South Park

Season 6 Episode 1

Jared Has Aides

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 06, 2002 on Comedy Central

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  • Watch a Subway commercial then watch this episode and tell me that Jared looks funny as a South Park charater.

    After a prank phone call with Mr. Lu Kim at City Wok (or "Chitty Wok"), Eric, Stan, Kyle, and Butters see a commercial of Jared Fogle from Subway coming to South Park. Jared has inspired the folks at South Park to lose weight by eating Subway sandwiches. After seeing Jared backstage, the boys find out that it wasn't just eating sandwiches to help lose weight but it was exercise, a special way to treat condiments in a sandwich, and "aids"...oh, sorry, aides. So the Eric, Stan, and Kyle decide to have Butters get fat so they can do commercials for City Wok. Meanwhile after a dinner with his girlfriend, she finds out that he has aides (or "aids") and dumps him. Then tells the town about his aides and the town reacts the same way too. Then gets fired from Subway and he feels more miserable than before. Then suggests to give "aides for everyone" which lead to a bad riot!

    Back to the boys, they try to get Butters to eat City Wok food and exercise but doesn't work so they do a self-liposuction operation and get him in trouble by his parents. Then later on, Kyle and Stan take Butters to City Wok to hopefully do some commercials while Eric covers for Butters. Butters' parents call and Eric disguises his voice and throws some profanity that made him more in trouble. Back to the riot, Jared is being chased and hanged. The boys, minus Eric, find out about Jared talking about "aids" and try to solve it. After Stan told him it wasn't aids but rather aides, the town and Jared feel unaware about what has happened. Then realize that it's been 22.3 years since then aids can be funny (22.3 years is how long it takes for a tragedy to become funny). So aids can be funny and everyone is relieved. So then Mr. Lu Kim decides to do commercials for the boys so they can make their $15. What a ripoff since City Wok isn't a Subway. So much for that

    Lastly, Butters forgets that he's in trouble so he rushes home and finds Eric at the front door. Thankfully, he's okay and covered. Then Eric leaves and watches from the front door to see Butters' parents so upset about the fowl language he spoke on their phone and punish Butters more

    Favorite quote:
    Butters: "But you don't sound like me."
    Eric: "But you don't sound like me. My name is Butters and I'm a little (p-word) who won't help his friends make money."
    Kyle: "Wow, that was pretty good."