South Park

Season 16 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 04, 2012 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Kyle awakens to find his mother explaining Passover to Cartman. Kyle demands that he leave right away. Kyle knows Cartman is up to something. Cartman explains that there is a legendary creature from Mexico that may have just been spotted in town. He promises Kyle that this is going to be the most memorable Passover ever. It's "CARTMAN'S PASSOVER HOLIDAY SPECIAL starring the JEWPACABRA." Sooper Foods is sponsoring a fun 'n safe Easter Egg Hunt in the town's park. The kids are lined up to sign up for the Easter Egg hunt. Everyone is excited, except Cartman, who is worried that the Jewpacabra might make an appearance. He starts spinning a tale about the Jewpacabra. Fortunately for him, a dead bird is found and he identifies it as a Jewpacabra attack, which sends Butters off screaming. He tries to get some of the other boys to join him on a quest to find proof of the Jewpacabra's existence but Kyle interrupts telling him to stop spreading lies before stupid people start believing him. Later that night, in his bed, Butters is awake and frightened of the Jewpacabra. He's convinced the Jewpacabra won't get into his room, but it doesn't stop Cartman from being at the foot of his bed. He's there to enlist Butters' help in capturing evidence of the Jewpacabra's existence. Butters reluctantly comes along. In the forest they hear a noise. Cartman tries a Jewpacabra mating call, "No Christ! No Christ!". The next day at Sooper Foods, Cartman tries to warn the store owner and his staff of the danger of the Jewpacabra. He shows them video of the beast running behind some bushes. You can't really even make anything out on the video; but rather than take a chance, the store owner funds Cartman's request to contain the Jewpacabra. Given everything he needs, the Sooper Foods helicopters fly out in formation. Their destination: Nassau, the Bahamas, he wants to go the Atlantis resort and ride the waterslide through the shark tank. After that's been accomplished, it's back to Colorado, to get his video into the hands of professionals who can analyze the footage. They go to the BFRO (Bigfoot Field Research Organization) office. Just outside, Cartman runs into Kyle and Kyle of course wants Cartman to stop perpetuating his myth. Cartman tells him that people think that Atlantis is just a myth, but he was just there. In the office, the "skilled" technicians review the recording and speculate that it might be a baby sasquatch. Cartman tells them exactly what they are looking at, it's a Jewpacabra. With nothing else for them to compare it to they agree. Cartman tells the store owner that he is the only one who can participate in their Easter Egg hunt as he is the only one qualified. The store owner, who knows the other children will be disappointed, agrees. One of the technicians looks at the thermal readings coming off the creature, they are unlike anything they've seen before. They are now convinced for sure that the Jewpacabra is real and warn Cartman that the Jewpacabra will be coming after him for capturing a recording of him. All of sudden Cartman becomes scared, so much so that he is up late at night unable to sleep. He calls Kyle, hoping that Kyle will insure him that the Jewpacabra is not real. Kyle ignores him and goes back to bed.

The next day Cartman is in church, trying to find salvation. Outside the church, Butters, Token and Clyde are standing watch but they run off scared when they hear a noise. Cartman hears that same noise, someone is trying to get into the church. When they do manage to get in, it's the Sooper Foods owner and his staff. They've decided to use Cartman as bait so that the Jewpacabra can be dealt with and the Easter Egg hunt be made safe again. In the park Cartman is dressed as a rabbit and is chained to a block, preventing his escape. Meanwhile the owner and staff go to Kyle's house where they pass along a message to Kyle that if their people do have such a creature as the Jewpacabra, it will find a fun and safe snack in the park. Kyle goes to the park and finds Cartman. If Cartman admits he was lying Kyle will help him. Cartman readily admits to lying, but is still scared the Jewpacabra is going to get him. Cartman is under surveillance by the technicians from BFRO. They are convinced that Cartman is a three foot tall bunny man. They shoot him with a dart and then take the evidence, the dart gun they used (and because they are stupid, not Cartman's bunny corpse), to try to get a show on Animal Planet channel. In his drugged dart induced state, Cartman wakens to find himself back in Egypt for the time of the plagues. He runs into his Hebrew friend Kyle, who tells him what God's plan is for the plagues. Cartman is convinced he'll be able to change Pharaoh's mind. Kyle is convinced, since he believes his god had already made Pharaoh's mind up for him.

Still in his Egyptian dream, Cartman talks to Pharaoh, but it's too political an issue. His father, the Pharaoh, reassures him that their god wouldn't kill helpless children. After Cartman tells his Pharaoh father he loves him, they break out into a song celebrating their love. As Cartman sings it to a little lamb on the street, Kyle's dad grabs the lamb, kills and smears the blood on their door. Cartman runs for home, while all around him the first born Egyptian boys are dying. He makes a plea to God that he will become Jewish, if he can just live. It doesn't work, Egyptian Cartman's head explodes. Back in the real world, Cartman wakes from his hallucination. In Kyle's bedroom, he finds he cannot sleep, he gets some cutters and sets off to the park to let Cartman go. He cuts the chain and takes Cartman back to the comfort of Cartman's own bed. The next day, the Easter Egg Hunt is underway, when Cartman runs into the crowd and stops the proceedings. He's not sure how or why he is alive or even why the Jewpacabra passed over him. He starts trying to spread the word of Jehovah to everyone, telling them they should deny Christ and stop all this Easter nonsense. The crowd isn't interested in hearing his message. Cartman tells Kyle now he knows how it feels to have the right religion and no one cares. Kyle might just be convinced that Cartman has converted to Judaism (we'll see what that future might bring). Cartman closes by wishing Kyle a Happy Passover.