South Park

Season 6 Episode 1

Jared Has Aides

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 06, 2002 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

The boys, Cartman, Stan and Kyle keep calling the City Wok Chinese restaurant just to hear the guy on the phone pronounce city as shitty. Butters joins them, but the others boys keep calling him either Kenny or "Not Kenny." (Kenny evidentially really did die last year.) The boys go the Kenny McKormick memorial town square, because Jared, the guys who lost all that weight eating sub sandwiches is scheduled to appear. Everyone just loves Jared. The boys go to see Jared after his appearance, and he tells them that in addition to his eating sub sandwiches to lose weight, he also got aides to help him to lose weight. The boys think that Jared meant AIDS when his first mentions it, until he introduces them to his aides Scott and Tyler. After learning the truth about Jared, the boys go home. Along the way, Cartman has a "genius moment." He decides they can do what Jared has done, eat a little of the product and exercise to lose the weight and become popular for doing it. He decides Butters is their candidate for this plan and City Wok is their restaurant of choice. Meanwhile, Jared is out with his fiancée and he confesses to her that he has aides; of course she leaves the restaurant thinking that he has AIDS and never told her. He also decides he needs to tell the public. For the boy's plan to work, they decide they've got to fatten Butters up. Jared reappears in front of the citizens of South Park and announces that he has aides and he recommends that everyone get aides.

The boys take a fattened up Butters to City Wok and pitch them on their idea. The City Wok guy likes the idea. Meanwhile, Jared is fired from his sub sandwich job. Butters starts to exercise, but its not working fast enough; so the boys decide to perform liposuction on him and he loses a lot of fat quickly. Butters' parents return home to find their son giving himself liposuction, so they ground him.

At South Park City Hall, Jared announces his aides for everyone campaign. The crowd rushes the stage. The boys go to Butters home to pick him up for their photo shoot. He can't leave because he was grounded 5 days for getting fat and then having liposuction. While Stan and Kyle take Butters to City Wok, Cartman stays at Butters home to answer the phone for when his parents call. When Cartman answers the phone, he only gets Butters into more trouble. Meanwhile, Jared is beating a dead horse about his desire to give everyone, including small underprivileged children aides and the angry mob is still after him. Stan, Kyle and Butters arrive at City Wok ready to do their ad campaign, just like Jared, when the owner tells them he's not interested anymore, since Jared wants everyone to have aides. They find out that the angry mob is planning to kill Jared downtown as Cartman gets Butters into even deeper trouble.

Downtown Stan clears up the misunderstanding about Jared's aides and everyone has a big laugh. They also realize that 22.3 years have passed, so AIDS can be officially declared funny. Jared's image is okay once again and the boys find they can only get $15 for their deal with City Wok. Meanwhile, Butters' races home and he thanks Cartman for covering for him. Cartman leaves the house and set up a lawn chair in front of the Butters' house, waiting for Butters' parents to come home.
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