South Park

Season 6 Episode 1

Jared Has Aides

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 06, 2002 on Comedy Central

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  • superb

    Jared, of Subway fame, comes to South Park, and everyone is thrilled. That is, they are until they learn the reason he lost all the weight he lost- Aides (which his jokingly misinterpreted as 'aids' several times in the episode). Stan, Kyle and Cartman try to copy what Jared did by having Butters gain a lot of weight and then saying he lost it at the City Wok restaurant.

    Good episode. It got kind of really repetitive but it is also pretty good. The town's misconception as to the kind of 'aid' Jared means is funny even if it does get a bit run into the ground. B+ or so as my final grade
  • Watch a Subway commercial then watch this episode and tell me that Jared looks funny as a South Park charater.

    After a prank phone call with Mr. Lu Kim at City Wok (or "Chitty Wok"), Eric, Stan, Kyle, and Butters see a commercial of Jared Fogle from Subway coming to South Park. Jared has inspired the folks at South Park to lose weight by eating Subway sandwiches. After seeing Jared backstage, the boys find out that it wasn't just eating sandwiches to help lose weight but it was exercise, a special way to treat condiments in a sandwich, and "aids"...oh, sorry, aides. So the Eric, Stan, and Kyle decide to have Butters get fat so they can do commercials for City Wok. Meanwhile after a dinner with his girlfriend, she finds out that he has aides (or "aids") and dumps him. Then tells the town about his aides and the town reacts the same way too. Then gets fired from Subway and he feels more miserable than before. Then suggests to give "aides for everyone" which lead to a bad riot!

    Back to the boys, they try to get Butters to eat City Wok food and exercise but doesn't work so they do a self-liposuction operation and get him in trouble by his parents. Then later on, Kyle and Stan take Butters to City Wok to hopefully do some commercials while Eric covers for Butters. Butters' parents call and Eric disguises his voice and throws some profanity that made him more in trouble. Back to the riot, Jared is being chased and hanged. The boys, minus Eric, find out about Jared talking about "aids" and try to solve it. After Stan told him it wasn't aids but rather aides, the town and Jared feel unaware about what has happened. Then realize that it's been 22.3 years since then aids can be funny (22.3 years is how long it takes for a tragedy to become funny). So aids can be funny and everyone is relieved. So then Mr. Lu Kim decides to do commercials for the boys so they can make their $15. What a ripoff since City Wok isn't a Subway. So much for that

    Lastly, Butters forgets that he's in trouble so he rushes home and finds Eric at the front door. Thankfully, he's okay and covered. Then Eric leaves and watches from the front door to see Butters' parents so upset about the fowl language he spoke on their phone and punish Butters more

    Favorite quote:
    Butters: "But you don't sound like me."
    Eric: "But you don't sound like me. My name is Butters and I'm a little (p-word) who won't help his friends make money."
    Kyle: "Wow, that was pretty good."
  • Congratulations Jared!

    The boys decide to fatten up Butters so that he can lose weight by eating at their favorite restaurant just like Jared, the sub sandwich guy. Jared, who is making an appearance in town reveals another secret to his weight loss, he has aides. This was not my favorite episode. Something with Jared in it should have been better. The beginning was funny though. "I'd like the sh*tty chicken with a side of sh*tty beef" That was hilarious. It was still sort of pointless over all. I mean the whole episode was about everyone thinking Jared had real Aides. It was bad.
  • His name is Jared its Jared!

    Season 6 sends out another good episode. This is one of the best episodes of season 6 by far. Butters has now taken the place as the replacement for Kenny. This is also a good episode for introducing the character of Toung Lu Kim. In this episode, the boys want to get butters fat then make him lose wight on a fast food place just like Jared. But everyone in town finds out Jared had Aides but they take it the wrong way. But in the end they find out he meant assistance. The boys only get 15 dollars in the end for their work.
  • one of the funniest, comic, and it fooled-me episodes ever!

    This is one of the reasons why I watch South Park. It makes fun of serious issues and takes them into jokes. AIDS... that was funny. It really made me think that that guy was crazy for wanting to give everyone AIDS. But it turns out he only wanted to give everyone aides. It was also preety funny how Butler was to gain weight, and then lose weight. I guess it's harder to gain than lose. Anyways, it was funny only around 5 dollars for Butler to be their spokes-man... I think it was even less. South Park is one of the funniest shows, and this episode proves it!
  • Poor Butters....

    You really gotta feel bad for Butters in this episode. I know Comedy Central certainly did. They actually banned this episode because the idea of parents beating up their children (it happened to Butters at the end of this episode) is a bad influence.

    And getting beaten up wasn't the only thing. Halfway through the episode after Butters gets his messy liposuction done, his parents just yell at him and leave him there weak. I guess it's...sort of abusive, m'kay?

    And to think, it's the season 6 premier. Butters has replaced Kenny completely and the little orange hooded undead dude doesn't appear in quite a while...
  • It's been 22.5 years!

    In this funny episode, Jared from the Subway ad's comes to South Park and inadvertently reveales that he used "AID's" to lose his weight whilst he really used "Aides" or Trainers. And then everyone trys to kill him. Also the boy's try using Butters to get free food at Chitty Wok [that Liposuction thing cracked me up] and we see that Butters is a horribly abused little boy. Great beginning to Season 6.
  • Great start to one of the best Seasons of South Park!

    The sub sandwich guy, Jared comes to South Park where he reveals he has aides (assistants.) However, everyone thinks he has AIDS. Meanwhile, the boys fatten up Butters so they can make a deal with the City Wok guy; Butters will eat the City Wok food and loose weight like Jared with Subway, then the City Wok guy pays the boys to make commericals. After Butters fails to loose the weight, the boys give him liposuction. His parents find out and ground him. Cartman takes over as Butters so when his parents call, he'll cover. Butters goes with Stan and Kyle to take the commerical. Cartman makes Butters parents mad while pretending to be Butters. When the boys reach City Wok, they learn they won't be making very much money. Meanwhile, the town of SP is about to kill Jared because they think he wants everyone to have AIDS. The boys come and save him. When Butters parents get home, Cartman listens outside as his parents beat him.
  • "Stay back children! Jared wants to give you AIDS!"

    AIDS is finally funny after 22.3 years!

    Quote of the Episode - "And so, with all the money I've made from commercials. I have decided to start the AIDES For Everyone Foundation!"

    Favourite Moments - All the scenes with Jared talking about how great aides are without realizing people thought he was talking about AIDS, Butter's lyposuction, and Cartman's imitation of Butters.

    Jared Vogle, the person who lost weight from eating Subway sandwiches, comes to South Park to talk to everyone but creates a misunderstanding between AIDS and aides. Everyone thinks Jared has AIDS and wants everyone else to get it. Meanwhile, the boys comes up with an idea to earn money by fattening up Butters, make him lose weight, then advertise with City Wok like how Jared did.
  • The start of the worst season ever of South Park. Watch any SP episode but season 6.

    This episode is the start of the absolutely worst season of south park ever, the sixth season. The plot basically makes fun of confusing AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) with aides, which Jared wants everyone to have to lose weight. How dumb is that? In addition, I've heard that this episode is controversial because it showed Butter's parents abusing him. Well, sort of, because it just displayed the sounds, not the actual beating. In fact, south park was already dying with "Kenny Dies" and almost jumped the shark with "Simpsons already did it!" (middle of season six). Do yourself a favor and avoid season 6 altogether.
  • 80th Episode

    The day has come, the moment, we've all - scratch that - South Park have all been waiting for... the day where AIDS, after 22.3 years is something to be laughed at, and when you see this episode the laughs never end, Jared never saying anything about Aides that didn't sound like he was a pervert, leading to South Park almost hanging him just for saying he will personally give kis aides.

    Butters gaining weight then getting do it yourself liposuction (which his parents told him four times not to do) to get a contract with City Wok is a great plot, especially when Cartman starts imitating him.

    Overall, this is an episode that is funny from start to finish, and something only South park could do.
  • aides jokes= best Jokes EVER

    this episode is just to funny for a long reiview, but oh well
    you Know that guy on the subway comercials? that's the guy in the episode. he Said he was thin because he got "aides" no not the desese real aides, everyone fails to notice about it. Including His girlfriend. And that's the aides joke.

    Jared: I was thin Because I got aides! soon when we married, they'll be are aides. Then Are children will have Aides, then are children's children will have aides then the whole world will have aides!

    Jared's girlfriend was shocked now I must have dinner, so

    -Aides joke rules
    - aides club was funy.
    - Aides jokes become more oblivious when you see it again.
  • Decent, but too much abusive.

    Well, I've seen this episode when it first came out, but it was unaired because Butter's parents abuse him too much. Well, it show other episodes that he got abuse too much, and why they unaired this episode for no reason? I think its because they don't want to show parents this episode, and this episode will make them abuse their kids forever and ever.
  • AIDS was always funny!

    Jared from Subway was in this episode, and they made him be kinda fat like he still is. Jared isn't morbidly obese, but you would still have to call him a fat guy. This episode is totally awesome and funny and classic, but my mind is stuck on how fat he still is. Wow. Still a fat man.
  • I wonder what Jared thought if he saw this episode?

    One of the most ridiculous plots on South Park.
    Jared informs people that he actually lost weight with the help of his aides, and they think he has the world's deadliest disease AIDS.
    The story wasn't just hilarious, the side humors were also fun to wacth, which makes me think of this episode as a classic.
    City Wok manager says city by saying shity.
    Allo, you like shitty chicken?
    Still looking good... name is Jared... eatin' em sub-sandwiches all the time.
    Cartman filling in for Butters when he was grounded. His parents call up and Cartman responds with disgusting and very insulting remarks just so Cartman could watch the parents smack the crap of out of Butters, genius.
    This episode is banned from tv. But once you watch this on the internet or a dvd, you will understand why ...or maybe you won't, if you have a cold heart.
  • A good Episode, but average for Southpark.

    Jared from subway comes to southpark to talk to the town people about healthy eating. He tells everybody that he has \"Aides\" but the towns people mistake it for \"AIDS\". Main while the boys fatten up butters up so he can lose the pounds and become the spokesman for City Wok. All the people start to hate jared because he has \"Aides\" and he thinks it is because none of them have aides so jared tells the town\'s people that he want to give all of them and all of the children in the world aides. The towns people are about to hang Jared when they find out it is all a big mistake and that \"AIDS\" has become funny. During all this the boys fatten butters up and then give he liposection to make him skinny again so city wok can use him in as a spokesman. In the end City Wok offers them $15. This episode is funny but they sorta beat a dead horse with the AIDS joke but the secondary story is great and funny. This episode is great, but average for Southpark.
  • Freaken Harious Parents

    I Love Chirs (Paul Rugg) & Linda (Maria Bamford) Paul & Maria are the "Real" voices of Butter's Crazy Parents I love them when Eric called Chirs a A..H..e & Linda a St..k just Don't reject me maybe that this Review can hange your mine Remember Paul Rugg & Maria Bamford Not Trey Parker & some Female Voice Actress
  • Jared has come to town to present a messege of him having AIDES but everybody thinks he has AIDS. While the boys ridicule and make Butters buy getting fat and getting liposucted of this whole City Wok thing by a commercial.

    Well, I liked the Jared storyline and my favourite part is when after he first reveals he has AIDES and everybody thinks he has AIDS, the announcer's jaw drops so wide! And the Butters storyline... you think it could'nt get any worse... Until the very very end. Cartman is pretending to be Butters on the phone and Cartman called them 'pussies' and other nasty stuff to say to them and Butters was SO framed SO HARD, He got beaten up by his parents in the end! My rating is: 5.5 / 10, Jared storyline: 9.1 / 10, Butters storyline: 1.6 / 10
  • Subway spokesman Jared comes to South Park to promote his message of healthy eating and his company. The boys meet him, and discover that Jared had aides helping him get thin. The confusion of 'aides' leads Jared on a crusade to give the world what they b

    This is one of my favourite episodes simply for the fact that it has the ability to both offend and amuse me. Don't get me wrong; I think that the episode is absolutely hysterical. It's just the obvious controversial joke about 'AIDS' that I think pushes the limit. It has always been the aim of this show to push all the boundaries that they could, but AIDS is such a horribly disease, it's hard to imagine yourself laughing about it's context.
    The whole confusion is however very funny throughout the episode. Matt and Trey are ridiculously clever - even if they don't get that recognition - and that shows with "Jared Has Aides". All of Jared's comments could make you laugh, just at the fact that you knew what he was speaking about. Perhaps one of the funniest moments in the episode didn't involve the controversy at all; instead, Butters was once again victimized by Cartman. The scene where he impersonates Butters while talking to his parents makes me double over; it's just too much. All and all, despite being offensive (isn't the majority of South Park?) this episode has too many bright-spots to ignore - and especially not to laugh.