South Park

Season 3 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 16, 1999 on Comedy Central

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  • The plan was to make a character as annoying as Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars. It worked. The Jakovosaurs are so annoying that I can hardly stand to watch this episode.

    The plan was to make a character as annoying as Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars. It worked. The Jakovosaurs are so annoying that I can hardly stand to watch this episode. If I were grading this episode based on intent, it would get a 10+. But isn't that true of all art forms?

    It doesn't necessarily make the episode a bad episode, it just makes it harder and harder to watch each time. There are still many good moments in this episode, so it isn't a total loss.

    Overall, the episode is worth watching. It will be an annoying television experience, but it's South Park.
  • Badddddd episode

    By far the worst episode of south park....but all genius minds must take a dump once in a while I guess.....and this thing is telling me i have to make it 100 words to count well other then saying it was bad im just gonna go blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah a a a aa a a a a a a a a a a aa a a a a a aa a a aa a a a a a a a a there happy 100 words exactly
  • Jakovaurs

    So, the beginning starts off as normal with the different images of characters and such - and the old country singer singing Goin` Down To South Park.
    Other than all the rest of the plot build up at the start this adventurous entertaining (but unoriginal) episode shows the kids kindness that they would be nice to the Jakovaurs and not actually laugh at it, which is rather surprising seeing as they laughed at Summer Sucks when Pip says his mum and dad are dead. :( Poor little Pip, eh? Poor little British boy Pip.
    :) Good episode, but come up with better ideas!
  • I don't understand the bad reviews for this episode...

    Going by the first ten minutes, this episode was getting a perfect 10/10 which I hope I become notorious for never giving. There were non-stop laughs and the jackovasaurs were hilarious, but then again, I guess that's what the people of South Park thought too. The last ten minutes declined the quality of the episode fairly quickly, but the episode is definitely one that I would watch again. But then again, one of the funniest parts of this episode was the Barbrady-Jackov game show. One of the classic scenes of the series, I reckon, along with the school with the jackovasaurs scene.
  • Jakovasausrus are discovered in South Park.

    This was about an average episode because while it was funny, it just wasn't helarious like most episodes are. The plot was very original as Cartman actually found something that is as annoying as he is and he finally found something he loves. No one else lieks the new animals because they are annoying and loud so they develop a scheme to get rid of them. The game-show hoax is a success and the animals are sent to France to annoy the French. Cartman is sad, but then he eventually understands. An average episode, but hey, what can you expect after the first three.
  • Cartman discovers a Jakovasaur while taking a crap near Stark's Pond. It turns out to be a duck like creature that happens to be very obnoxious to everyone and only Cartman likes it.

    This episode was so so. The only funny moment I can think of is when there's that part where you see the Jakovasaurs is a tv show, like Dinosaurs. When Cartman walked in and there was laughter, that was probably the only real funny part.

    I was with the town on this one. They really did a good job on making the Jakovasaurs really obnoxious, and in turn, make them look obnoxious. I would have liked to see Ned and Jimbo for once shoot the crap out of those things. That would have been nice.

    Just an average installment of South Park. No wonder those Jakovasaurs died out, annoying things.
  • The best "classic" South Park.

    This is my favorite "classic" South Park episode, the "classic" episodes being those composing seasons 1-3. I define them as being more crude in both jokes and animation, contain less currently relevant social commentary, and are still somewhat in the phase of building characters. Its easy to spot any of the "classic" South Park episodes, because they have the same ol' opening sequence with an on-screen Les Claypool. A new, flashy opening sequence was ran at the start of the fourth season, and the start of a new South Park era.

    ANYhoo, "Jakovasaurs" is a gem because if it doesn't make you crap your pants laughing, then you must be devoid of the ability to enjoy Matt and Trey's signature sense of humor. The script is just too perfect from beginning to end, not to mention the fact that Jakov is just... the funniest damn thing ever, period. The way he screams everything has definitely affected me on a personal level. During my first year of college, my friends and I watched this episode together. After that, we would echolocate each other on campus by hooting like a female Jckovasaur ("EEEOOWIP!"), along with repeatedly chanting "School school I like school!!!" Something I still love to do is scream "You know what?!!! One time, I saw a bunny, a brown one, and you know what? It took dooky right in front of me!!!!" You know you love South Park too much when it starts to influence your behavior.

    ...I just wanted to note that right as I began to submit this review, an automatic pop up stopped me that said: "Oops! Please don't type in all uppercase. That's like shouting. Check your review."

    ...Well, DUH! Anyone who have seen "Jakovasaurs" knows that the best way to replicate his unique mannerisms is to use caps because he shouts everything! Geeze.