South Park

Season 7 Episode 15

It's Christmas in Canada

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 17, 2003 on Comedy Central

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  • One of my all-time faves in South Park history!

    This is the best ending to a South Park season ever. While the ending to Season 11 DOES rival this episode, "It's Christmas In Canada" still prevails.
    I love how this episode parodies The Wizard of Oz without actually ripping on it. The plot is perfect and something Matt and Trey needed to address came to light.... Ike's biological parents. And they just so happen to come at Christmas time, which causes a predicament for all the children whose parents want to be charitable and help the depressed Broflovskis.

    The best coincedence of all is that Saddam Hussein actually was caught the Sunday before this episode aired. I love how things like that work out, especially for an episode as awesome as that.

    They even made a new face for Cartman when he started to cry... thus proving that Cartman talks a lot of crap but is really a little weakling crying for his mom in Canada.

    Absolute favorite quote:
    Cartman:"You f*cking a**h***! This is all your fault!"