of the word "shit." He's traced it back to the time of the Black Death. He wonders if it has something to do with all the people who have been getting ill. They run off to find someone to tell their theory to, while one of the knights can be seen coming out of the "shit" souvenir store. In Hollywood the network is delighted at the ratings they received with "Cop Drama", so they decide they are going to use the word twice on one of their upcoming programs. The boys find Chef and they tell him Kyle's theory about the Black Death. They do more research and discover that reason "shit" is called a curse word, is because the word is cursed. The librarian dies from the Black Death and Kenny is beginning to show signs of it. Armed with this information, Chef and the children go to the network to get them to stop using the word. The network doesn't listen, since they don't have any proof of their guilt. Outside the network building, Chef and the boys are charged by knight that followed them to Hollywood from South Park.

The knight tells them to stand aside as he goes into the network's building and confronts the executives. With his rune stone he hopes to expose one of them as Gelden, the bringer of the curse. He is shot by security and falls through a glass window outside to the pavement, where Chef and the boys are still standing. He gives them the rune stone but dies before he can tell them what to do with it. Chef decides they need to go the land of castles, knights and kings; the Excalibur casino in Las Vegas. They are taken to see the sorcerer. Meanwhile the network's "Must Shit TV" has begun. The sorcerer tells Chef and the boys about 14th century knights of standards and practices and that the rune stone will help defeat Gelden when he appears. The knights swoop into the network studio and start to clean things up. The network head says "shit" enough times that Gelden appears in the studio.

The knights attempt to fight Gelden, when Kyle arrives with the rune stone and easily defeats him. Kyle, Stan and Cartman make a plea to everyone to begin watching what they say and only use "shit" in extreme circumstances. The network agrees to follow the guidance of the knights of standards and practices.

Kenny almost makes it to the end of the episode, when he finally succumbs to the Black Death.