South Park

Season 7 Episode 15

It's Christmas in Canada

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 17, 2003 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • Spoiler alert!:
      This is the first time Kenny's died since he reappeared.

    • Inside the window of the toy shop, you can see a box saying "2001 Okama Gamesphere", which was used in "Towelie".

    • First appearance by Scott, the evil canadian since the season 2 episode "Terrance & Phillip In "Not Without My Anus"".

    • Ike's real name is Peter Ginse.

    • In this episode we see the four boys, a French Canadian, and a regular Canadian walk the TCH to Newfoundland. This is impossible as Newfoundland is an island not connected to the rest of Canada.

    • Even though Canada is farther north than South Park, there is no snow and a lot of greenery. Canada is almost always covered in snow during Christmas.

    • Note the head shapes of the three Canadians that follow the four boys. The French Canadian has a rectangular head, the one they first meet on a goat has a pentagonal head, and the Newfoundlander has a hexagonal head.

    • As he is a mime, the French-Canadian shouldn't be talking.

    • When Cartman is about to fight Kyle, he took his gloves in front of him but while he was crying out loudly, watch closely, the gloves, dissapeared in the next scene.

    • Throughout the episode, Cartman has his watch on, but when he took off his coat to fight Kyle, it disappeared!

    • When the boys and the Mountie and the French Canadian leave, the Mountie has joined in singing the French Canadians' song until another angle is shown as they continue their journey.

    • The "Newfie"'s motorboat was actually going away from Ottawa. You can tell because in that scene, group was walking to the right of the screen. When they looked toward the viewers, the boat was facing left from their point of view, which is the same direction they were originally going.

    • In the episode "Krazy Kripples", Saddam was already back on Earth. So he must have come back sometime before that episode, and after "Ladder to Heaven".

    • The Broflovskis shouldn't have had to give Ike up in the first place. Since they are all American citizens and residents, they would not be subject to any Canadian law.

  • Quotes

    • Mr. Kim: Okay. Four people, Canada, cost a rot of money, that uh gonna be about ah six thousand five hundred daura.
      Kyle: How about fifty daura?
      Mr. Kim: Fifty daura?! You flyin' to Canada cost at reast three thousand daura!
      Kyle: Fifty-five daura.
      Mr. Kim: Hey! Stop wasting my time with fifty-five daura! No way I take my plane to Canada for less than a thousand daura!
      Kyle: Okay. Sixty daura.
      Mr. Kim: Sixty-two daura.
      Kyle: Okay.
      (Kyle hangs up)
      Mr. Kim: Hahaha, never try to barter with a Chinese man!

    • Kyle: Guys, guys I need your help.
      Stan: Sure dude.
      Kyle: It's been a week since Ike's been gone and every day my parents seem worse. I have to try and go to Canada and speak with the new Canadian Prime Minister. But I can't do it alone.
      Cartman: We can't go to Canada dumbass, it's Christmas!
      Stan: Yeah dude, what if we miss out on some great Christmas adventure?

    • Gerald: Look, you gave Ike up, you can't just change your mind.
      Ike's Biological Dad: Changing your mind is a Canadian custom that we hold quite dear.

    • Canadians: (Singing to the tune of "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead")
      Ding dong, they caught Saddam! Merry Christmas to the world!
      Ding dong, the Americans caught Saddam!
      Now Canada is free for you and you and me
      It's the best Christmas presents we ever got
      Canadian Christmas, it's the best! We drink and dance and show our breasts!
      Let's celebrate! Saddam Hussein's been caught!

    • Tuong Lu Kim: Okay, welcome aboard Sh!tty Airrines. This is your captain speaking. Rooking about a two hour fright. I'll be turning on the seatbelt sign now. If your seats had seatbelts, this is the time you would fasten them. Please sit back, relax, and enjoy your Sh!tty fright.

    • Mayor McDaniels: As we celebrate this glorious time, we can't forget those families who are suffering. As many of you know, the Broflovski family has recently had their child torn away from them. As a community, we must do all we can to ease their pain. Are there any suggestions how we might help?
      Mr. Garrison: How about we get rid of all the Mexicans?
      Mayor McDaniels: Mr. Garrison, every Christmas you suggest we get rid of all the Mexicans, and every Christmas we tell you "No!"
      Mr. Garrison: Rats!

    • Tuong Lu Kim: We know you have a choice of airlines, and it looks like you made the wrong one.

    • Canadian: Just follow the road.
      Kyle: Which road?
      Canadian: This is Canada! We only have one road!
      Canadians: Follow the only road, follow the only road, follow follow follow follow follow the only road.

    • Cartman: You f*cking asshole! This is all your fault!
      Kyle: What?
      Cartman: Everyone's gonna be charitable and give money to your family instead of buying Christmas presents! You ****ing Jews ruined Christmas again! (goes after Kyle)
      Stan: Whoa whoa, Cartman.
      Cartman: It wasn't enough for you people to kill Jesus, now you have to kill Christmas too, huh?

    • Cartman: It's Christmas. We officially missed it. It's Christmas Day and I'm in Canada.
      Kyle: Well yeah, but ah, I got my brother back.
      Cartman: Yeah! You got your brother back, but I didn't get any presents! (takes off his mittens) And what did I tell you, Kyle? I told you that if we didn't make it back in time for Christmas I was gonna whup your ass, didn't I? (gets in fighting outfit)
      Kyle: Dude, come on.
      Cartman: Well now you're gonna get it, mother f*cker! That's right! You and me! Right now! We're havin' it out! Let's go! Come on! Come on! (Kyle lightly hits Cartman making him cry) Mom! Mom!

    • Saddam: (upon being discovered) Uh, don't mind that guy hiding in the spider hole, he's just my friend.

    • Kyle: Who's that?
      Canadian: That's Scott. He's a dick!

    • Cartman: Kyle, if we miss Christmas, you and me are going to have a throwdown.

    • Stan: Oh well. Maybe we'll get to have a Christmas adventure next year.

    • Cartman: Kyle, I just want you to know, if it were any other time of the year, I still wouldn't help you.

    • Rick: Wait a minute. This means all the Prime Minister's new laws are null and void. We can have our horses back!
      Mime: And we can drink our wine.
      Steve: And I can sodomize me boys again!

    • (the boys' plane crashes in Canada)
      Canadian: Excuse me? Uh, is this an invasion?
      Kyle: No.
      Canadian: Oh thank heavens! It's okay, everyone, it's not an invasion!
      (people come out from hiding)

  • Notes

    • This episode was nominated for the 2004 Emmy Award for "Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming One Hour or Less)".

    • Alternate Title: "Christmas in Canada"

    • The episode, featuring Saddam hiding in a "spider-hole", and showing as he looked when captured by US troops, aired only three days after his capture.

    • The road the boys were following was most likely the Trans-Canada Highway. Although Canada does in fact have more than one road, the Trans-Canada Highway is the only road which stretches across all of Canada

    • Canada really had just gotten a new Prime Minister when this episode was shown. His name is Paul Martin.

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