South Park

Season 5 Episode 1

It Hits the Fan

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 20, 2001 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • On the bar while watching TV when the unknown adult says here it comes I think it's this scene, actually the word *hit is told once by the actor but not count and then when the other adult says " was that it, was that it!? Some one's dad says twice s*it he said sh*t that was not counted either.

    • There is actually an unedited version of this episode where the words f**k and c*ck are not bleeped. This version of the episode has been shown on

    • Listen closely after the news anchor says the first sentence. His voice completely changes and he sounds like a totally different man.

    • The term curse word doesn't actually mean a cursed word; it means a word for cursing. Its true sense is as an expletive (oh, f**k) or as an insult (you piece of crap).

    • When the wizard shows the book with pictures of the stones, only "meecrob" is written under one of the stones.

    • When the Knights of standards and Practices (or whatever they are called) storm the HBC offices they chop off the head of one of the producers. Then, a few minutes later on the live TV Special he is on the set.

    • In one of the bar scenes, the guy who has the plague is shown twice at the same time, he is sick and not sick.

  • Quotes

    • (after seeing "Cop Drama")
      Stan: I can't belive they actually said it…
      Cartman: Dude, you missed it, Kyle! It was so awesome!
      Kyle: (sarcastically) Well, I hope it lived up to all the hype. You must feel so much better now.
      Cartman: Kyle, you've got to get that sand out of your vagina; it's making you cranky. Does it itch?
      Kyle: Do you really think anything's gonna be any different now? Do you really think that this will have the tiniest smallest effect on the world? It's still the same old world out there. Look! (opens door and the boys see frogs falling from the sky)
      Kyle: What the hell...?
      Cartman: Whoa, dude. It's raining frogs...
      Kyle: (walks away) Oh, whatever!

    • Cartman: You guys! You guys! Oh my god! Oh my god, you guys!
      Kyle: What, doughboy?
      Cartman: I was... (catches breath) I was just watching the TV and they had this commercial.
      Stan: So?
      Cartman: So... Guess what they're gonna say tonight on that show "Cop Drama"?
      Kyle: What?
      Cartman: No, c'mon, guess! They're gonna say something that's never been said on television!
      Stan: What?
      Cartman: Guess.
      Kyle: Goddamit, Cartman! What are they gonna say on "Cop Drama"?
      Cartman: Okay, you ready? Tonight...on "Cop Drama"...on TV,...they're gonna say... (looks to the left and right) "shit".

    • Kyle: Dude! They're gonna say "shit" on television??
      Stan: You can't say "shit" on television!
      Cartman: It was just on the news! People are freaking out, dude.
      Stan: Holy ****ing shit!

    • Cartman: Don't mind Kyle, everyone. He's just got a little sand in his vagina.
      Kyle: There's no sand in my vagina!!
      Ms. Choksondik: Boys, watch your language! Shit!

    • Kyle: Chef, do you know where "shit" comes from?
      Chef: Uh, from your ass, children.

    • Ms. Choksondik: The adjective form is now also acceptable. For example, "The weather outside is shitty." However, the literal adjective is not appropriate. For example, "My bad diarrhea made the inside of the toilet bowl shitty, and I had to clean it with a rag, which then also became shitty." That's right out!

    • Mr. Garrison: And so children, instead of saying "Hand in your papers." I may now say "Hand in your shit." Any questions?
      Filmore: What about "I have to take a shit"?
      Mr. Garrison: No, no Filmore, you can say "I have to poop and shit," or "Oh, shit, I have to poop," but not "I have to shit." Are we all clear?

    • Cartman: (about the dragon) Oh boy, that thing has really got sand in its vagina.

    • Knight: We are the Royal Order of Standards and Practices! We command you to stop saying the curse word!
      HBC President: Listen here, Mr. Shinypants! I am the head of this network, and I can say "shit" all I want! Shit, shit, shit shit shit, shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit (gasps for breath) shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit! (The dragon comes out and breathes fire on the audience.)
      HBC President: Oh, shit!

    • (a knight comes in the room)
      HBC President: Oh no, you guys didn't hire me a stripper for my birthday. Oh, tell me you guys didn't.

    • Cartman: You guys, look here. In this Nancy Drew mystery, Nancy goes to the beach and gets sand trapped in her shoe. This could explain how Kyle got it in his vagina!
      Kyle: Cartman, this is serious!
      Cartman: So am I, Kyle. If that sand in your vagina doesn't get released, you could become a walking time bomb.

    • Old Woman: Why that store has such lovely shit.
      Old Man: Yeah. Too bad I don't have shit for cash right now.

    • Mr. Garrison: (singing) Hey, there, shitty shitty fag fag,
      Shitty shitty fag fag, how do you do?
      Hey, there, shitty shitty fag fag,
      Shitty shitty fag fag, how do you do?

    • Chef: I'm very proud of you, children. Let's all go home and find a nice white woman to make love to.
      Stan: Yeah, and Kenny didn't die!
      Kenny: (muffled) Yeah, and I didn't die- (pukes out his intestines and dies)
      Stan: Holy sh- I mean, poop.
      Kyle: Yeah. Poop.
      Cartman: I love you guys...

    • Dragon: (with a weird voice) Agh. Dude, lame. Lame! Sorry, dudes. (falls in a hole in the ground)
      Cartman: What a stupid voice.

    • Cartman: Detective Sandy Vagina here thinks that "shit" might have something to do with everyone getting sick.

    • Cartman: I'd scarf down a whole wet bucket full of shit before I ate another plate of meecrob.

    • Cartman: Jeez, you're a little irritable, Kyle. What's the matter? You got some sand in your vagina?
      Kyle: No, I don't have sand in my vagina!

    • Randy: That word's kind of getting old. It's not really funny anymore.
      Man: Yeah, they're gonna have to come up with a new swear word now.
      Mr. Garrison: Well, they can't use "fag." Because you can't say "fag" unless you're a homosexual.
      Randy: Really? So we can't say (bleep)?
      Mr. Garrison: No. See, you got beeped.
      Man: You mean you have to be a (bleep) to say (bleep)?
      Mr. Garrison: That's right.
      Jimbo: Hell, that's not fair! I should be able to say "fag."
      Randy: Hey, you didn't get beeped.
      Jimbo: Uh, oh.
      Mr. Garrison: Well well well! Guess we learned something new about you, Jimbo, you freakin' fag! You wanna make out or something?

    • Ms. Choksondik: Alright, children, in lieu of the common usage, I'm supposed to clarify the school's position on the word, "shit."
      Stan: Wow! We can say "shit" in school now?
      Kyle: This is ridiculous! Just because they say it on TV it's alright.

    • Timmy: S-s-s-s-shit!
      Ms. Choksondik: Very good, Timmy.

  • Notes

    • On it's original airing, when the Knight got shot at the HBC office and falls out the window, there were no sound effects from the gunshots nor the window breaking. During re-airings of the show, the sound effects were added.

    • The record of number of times the word "Sh*t" was used was nominated for the 2007 TV Land Award for "TV Moment That Became Headline News".

    • This episode is completely uncensored by the network except for f**k, c**k, and f*g by everyone but Mr. Garrison and Jimbo.

    • This episode supposed to show TV-MA-L, but while they were saying the "S" word, Comedy Central didn't put it on there.

    • In the Excalibur casino Big Gay Al can be seen in the crowd for a brief second.

    • From this episode on, the show is animated with a new computer software program called "Maya."

    • It is hinted in this episode that Jimbo is gay.

    • During a spring 2002 rerun cycle, this was named by Comedy Central as the 2nd most "notorious" episode of the series.

    • The ABC network is the first known network to have the word "shit" aired. During a Monday Night Football game Al Michaels says it quite bluntly to Dennis Miller.

    • It may not have been the first time that "shit" was ever said during a network television show, but it certainly was used here more than at any other time. At the end of the episode the on screen counter showed that the word was said 162 times. That's about once every 8 seconds.

  • Allusions

    • FCC:

      The Knights of Standards and Practices is a pun on the FCC.

    • Night of 1,000 Stars:

      Night of 1,000 Sh*ts is a parody of the name of this mid 1980s charity event.

    • NBC: HBC is a parody of NBC.

      While showing an outside view of the HBC building, a logo very similiar to NBC's logo is shown above.

    • Drew Carey and Mimi:

      The two characters on "Must Shit TV" resemble Drew Carey and Mimi from The Drew Carey Show.

    • Must-See TV:

      "Must Shit TV" is a parody of the NBC Thursday night slogan, "Must-See TV".

    • Thai Food:

      Meekrob: Meekrob is a kind of Thai appetizer or snack. It means "crispy noodle." In the Thai genuine recipe, it's fried rice noodle with thick sweet-and-sour sauce. However, Thai restaurants over the world, which usually are own by non-Thai might change the recipe and, consequently, it becomes "crap."

    • Current Event/Chicago Hope:

      The entire plot about a network TV series airing the word "shit" is a reference to the Chicago Hope episode from the October 14th, 1999 episode, titled Vigilance and Care, in which a character named Jack says "shit happens."

    • NYPD Blue:

      The show "Cop Drama" as well as the entire premise of the episode is a reference of the ABC police drama NYPD Blue that broke several censorship barriers when it first aired in 1993, included "partial nudity."

    • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: Mr. Garrison's Shitty Shitty Fag Fag diddy is a reference to book/film "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang."

    • Jhonen Vasquez:

      Meekrob: Meekrob is one of the strange foods that Fillerbunny had to eat in the Jhonen Vasquez comic Fillerbunny.

      Vasquez didn't only use the name "Meekrob" in Fillerbunny. It is also the name of the alien species that gave Dib his super-powers in a dream sequence in the short-lived cartoon Invader Zim.

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