South Park

Season 7 Episode 15

It's Christmas in Canada

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 17, 2003 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

The Broflovski family is enjoying their Hanukkah celebration when there is a knock at the door. Ike's Canadian birth parents have come to take their baby back. The new Canadian prime minister has made it legal for them to this. After legal action doesn't work they have no choice and they must let Ike (Peter) go back with his parents to Canada. Kyle asks his parents if they can go to Canada and talk to the new Canadian prime minister. His parents tell him that it will take money that they just don't have. Stan, Cartman and Kenny are looking in the window at the Christmas toys when Kyle joins them. Kyle is worried about his parents, they've been depressed since Ike left a week ago, and he asks the other boys to accompany him to Canada to go to see the new prime minister. Cartman refuses, he has no plans on missing Christmas, and he also suggests that maybe this happened because Kyle is a Jew at Christmas time. At a town square Christmas celebration, Chef suggests that they give the money they would have spent on presents to help the Brovlofski family to appeal to the new Canadian prime minister. The whole town is in agreement and Cartman is pissed that his chance of getting Christmas presents has been ruined by Kyle. Kyle suggests that they could go to Canada and talk to the prime minister, get Ike back and save Christmas. Stan agrees to go, but only if he can get back in time to have a great Christmas adventure. Cartman also tells Kyle if this plan doesn't work, that they are going to have it out once and for all. There is no business at City Wok, people don't eat Chinese food at Christmas time, but all is not lost for the Mr. Lu Kim, since he also runs City Airlines. Kyle negotiates a deal to get them all flown to Canada. Kenny is reluctant to get on the plane, feeling he might die as a result. The boys are on their way to Canada.
The boys and the pilot are all asleep when the plane begins to develop trouble. The pilot bails out, leaving the boys to crash-land in the magical land of Canada. The denizens of Canada welcome the boys in song. Then they are scared off by the arrival of Scott, who doesn't want any Americans in Canada. Scott is sent away, but promises to be back. The denizens then sing to the boys that to see the new prime minister they are going to need to go to Ottawa by taking "The Only Road." The boys start their journey when they encounter a Mountie, who's riding the back of a sheep; the new prime minister has cut their funding so they can no longer afford horses. The Mountie wants to join the boys on their quest to see the new prime minister. The boys and the Mountie continue their journey and enter into French Canada. A mime wants to join their group; the new prime minister has made it illegal for them to drink wine in French Canada. The ever growing party continues its quest, until they once again encounter Scott. Scott is driven off again by a "Newfie." The "Newfie" wants to get a new sodomy law repealed and he agrees to join them. He also tells them that they've been traveling in the wrong direction; Ottawa is in the other direction. When wishing themselves to Ottawa doesn't work, the "Newfie" offers the use of his boat. Cartman is running out of time to have his Christmas saved and he reminds Kyle of his promise to have it out, once and for all.
They arrive at the gate of Ottawa. They are told the new prime minister isn't there. Disappointed, the boys begin to cry, each for a very different reason. The gatekeeper relents and brings them inside to see the prime minister. The boys and their companions are brought before the great and powerful prime minister. The evil Scott is there with Ike and his birth parents. Kyle tries to plead his case with the PM, but he is not changing his mind. His new laws will stand. The PM lashes out with his great power and Kenny is killed. Stan notices something moving behind a curtain and goes to investigate. He pulls the curtain back and finds Saddam Hussein is operating the controls that make the PM work. Saddam is taken out of his spider hole and placed in custody. All of the new laws are repealed and Ike's birth parents agree to let Ike return to Colorado. The alarm on Cartman's watch goes off, it is now officially Christmas and he is in Canada. He is now going to have it out with Kyle. Cartman gets prepared for battle, but before he can land his first punch, Kyle hits him in the face and Cartman begins to bawl like a baby. The boys get to spend Christmas in Canada- In the end Stan laments that maybe they will get to have a Christmas adventure next year.
Kenny dies when the PM lashes out; however, is he really dead? I guess we'll need to wait until next season for that answer.