South Park

Season 14 Episode 9

It's a Jersey Thing

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 13, 2010 on Comedy Central

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  • one of the worst episodes ever

    the cartman/kyle conflict recurring theme has gotten very old now. kyle was at his absolute worst in this episode and he completely overreacted to cartman's behavior in the most ridiculous way possible
  • 10.13

    Man, there was a time when South Park was at the heart of relevancy, but those days are long gone, long gone. I guess it was not bad to try and parody Jersey Shore, to try and mock the show that for some ridiculous reason is sweeping the nation, but they just failed in every way. The voices were annoying, the language was just too stupid, the show is just done. I really cannot comprehend how anyone who could score over 80 on an IQ test could find this funny, but I digress.

    Sorry, but this Jersey Shore episode failed.
  • Untitled

    This episode was kinda distarbing man. This episode is a parody of the freakin' Jersey Shore. And it tells that New Jersey is growing to be a bigger state and were is turning in to a character like the ones from Jersey Shore. Then we learn that Kyle's bi##hy mom was born in New Jersey and Cartman want Kyle to be gone since he is part Jersey. And a thing that was really Distarbing is that the Character Snooki from Jersey Shore is feature a ulgy monster alien thingy. When I saw I almost threw up and the South Park gets help from the Terrsion people and then killed the leader
  • Stay in Jersey, creeps!

    Of all the South Park episodes that ripped into celebrities whether "real" or phony (Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber, The Kardashian sisters, etc.) this episode stands out as the ultimate ribbing of the biggest collection of do-nothing phonies ever to disgrace our TV screens.

    It's a Jersey Thing is 1 of the funniest episodes ever since it tells us what would happen if this dreaded "Jersey Shore" phenomenon/plague swoops down onto South Park, CO unexepctedly since a couple of lowlives from New Jersey moves into town & soon after, all hell breaks loose.

    The part i enjoyed in this episode was the appearance of the horrific "Snooki Monster". I'm glad they got around to making fun of those do-nothing creeps from Jersey & anyone who doesn't find this episode funny must have watched way too much Reality TV.
  • it's a jersey thing

    Sheila Broflovski has a secret; she's from New Jersey. And Kyle is too! The war between South Park and various Jersey people has been waged, but who will end up winning? Who wants it more!

    Good episode, I was really interested in Kyle trying to hide the fact that he's from Jersey (and according to Cartman, the Three J's- Jinger, Jewish, and Jersey). The only thing I didn't like was the second half was a little boring, but for the most part it was a fun, enjoyable way to spend 22 minutes, and so because of all of this my final grade is in the "B" range
  • WE HATE JERSEY!! This episode has it all. Snookie as a rat, trashy Jersey wifes, Kyle turning into a guido, Cartman crying after getting punched my Kyle. Great episode

    WE HATE JERSEY!! This episode has it all. Snookie as a rat who humps everything in sight, trashy Jersey wifes, Kyle turning into a guido, Cartman crying after getting punched my Kyle. This was a great episode and it was about time someone shows these guidos that everyone hates them. Muff cabbage...a lot. I think this should have been the premiere episode last week instead though, the NASCAR episode was just OK. Keep up the good work Matt and Trey, I hope you guys have another 14 seasons in you! is great for watching back episodes, with seasons 13 + 14 in HD.
  • Season 14's gem

    Wow, looking back on season 14, there are so many fantastic episodes that could be considered as modern South Park classics! How can Matt and Trey possibly make a show to equal or be better than those? well, they did just that with It's A Jersey Thing. I won't explain the plot or anything that happens, you just have to watch. It was cleverly written, executed execellently, plenty of hilarious jokes and some jokes a little bit risky and crossed the line a bit, but hey, South Parks been crossing the line since episode one. Shocks, laughs, creativity, and perfect satire all describe It's A Jersey Thing, and so far is the seasons highlight.
  • Hillarious!

    This is one of the better Southpark episodes I have seen in a while. They have, as of recently, not been particularly funny; kind of hit or miss. This episode is funny all the way through. With classic A**h@le Cartman to current meta-humor, this episode delivers.

    A brief overview: People from Jersey start moving to South Park. They all act like (and dress like) people from Jersey Shore. Kyle finds out that he is from Jersey and suddenly becomes just like the new residents. The episode evolves into a war where Jersey is taking over the United States. The only chance South Park has is to ask an enemy for help.

    Also, I'm pretty sure they rip off the Avatar soundtrack....
  • a Really great episode, just not that funny to me.

    I don't think I was a good target for this episode. not only did I never watch the Jersey Shore, but I had never heard of it until a review for the movie Vampire's Suck. so while I understood what they were making fun off I wasn't really in the series to get some of the bits I think other's would find hilarious if they saw the show. it's also kinda not for some New Yorkers as they might be offended, and while I wasn't since I was not here during 9/11 at all I can see some people taking offense.

    overall if you've seen the jersey shore or just like the idea of finally making fun of something a tad too soon, and even having that fact brought up in the episode, then you will love this episode.

    as for me I'm okay with it but I think my younger brothers will prefer this since it's more aimed at them this time around. still nothing to really hate on this episode for so check it out on TV but don't bother hunting it down unless you hate the Jersey Shore.
  • when people from new jersy attack

    south park made fun of people from new jersy and it was hilarious. so basically people from new jersy were invading south park and they were basically just swearing and fighting and humping. those housewifes from the e or bravo were on it. that slut from jersy shore was on it snuki(i probably spelled that wrong) and osam bin laden helps defeat the people from new jersy which may be offensive to some but its pretty funny. it was a great episode it was funny and yet another great idea from the people at south park. thats my review for south park ''it came from jersy''.