South Park

Season 3 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 16, 1999 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • In-Joke: Stan's statement that nothing is worst than Cartman with authorita is a reference to episode "Chickenlover" from season 2 and Cartman's famous line: "Respect my autoritha!".

    • Gerald tells Jakov to get some pretzels at the " 4 miles away in Fairplay". Fairplay is a real town in Colorado.

    • This episode marks the first time we get a look at Jimbo and Ned's home.

    • Mr. Garrison starts the day with a history lesson, about Chubby Checker leaving The Beatles in 1972. The Beatles had broken up in 1969 (publicly in 1970), and of course Chubby Checker was in no way a member of the group.

    • The airplane that the jakovosaurs take to France has "POS Airlines" on its side. POS is often used to stand for "piece of shit" making this particular airline, literally, a piece of shit airline.

    • When the Frenchman says "I love it's antics" the grammar of the subtitles is wrong. It should be "its", not "it's".

    • At the beginning when Cartman play the harmonica, the holes can be seen on the outside of the harmonica while he plays, making it impossible for him to play.

  • Quotes

    • Jimbo: Hey Ned, look what I got you: a new voicebox! (Ned reaches for it, but Jimbo blocks it) You want it? You want it? Here you go!
      Ned: (Irish accent) Jimbo, I can't thank you enough for the new voicebox! What in the devil is this, then?
      Jimbo: Sorry, Ned. I must have picked up the irish model by mistake.
      Ned: Oh, what a bloody pickle this is. Did you keep the receipt, then?
      (A man walks in)
      Man: Jimbo, Ned, come quick!
      Jimbo: What's going on?
      Man: They've found another Jakovasaur!
      Ned: Blimey.

    • Cartman: (laughs) Isn't he funny guys?
      Stan: No, he's annoying.

    • Cartman: (about Jackov) He's the last of his kind you guys, there's only two of them left.
      Kyle: Did you smoke some of your mom's crack?
      Cartman: Will you stop with the 'mom smoking crack' thing, it's an old joke.
      Jackov: Eric, do you have any more cookies?
      Stan: Who's that, one of your mom's boyfriends?

    • Jimbo: (about Jakovasaur) Well, let's kill it.
      Cartman: No, don't.
      Jimbo: Huh?
      Cartman: I like it.
      Kyle: You don't like anything Cartman.

    • Department of Interior Guy #2: (about Joon-Joon) This one Jakovasaur could mother an entire population of the animals.
      Lady: Well, in that case, I think we should name it... Hope.
      Random Guy #1: Hope.
      Random Guy #2: Yes, Hope.
      Joon-Joon: Meesa name "Joon-Joon".
      Stan: I think its name is "Joon-Joon".

    • Mephisto: I have managed to artificially inseminate Hope with Jakov's semen.
      Jakov: I have seamen? Where's their boat?

    • Stan: Well it looks like Cartman has finally found something as annoying as he is.

    • Mayor McDaniels: First question: What color is blue?

    • Jimbo: Ah Ned don't burp talk. That just sicks me out.

    • Cartman: God, I'm glad you guys know all these pooping-outside rules.

    • Kyle: This is sweet being rugged outdoorsmen. Facing the wilderness, not having to be home until 8:30.

    • TV Shopping Host: It's got a dragon painted right on the blade...

    • Cartman: I have authoritah?
      Minister #3 Yes, and people must respect it.
      Stan: Oh no. Nothing's worse than Cartman with authoritah.

    • (Cartman walks into Jakov's house)
      Cartman: Hey Jakov!
      (Canned audience laughter)
      Cartman: Who the hell is that?

    • (Upon discovering Joon-joon)
      Jimbo: Well this is a whole new species of creature! Ned, go call the mayor's office- oh that's right, you can't talk! (laughs)

    • (Ned has lost his voice box and is now arguing with Jimbo but can only mouth words at him)
      Jimbo: I can't hear you Ned, you don't have a trachea. You smoked too much and had it removed then you drank too much and lost your god damn voice box.

    • Cartman: Hey, you guys! Listen to this song I just wrote. It's called 'I Hate You Guys':
      (plays harmonica and sings)
      I hate you guys. You guys are assholes. Especially Kenny. I hate him the most.

    • Interior Department Official: Now we'll have to find a place to for it.
      Mr. Garrison: I'll keep it at my house.
      Mayor McDaniels: No Garrison you're just going to try and have sex with it.
      Mr. Garrison: What? How dare you say that!
      Mayor McDaniels: Remember what happened to the wounded pigeon you were supposed to take care of?
      Mr. Garrison: Oh c'mon, you all know that pigeon was a total slut.

      Randy: No problem, Jakov.
      Men: (cheers)
      Jakov: GO NINERS! NINERS!
      Gerald: We're cheering for the Broncos, Jakov!
      Jakov: Oops!
      (Men watching game)
      Randy: Hey, Jakov, do you mind if you could buy some pretzels for us.
      Jakov: OK! Do you have money?
      Gerald: Here and don't go to the store down the block, go to the Fairplay place four miles from here, they have better pretzels.
      Jakov: OKAY! (trips) OOPS!
      Mr. Mackey: Jakovasaurs kinda piss me off, mkay?
      Men: Yep.

  • Notes

    • The episode was produced just weeks before the release of the South Park movie: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, and its production ran concurrently with the movie's post-production, a process which Matt and Trey described as "hell". The episode aired on June 16, 1999, the same day that Trey Parker was putting the finishing touches to the movie's sound mix.

    • This episode features a mini parody of its channel host, Comedy Central

    • Jackov's name is a play on words. Which together make "Jack Off", which is another way of saying, excuse my language, "wanker". Therefore saying that Jackov is a wanker. It is also a slang term for masturbation.

  • Allusions

    • The Beatles:

      Mr. Garrison jokes Chubby Checker was in the Beatles, when really Chubby only did a dance floor classic cover version of "Back in the USSR".

    • Star Wars/Jar Jar Binks:

      The voice the female Jakovasaur is made to sound like the "well-liked" character of Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace that came out in the previous month It didn't take Matt & Trey long to realize that in Jar Jar they had something to make fun of.

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