South Park

Season 3 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 16, 1999 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

The boys are camping at Stark's Pond. Cartman performs his new song "I Hate You Guys". Cartman leaves to go to the bathroom and sees something moving in the trees. Uncle Jimbo and Ned are at home, where Ned is looking for his voice box. The boys stop by to ask for their help tracking the creature that Cartman discovered. They find the creature in Uncle Jimbo's ostrich trap. Jimbo is going to kill it, but Cartman likes it and asks that it be spared. The Department of Interior comes to South Park to take possession of what they identified as a Jakovasaur. They have the idea that they are going to breed it and bring back the species. Another Jakovasaur arrives at Cartman's door, asking for help to find his mate Ju-Ju. Named Jakov, he says that he and his mate are the last of their kind. Cartman agrees to help and while the other boys find Jakov annoying; Cartman finds his klutzy antics amusing. They reunite the pair, but the government finds out.
Ned gets a replacement for his voice box, which makes him sound Irish. The Department of the Interior has plans to help the Jakovasaurs mate and repopulate the species. Left on their own, the Jakovasaurs fail to mate, Jakov doesn't know what to do. Since there is no one with experience in the matters, they all go to the South Park Genetic Engineering ranch, where Dr. Mephesto plans to use artificial insemination. Stan wonders if they really want anymore of these things around. Jakov tries to be one of the guys, but only succeeds in being really annoying.
The pregnant Jakovasaur gives birth in four days, by shooting out a large litter of children. The new children join the children at South Park Elementary. The Mayor and townsfolk try to figure out what to do about the Jakovasaur problem. They convince them to move to Memphis, but Cartman pleads for them to stay. The Department of Interior bails on South Park, but they leave Cartman with the "authoritah" to control all the wildlife issues surrounding South Park.
The Jakovasaurs are shown at home, sitcom Jakov is invited by the mayor to appear on a game show to win a trip. Cartman agrees to help prepare him for show. The mayor asks the boys to distract Cartman, while Jakov is appearing on the show. Jakov competes against Officer Barbrady and he immediately starts losing. Meanwhile, Stan and Kyle have brought Cartman out to the woods to fy a new species, which Cartman readily identifies as Kenny with a pair of antlers attached to his head. The mayor forces Jakov into victory, which gives him and his family an all-expense paid one way trip to France. With the Jakovasaurs on their way to France, the town celebrates by getting ice cream. Later in France, the people there are delighted by the Jerry Lewis-like antics of Jakov and his family.
Kenny dies when a bear attacks him, while he was trying to help Kyle and Stan distract Cartman.

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