South Park

Season 7 Episode 15

It's Christmas in Canada

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 17, 2003 on Comedy Central

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  • perfect

    Ike's Canadian parents come to take him home to Canada. Kyle sees how this affects his mother and father and him and Stan, and Cartman, go to Canada to try and get Ike back. Will they succeed?

    It was good. I thought it was weird how it turned into a Wizard of Oz parody, but overall it was pretty funny and had a good plot. This episode is not one of their best episodes or anything, but it is an enjoyable way to spend 22 minutes of your time. Final grade for this episode is an A. Enjoyable episodes methinks
  • Better than the actual Wizard of Oz by far!

    It's not the most original or outrageously funny episode, but it's loads better than Mr. Hanky. Sorry, it's true. Apart from the not-so-funny Chinese pilot antics, once the boys arrive in Canada to find the Prime Minister it justs keeps getting better. I loved the Canadian the others all say is a "total dick," and the French Canadians were priceless. Plus I just always laugh at how South Park animates the Canadians, like they're a totally foreign species compared with Americans. Top it off with another brief appearance by Suddam, and bam, you've gt a great episode. Best Christmas episode by far.
  • Christmas classic.

    The Broflovski family is dealt a devastating blow when Ike's Canadian birth parents show up unexpectedly and want their baby back. When the townspeople decide to forego Christmas gifts and take up a collection to get Ike home to South Park, the boys are distraught. Before all the money for their Christmas presents gets spent, they hightail it to Canada to bring Ike home themselves. i want to watch it over and over again. I need to get this on my ipod because tis so awsome. I want another Christmas special liek this one in this series. Merry Christmas!! (in canada)
  • One of my all-time faves in South Park history!

    This is the best ending to a South Park season ever. While the ending to Season 11 DOES rival this episode, "It's Christmas In Canada" still prevails.
    I love how this episode parodies The Wizard of Oz without actually ripping on it. The plot is perfect and something Matt and Trey needed to address came to light.... Ike's biological parents. And they just so happen to come at Christmas time, which causes a predicament for all the children whose parents want to be charitable and help the depressed Broflovskis.

    The best coincedence of all is that Saddam Hussein actually was caught the Sunday before this episode aired. I love how things like that work out, especially for an episode as awesome as that.

    They even made a new face for Cartman when he started to cry... thus proving that Cartman talks a lot of crap but is really a little weakling crying for his mom in Canada.

    Absolute favorite quote:
    Cartman:"You f*cking a**h***! This is all your fault!"
  • Ding dong they caught Saddam!

    In this episode the boys miss their Christmas adventure so they can go to Canada and rescue Kyles Adopted baby brother Ike from his REAL parents, and there is an entire "Wizard of Oz" parody throughout the episode with the Munchkin like Canadians breaking into song and "the only road". This was a fantastic episode and I loved "Scott the ****", how crappy the Canada animation was, Cartmans ass being kicked by Kyle, and Saddam being caught 3 days after he really was, great job writing this so fast "South Park"!
  • Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and Cartman go to Canada to rescue Ike.

    A new law is passed in Canada in which Canadians birth parents can get their kid(s) back. Ike's parents come and take him away. The boys go to Canada to rescue him. Cartman says if they don't get back in time for Christmas, he is going to fight Kyle. When they arrive in Canada, they see it is like The Wizard of Oz. The boys and three Canadians arrive at the Prime Minasters office. They are going to ask him to change the law back. When they talk to the minister, Stan discovers he is really Saddam. Saddam is arrested and Ike's parents give him back to Kyle. They are still in Canada when it is offically Christmas, Cartman wants to fight Kyle. Kyle hits Cartman once and Cartman starts to cry. :)

    Since im cannadian i cant hate this episode. Its one of the BEST episodes ever its the reason i bought the 7th season. and i will clear up some of the facts about cannada

    Number 1: No i do not have beady eyes and a flapping head

    Number 2: There is more then 1 road in canada (bet you didnt see that coming)

    Number 3: It snows here in Christmas Time

    Number 4: People in french canada do not speak with a french acksent

    number 5: Newfoundland is not a desolate waste land

    Number 6: it snows here in christmas time! ! ! ! !
  • This episode was awsome, and i loved the Mr. Kim and Kyle barter lol :)

    Mr. Kim: No business... Christmastime come anda nobody wanna eata Chinese food. Looks like I might as well close. [a phone rings. He perks up and runs to get it] Oh boy! Some business! [puts on his chef hat and grabs a notepad] Finally! [grabs the phone and waits for the order] Herro? **** Wok, take ur orda prease!
    Kyle: Uh, I must have the wrong number. We were trying to reach City Airlines.
    Mr. Kim: Oh, oh yes, just a moment prease. [flips a sign over so it now reads \"City Airlines\" and switches to a captain\'s hat] Herro, **** Airrines. Can I help you take ur orda prease?
    Kyle: Uh, we need to go to Canada. As soon as possible.
    Mr. Kim: Oooh, Canada. Okay, that\'s uh pretty far. Gonna cost ya a rot of money... hmlet\'s she. How many people?
    Kyle: Four.
    Mr. Kim: Okay. Four people, Canada, cost a rot of money, that uh gonna be about ah six thousand five hundred daura.
    Kyle: How about fifty daura?
    Mr. Kim: Fifty daura?! You flighn to Canada cost at reast three thousand daura!
    Kyle: Fifty-five daura.
    Mr. Kim: Hey! Stop wasting my time wa fifty-five daura! No way I take my plane to Canada for less than a thousand daura!
    Kyle: Okay. Sixty daura.
    Mr. Kim: Sixty-two daura.
    Kyle: Okay.
    Mr. Kim: Okay. Meet me Park County Airfield, yellow Cessna, tail number 432G.
    Kyle: Got it. [hangs up]
    Mr. Kim: [hangs up, then giggles] Hehehehe, never try to barter with a Chinese man.
  • 111th Episode

    Christmas in Canada is not exactly a classic but it is entertaining in a sort of Wizard of Oz type trip (though I haven't seen the movie, I know the basis), with Cartman complaining all the way and the familiar end of Kenny dying, this done by posing president of Canada, Sadamm Hussein - a classic twist for South Park, a show that can get away with anything.

    It's amazing how Kyle can go from "kick the baby" to actually caring that his adopted brother was taken away and Cartman crying after threatening to beat Kyle up the whole episode is a great addition to the final product of this South Park Christmas special.
  • Hilarious bashing of Canada and the Wizard of Oz!

    Thanks to the new prime minster in Canada now all parents in Canada who've given up their kids for adoption now have to get them back. Therefore Kyle's younger brother Ike goes back to his family in Canada. Did you know that Ike was born Peter? Later, the boys hurry to Canada before Christmas in desperate attempt to get Ike back. This is a hilarious episode that parodies "The Wizard of Oz" and Canada and Saddam Hussein. A great way to end the seventh season, a big improvement from the sixth season, which is by far the worst season of South Park as I speak! It doesn't matter if it's Christmas to watch this; I taped it off my local UPN station that syndicates SP just last friday.
  • Wizard of oz/China and Canada bashing!

    I really liked this episode. The story itself wasn't sidesplitting but the little jokes were class. City airlines was made to sound like...well I can't say it but with a Chinese accent you can imagine. And, I never knew Cartman was such a girl! The Wizard of elemant was cool. They once again take stereotypes to the limit with Canada.
  • Follow the only road! Follow the only road! Follow! Follow! Follow! Follow! Follow the only road!

    I must admit this is one of the best South Park episodes I have ever watched. I thought it was hilarious the way te spoofed "The Wizard of Oz". And putting Sadam in it, pricless. This is my favorite episode of the entire series. I especially loved the ending. It was funny. I also liked it when Mr. Garrison was asking the mayor to get rid of all the Mexicans.
  • This episode makes Canada look bad. And watch out for Scott; he's a dick!

    Yes I'm Canadian, and I thought this episode made Canada look bad. The canadians exhibit many random oddities, such as beady eyes and semicircular heads that, during speech, detach from their body and jaw (which is also semicircular) and they also speak rapidly with affected accents. Furthermore, everything in Canada has to be square; WTH is that all about? And the episode makes Canada look like a gay version of the Wizard of Oz (I know it was suppose to parody the movie, but this is too much). There's more to criticize about, but I won't bore you.
    Dispite all this, there is still some funny stuff, including Scott (the dick), and Kenny getting killed for the first (and only) time this season.
  • I love this episode!

    In this spisode, the boys have to go to Canada because Ike's birth parents have taken him from Kyle's family. They are trying to talk to the prime minister, but they don't have much time. Also, Scott is trying to stop them because he's a dick. It is hilarious and one of my favorite episodes of the entire series.